Second Ebola Nurse

So in what may be the strangest twist yet in the Ebola case, the CDC director has said ON VIDEO  that the second nurse to be infected (29 year old Amber Vinson) should NOT have been on that commercial flight and that she broke protocol. You can view the video in the link above.

But then, later in the day the CDC admit they did give her permission to fly as you will see in this ABC article here. 

So how does that work exactly?  They said she broke protocol and shouldn’t be on the plane, yet they are the ones who gave her permission to do so?

In the second link you’ll also see a graph of the flights that Vinson could have infected with Ebola (is it likely? hard for me to say – I’m not even sure the CDC knows)

The flights go into several cities around the US including right here in Florida 🙁  We truly hope both nurses will recover and the people who could be potentially infected will all be well.

You’d think after Ebola nurse #1 (Nina Phan) contracted Ebola through the same deceased patient (Thomas Eric Duncan -RIP) that they might think twice about this nurse jumping on not one, but TWO flights right after taking care of a man who died of the deadly virus.  All passengers on both flights will be contacted said the CDC.  Oh and Nina Phan’s dog Bentley is in quarantine and not looking too happy about it (though better than the outcome of Excalibur the sweet dog of the nurse in Spain with Ebola- Madrid didn’t think twice about killing him despite the family’s outcries. The mayor of Dallas however, has vowed not to let Bentley meet the same fate.

From the very beginning I’d coined the phrase “Don’t be scared, get prepared” Even dating back to October 6th on Health Nut News (which is a long time if you’re talking the Ebola timeline)

I see another writer or two now using the same phrase, but hey, I’m flattered. And if it gets people to not be fearful, yet understand what’s going on and take precautions then I’m all for spreading the word (without spreading the deadly virus)

There are articles on my favorite site GreenMedInfo about researchers saying natural treatments for Ebola exist.  Even today at the grocery store I saw a lady stocking up with 50 cans of food.  She must have noticed the surprised look on my face and she looked up and almost whispered “Ebola!” Ahh I said, with a nod. Ebola.  I suppose I should take my own advice and really set up a game plan, but hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ve got a water source and food (even if power goes) but I’d like a bit more.  Again, as I’ve always said. Keep informed and take every article with a grain of salt. Use your head and be discerning. And most of all like I’ve been saying on Facebook for 3 months now repeatedly:  Don’t be scared, get prepared.

Erin XO


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