Editor’s note: We are so proud of our readers after we asked on our official Facebook page for  them to go speak their mind on Clay County’s page (see video) They did and Clay County listened!  We live just down the road from Clay and are so happy they nixed the aerial spraying. Now let’s have other counties in Florida, TX, NY, CA and around the US that are spraying by air follow suit!


Clay County, Florida-

Clay County cited the nearly 1,000 percent increase in mosquitos, since Hurricane Irma, as their reason to start aerial spraying with naled. However, thanks to all our many friends who let the county know exactly how they felt, it seems we’ve been able to get them to back down:

“Based on feedback we have received from the public, Clay County will NOT move forward with using the EPA approved chemical Naled for aerial mosquito control…” 1

The county promised everyone that naled was safe (they’ve been using it since the 1950’s!) but to no avail. So, they will move to plan B- fogging trucks.



In 2016 the county’s average mosquitoes traps had 14 in them. And earlier this year, it was 27 mosquitoes per trap. But on Tuesday of this week, that number was up to 206 mosquitoes each.


They are a nuisance, to be true, but naled is far worse for us and the environment than they ever could be.

Well done Health Nuts, keep up the good work!

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