CBS:Vaccine Injured Veterans Denied Benefits


We just wrote a story about service men who were forced to get an anthrax vaccine (some refused and were court-martialed) because they were worried about the side effects. Well, servicemen and women are still being forced to take vaccines and live with the side effects, only now, they are also being denied benefits if the vaccines cause permanent damage. Please watch the video below and forward it to everyone you know.


We’ve got to keep making noise about vaccines.

XO- Erin

Source: Action News JAX

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • John

    POISON INJECTORS are out in force because their economic base is being attacked and they want to preserve their financial hold on things like vaccines! They don’t have to advertise and spend money on that, they don’t have to prove the vaccine is safe or even effective, they are not responsible for any harm they create due to the National Vaccine Act of 1986 that says no one can sue the drug company or doctor for vaccine damage, no matter how solid the proof. So what’s to stop these medical terrorists from saying anything they want or doing anything they want. The law is not in favor of the victims of vaccine damage!

  • What an atrocity against the very soldiers, military fighting for the globalist Zionist criminally insane profit driven parasites. Fake wars and fake terrorism to expand globalization and the Greater Israel Project. NEVER EVER JOIN THE LUCIFERIAN MILITARY! They’ll poison you with toxic vaccines which they profit from and leave you to die a slow agonizing death without any health compensation or benefits and deny they ever harmed you or your families. They’re evil occultist masonic Satanists. This man needs immediate chelation therapy and full body detox.

  • Hugh Farnham

    I personally know of a sergeant in the military who was given the smallpox vaccination and it gave him smallpox – as a medical worker he recognized the symptoms developing and turned himself in to the local hospital.

    They cleared out a wing in the hospital due to the infectious nature of the disease. He eventually recovered, but not before CDC officials showed up and offered him a 100% disability bribe to keep his mouth shut.

    The CDC has a war chest of money for vaccinations gone bad and footed his entire hospital bill.

  • thomas jefferson

    THESE VACCINE PUSHERS,are why the ARMY RANGERS and THE NAVY SEALS were created for,so they could be sent to take them out,WHY HASN”T OUR PRESIDENT DONE THAT,answer,the american people would much rather see their children dead in the streets then do anything to their hero’s,AMERICA,Your in luck,GOD has granted your wish….

  • Alleged Comment

    Can’t join the military anymore. They stick you with vaccines and you can’t refuse them. Well, almost like public schools nowadays.

  • Greg Straw

    Don’t you know you trash after the US military is done using you…never join it not worth it.

  • Greg Straw

    How can they say to much time has passed when its happening NOW..Fuching Govt scum.