China has become home to the world’s largest ‘floating solar power farm’. The solar farm is made up of floating solar panels stretching across what was once a coal mining town in the central province of Anhui.


The farm was officially connected to the grid last month and is considered by many to be the world’s largest in terms of capacity at 40 megawatts. The ‘solar farm’ produces enough electricity to power 15,000 homes.

The floating energy farm occupies 800,000 square meters of an area ravaged by both flooding and mining:

 “Eventually the ground sank forcing residents to move away,” states an anonymous employee at Sungrow, the company behind the project.

Floating solar anhui coal mining subsidence area.


Li Shuo, senior climate change advisor with Greenpeace stated:

“Just a short few years ago, China was the climate bad boy. Geopolitical shifts often happen over decades. After this announcement,  I feel the world has changed over the past few hours.”

For more information on China’s floating solar plant, check out the video below:


*Article originally appeared at Minds.