Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, Under Investigation for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Erin Elizabeth’s note: I only met Cesar Milan once in the early 2000s at the dog park when I lived in Los Angeles. He was pleasant and polite. I don’t watch the show so it’s tough for me to make a judgement as I don’t know if this is usual or rare…

We are happy to add any other YouTube video as well if anyone has one, as we cannot find one.

STORY: According to authorities, the “Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan is under investigation for alleged animal cruelty; the incident apparently happened while filming for his “Cesar 911” TV show. Investigators with LA County Animal Control and deputies from the Sheriff’s office went to his Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita on Thursday evening but Milan was not at home.

The clip, provided by Nat Geo WILD, is the reason for the animal abuse investigation. Soon after this episode aired, animal welfare officials were inundated with tips about potential abuse. If you didn’t watch the clip, Milan is attempting to help a dog- who had previously attacked some pet pigs- to create better memories and make better choices. However, the stage that Milan and his employees set, as is alleged in the video, allows the dog to attack and bite the small pig’s ear before he is stopped.

Animal Control has issued a 24-hour notice to Milan, requiring him to make contact.

As you can imagine, the incident has upset many people and both animal activists and animal welfare groups have taken to social media to denounce the incident and ask for the canceling of his show. Millan may be a self-taught dog behaviorist (who has some New York Times best-selling books on the subject)and he may have TV shows, but it would appear he has gone too far this time.

I love animals and it pained me to watch this. I hope this issue can swiftly come to a close and that we don’t ever see this happen again.

Source: NBC Miami