It’s a sad state of affairs that our government is STILL breaking treaties with the people of the First Nations but, they are. And since they have been routinely taken advantage of, the Cherokee Nation is now doing something about it and suing the federal government. At issue, its trust funds. The complaint was filed in federal court in Oklahoma on Monday.

From the article:

“Citing dozens of treaties and agreements dating to the late 1700s, the tribe said it has never been provided with a proper accounting of the proceeds from land sales, oil and gas development and other activities. A dollar figure wasn’t provided but similar cases have been settled for tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars.”

How this is STILL happening in 2016 is beyond me. But we all know it is…just look at what’s happened at Standing Rock.

Cheif John Baker:

“There is a strong desire for resolution of these breach of trust issues. This is long overdue, and the Cherokee people are owed their rightful assets and resources. It is my duty as Principal Chief to make sure the United States upholds their promises to our people.”

So, 231 years AFTER the tribe’s first treaty with the United States, the Nation is required to take action against a government who are bent on stealing as much as possible from these people. “This legal action is necessary because the United States government managed and controlled the Cherokee Nation’s property but never in hundreds of years provided a full accounting as the law requires,” said Todd Hembree, who is the tribe’s attorney general.

To date, more than 100 tribes have settled similar lawsuits with the Obama administration and as of late September, the total value of compensation has grown to $3.3 billion.

We wish them luck in their fight.

Source: Indianz