CDC Vaccine CoverupSo it’s really late here but we want to get this out before bedtime.

CDC Vaccine Coverup

You can read here where the CDC has officially responds (briefly) to the claims made by one of their own  (a scientist who blew the whistle on them and was escorted out of the CDC campus just days ago) 

We are also fortunate enough to talk to the reporter in the second link above (who WILL remain anonymous) and we applaud that reporter for having the courage to post this on CNN… still has NOT covered the story and says they are waiting for response from the CDC.  Both CNN and the CDC are located in Atlanta. We’ll see what happens next.

Not to mention the OTHER scandal just reported at the  CDC last week all over national news (there are so many I’m losing count!)

Meanwhile our own awesome US Congressman just miles away from us here on the East Coast of Florida has totally taken the CDC to task. We love him and encourage you to watch the video. It’s awesome!

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