painkiller prescription problem

Painkiller Prescription Problem

In 2012 alone physicians wrote an astounding 259 million prescriptions for painkillers, which (as Time Magazine points out in their article)  is “enough for every adult in the U.S. to have a bottle of pills.”

We did a story not too long ago on the fact that 1 in 5 pregnant women in the US are prescribed narcotics that are paid for by the tax payers!

With this new  startling (or not to startling)  information it begs  the question who are the real drug pushers in America?

If doctors are prescribing narcotics like candy to women with child and writing 259 scripts for painkillers in a year (I wonder how much more it will be for 2013 and 14) do they really care for the well being and health of their patients?

Granted in some cases (after surgery, a severe injury) pain killers are necessary but I know a pregnant woman who just told me she got a script for a pain killer because of her back hurting because the pregnancy.  She was severely obese and the doctor said nothing about weight gain or blood pressure. Just said to take the pills and up the dose if it continues. I guess that’s standard “health care” In Amuuricah…


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