Head Holistic MD at Cleveland Clinic Threatened By Hospital For Writing Vaccine Danger Piece


Wow, what a day! Let’s start at the beginning…

Daniel Neides, MD, MBA, is the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and has won countless awards. He’s also one of the most respected holistic MDs in the U.S.

Last week, Dr Neides penned a well written piece on Cleveland.com about the real dangers of vaccine adjuvants which included carcinogens (things that cause cancer). One of my Health Nuts read the article (it had thousands of reads) and sent it my way (the article is linked below).

So today, Sunday, January 8th, I did a live video on it. When I started the live feed the article worked fine but when my video went viral (47,000 live viewers), the article somehow disappeared from Cleveland.com.

We searched and searched for the original to no avail. Finally, Cleveland.com responded to the article (obviously) being taken down:

Please note: This column was inexplicably removed from cleveland.com for a few hours, but has now been restored in it’s entirety”

We had several troll sites send over their minions to our page during the live video so I don’t know if there was an overload of people looking at the article, if it was intentionally take down (ahem…) or just one big’ ole coincidence.

But it gets worse!

Now the good doctor has been threatened by Cleveland Clinic that they may take disciplinary action against him (at this time we aren’t sure what that might be). This award-winning holistic MD and writer is the head of the famous Cleveland Clinic Wellness Center (he writes extensively on alternative medicine) and they are going to ‘discipline’ him. For what exactly?  Expressing his opinion?

From the publication:

The Clinic responded by doubling down on its disavowal of Neides’ column, saying that the health system is “fully committed to evidence-based medicine,” and promising to take disciplinary action against Neides.Clinic officials have not yet determined what that action will be, according to a spokeswoman

Gee, will it be 40 lashes? Let’s just hope this holistic MD doesn’t end up dead like so many other holistic doctors (including his own colleagues – one AT THE SAME HOSPITAL!) who spoke out against vaccines last year (some of whom were our friends).

Of course the allegedly alternative Cleveland Clinic (which has talked about vegan, holistic and alternative diets and health care for years) immediately said they didn’t agree with him on his vaccine article and then Dr Niedes publicly apologized.

All links (see below) support this 100% factual information. You can also check out the video- it did get a bit intense!

Until next time!

Erin Elizabeth

Article that disappeared DURING our live viral video but is now back up (the publication said it was restored and claim to be unsure how it disappeared in the first place).

Article from the Cleveland Clinic dissing their own head MD with the threat of “discipline” on him.

Article where the doctor (voluntarily we hope!) apologizes. Most colleagues I talk with highly doubt he had a choice in the matter and assume that he will still be disciplined. We hope it’s not too harsh and he lives to tell about all of this.

Dr. Neides damning article about vaccines was originally here before they took it down. 

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Dick Tracy

    These people don’t sound like scientists. They sound like priests that want to excommunicate and burn at the stake a scientist who dares to contradict their dogma by saying some heavenly bodies don’t rotate around the Earth.

  • angel peace

    Perfect comment and so very, very true.

  • thomas jefferson

    WELL if the children in america had the VALUE of a dog bisket,THERE would be a full blown investigation into the safety of vaccines,AND if any danger was found the sellers,pushers and makers of the VACCINES would be taken out and shot,end of problem,BUT THATS NOT THE CASE IN AMERICA,like all things, the money has to be considered and the money wins,the children suffer a long hard death,WHO cares,no one…BUT OUR GOD IN HEAVEN,and that is going to be americas fly in the ointment……..

  • Leslie

    Exactly! Welcome to the Medical Inquisition. Any medical professional who dares to challenge the Medical Establishment’s talking points regarding vaccines is branded a heretic & any information not pre-approved is censored. This disturbing level of control should scare the bjesus out of everyone regardless of your position on vaccines.

  • nick quinlan

    The entire vaccine industry consists of racketeers and gangsters, running a government mandated scam on the American people, with NO liability. And it needs to end.

  • Jay

    Sounds like the big drug companies and the CDC have plenty of officials that need to go to prison with Hillary and the current Muslim in Chief for manslaughter.
    What is really bothersome though is the fact that people are so gullible that they will do anything this corrupt government tells them, regardless of how bad it is. And without giving it a forest or second thought.

  • Joyce Medlin


  • chthompson

    The reason the establishment freaks out every time somebody points out how deadly their vaccines are is because these shots of death are very important for the elites’ agenda.

  • Leslie

    Exactly! Welcome to the Medical Inquisition. Any medical professional who dares to challenge the Medical Establishment’s talking points regarding vaccines is branded a heretic & any information not pre-approved is censored. This disturbing level of control should scare the bjesus out of everyone regardless of your position on vaccines.

  • I too am a vaccine skeptic. From what I can see, big pharma goons are a bunch of mafia criminals. I wonder if any of their kids have been hurt by vaccines and other drugs. Perhaps that is what it would take to wake up some of those big pharma folks. I send love to you, Erin, and all the good doctors who speak their truth about harms of some vaccine ingredients. Keep up the independent research reporting, Erin! Namaste!

  • Rachel

    I loved reading his concerns in the article, because they’re the same ones I share! I think preventative medicine should be proven safe first. Instead, it’s just inconclusive, and then fear-mongering if you don’t comply.

  • Rachel

    I betcha their kids aren’t vaccinated. Just like how most of the rest of the elite’s kids aren’t. Quite an interesting “coincidence”…..

  • Peter Boksic

    just interested in what your solution is. Ban vaccination and return to the dark ages with disease running rampant. For sure the vaccine industry is huge but instead of constant complaining just what is the anti-vaccers solution

  • Peter McDonald

    Expose and shame the bullies. There is no place in this new world for cowards and bullies

  • Thank you SOOOO much for all this info! Everything you say is spot on! So nervous for this doctor, but hopefully his voice will be supported by more doctors and it’s times for doctors and nurses to start their own union, rules and regulations according to what THEY want to be shot with, what’s inside them, etc. This has to STOP!!