Vaccinated with Gardasil

Women who receive the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine may be more likely to be infected with the higher-risk strains of the virus than women who do not get the vaccine, according to a new study. But not to worry, you just have to get(you guessed it) more shots and you’ll survive(or so they hope)! 

Keep reading! We have quotes from CBS and the study for all those who keep doubting this and wondering why their doctors push a dangerous vaccine on them!

Vaccinated with Gardasil

We go on a trip to Southern California this weekend to speak in front of a bunch of Health Nuts (over 3,000 of them!)only to find out the Gardasil conference was held at the same time at the same hotel(for Merck). I will not comment on the attitude or health of the Gardasil folks who attended the Gardasil Merck conference, but it wasn’t pretty.

Now I get home from my second cross country flight in 3 days only to see what I missed in national news. Did you (or your daughter, niece etc) get vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine? Well, if they did, they might be more likely to get those high risk strains( the dangerous ones that can kill) of the disease but all they have to do is come in and get another shot to fix it(sarcasm). The stupidity here amazes me. No surprise Live Science doesn’t even mention that they can be more likely to get a high risk strain (which could lead to death) but instead Live Science puts in their headline that they need another shot which is apparently what Merck is recommending.

The arrogance of that headline kills me. Talk about irresponsible. Then again one of the current heads of Merck used to be to be head of the CDC. Talk about corruption! Merck and the CDC are so dirty you don’t have to dig far to find the skeletons.

From the CBS article:

“Women who receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may be more likely to be infected with certain high-risk strains of the virus than women who do not get the vaccine, according to a new study.

The findings suggest that, although the vaccine is effective in protecting against four strains of HPV, women who received it may still benefit from getting another, recently approved HPV vaccine that protects against nine strains of the virus, the researchers said.”

Gee, that’s just what I want to hear after I get my child vaccinated with numerous Gardasil vaccines, (which even CBS reported a Gardasil researcher warned can be hazardous for your health– turns out she was right!)MORE shots. They have gotten themselves in quite the clusterf*ck here. But instead, the “skeptics”(we’re the real skeptics of this obviously dangerous vaccine)are posting in a rage about Chipotle Grill going GMO Free(great job Chipotle!). These “skeptics”, who push Monsanto and Gardasil on us and laugh at us for questioning GMOs, are suddenly silent with no mention of this latest scandal with Gardasil. I’m sure they’ll continue to give their kids the Gardasil vaccine. Wait, will the current vaccine be updated since it can put girls at risk? I don’t even want to know. I wouldn’t wish this injection on my worst enemy.

I have a friend whose daughter was about to get married. She was in mid 20s and her doctor pushed the Gardasil shot harder than a crack dealer on them. The daughter was already living with her fiancee and explained to the doctor that they were monogamous, why would she need the vaccine? The doctors are no better than the “Pusherman” described in Curtis’ Mayfield’s song from the Superfly soundtrack (which coincidentally came out the same year I was hospitalized and nearly died from vaccines as an infant). You might think that’s a stretch there but doctors have been more “sick care” providers for some time just giving their “patients” the drug ads they see and crave on TV… the US is the only country(besides New Zealand)that even allows these pharmaceutical ads on the tely. I love how they say all the side effects at the end very quickly. As if they read them quickly enough they might not happen to you. Perhaps they should be forced to read them in slo mo or show the people in hospitals(or their gravestones)who did suffer those side effects- especially the Gardasil girls. What a tragedy. If it weren’t so awful it would almost read like a comedy. I hope this isn’t swept under the rug as it’s the future generations we’re talking about. Just do a search to see the news articles of the countless girls who have died or were injured from Gardasil. Then you can decide what you want to do. For me, the decision is easy.

Source for those trying to deny it: CBS NEWS link which shows that Gardasil victims could be more likely to get high risk deadly strains of HPV than females who got NO shot at all.