Co-founder of online shopping giant, Alibaba, Jack Ma, has decided to invest $23 million of his own money in a huge chunk of land in the US Adirondack mountains, known as the Brandon Reserve. His long-term plan: to retire to the region. His short-term plan: stop the logging operations and preserve the country.


Ma is a well-known conservationist and currently the richest man in China. He is well known for inspiring masses of young people about the keys to a successful business (he, himself, was rejected from Harvard 10 times) and supplies a constant reminder that failure can be a blessing.

Now, by purchasing the 28,000-acre property from the DuPont family, he is making a very tangible mark in the world of preservation.  He plans to turn the entire region into a wildlife sanctuary and protect the plants and animals from logging and mining operations that would have otherwise infiltrated the region.


According to a spokesman for Ma, “protecting the environment in China will always be Jack’s first and foremost priority.”

Ma added that one of his long-term goals is to “improve the environment that our children will inherit.”

Here is a clip from a talk with Jack Ma and Barack Obama detailing global conservation



*Article originally appeared at Minds.