CDC Exposes Their Employees to Ebola

CNN Reports that they broke protocol and have potentially exposed “at least one employee” (a lab tech) to Ebola. They also state that “Other employees are being monitored” for Ebola as well. CNN is in Atlanta. So is CDC. Unfortunately so was I 48 hours ago. I got the “flu” right after which is rare. Read the report here! 

Ah the incompetent useless harmful government agency that exposes us to deadly diseases (more than once a year) and just earlier this year the CDC exposed humans to a deadly virus  earlier this year (with the bird flu and Anthrax and probably much more we don’t know about this that “careless” (as called on CNN) agency makes where they might end up killing people (more than they have already)

An expert analyst who used to work for the CDC says in the video above how it’s very troubling that they promised after their last irresponsible disaster to change protocol so it wouldn’t happen again.

Yet they failed to do so.

Just remember, it’s your tax dollars being wasted as top scientists at the CDC come out and blow the whistle on fraud at this dangerous agency that could or already has  killed infants because of their carless mistakes  (it sounds dramatic but it’s 100% true)

(Look up #CDCWhistleblower for more information)

When will the madness stop?  It’s funny how people love the sci fi movies and shows (like #TheWalkingDead ) about the CDC infecting the world, but honestly?  Art imitates life so I hope they clean up their act before they infect us all… Merry Christmas 🙂

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