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(Editor’s note: Whether it’s ‘Big Sugar’s’ known pollutants runoff from Lake Okeechobee causing the toxic algae bloom, the millions of gallons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used on Florida lawns, or Turkey Pointe’s leaking nuclear facility that we broke to you before the mainstream media did, children are dying of cancer in Southwest Florida at an alarming rate. In fact, they have a 36% higher risk for cancer compared to the rest of the state. That’s the word from some highly respected journals in pediatric cancer. But at this time, after reviewing the data, Florida DOH doesn’t see any elevated risk of pediatric cancer for kids in the red area. Please read on and share.)

You guys, this is terrifying news for parents of children living in Southwest Florida right now. For those who live south of Lake Okeechobee, their children have a 36% greater risk than the rest of the state of contracting cancer. The kicker? The first study was published in 2010 with four more following it but the Florida Department of Health has done little to figure out what is causing the spike in childhood cancers.

From the article:

“I’d say the state is completely negligent in failing to alert citizens and to follow up on a very serious health threat.” says Alan Farago with Friends of the Everglades.

“Dr. Raid Amin with the University of West Florida conducted the first study in 2010.  He says the Florida Department of Health met with him to discuss the study but then the state went silent.  “Nothing happened at all!”

After Dr. Amin’s results came out, the American Statistical Association was so concerned that five different researchers did their own independent studies. Then in 2015, David Banks of Duke University, led the A.S.A’s symposium on the issues. And to those at the symposium, the numbers pointed to a health crisis.
While there may be a link between the lake and pediatric cancer we can’t be sure without further studies. And apparently, some scientists (too worried to go on record?) have explained that getting funding for research projects has become political; if a powerful lobbyist feels certain studies are a threat, researchers are frozen out of any type of funding.
We must do something to get state officials to act. Amazingly, they’re currently spraying our cities with harmful neurotoxins for “Zika”, of which 4 people have contracted with no known hospitalizations, and yet staring us in the face is a 36% increase in pediatric cancer. Scientists aren’t being heard and it appears to be politics as usual but this time, the casualty isn’t just our environment, but our children as well.

It’s time to take the reigns back people. We need to stand up to the corrupt Department of Health and expose these criminals. Please watch the videos (especially the first one) from Channel 4, to see for yourself.

Source: Fox 4 Now