Paralyzed from Flu Shot

Mary was a regular fun little girl right here in Florida. She loved animals and singing in the church choir and reminds me of myself of that age. She was a cute little strawberry blonde girl pictured with her pet and singing with her peers. Now she looks like a shell of her former self. Long gun is the running playing petite little towhead who loved school and now she’s wheelchair bound, possibly for the rest of her life. All thanks to one single vaccine: the flu shot.

Now Mary’s mother spends her days and nights caring for her bedridden daughter and it’s hard for any of the family to have a life once more or at least a life like they had before the flu shot crippled their little girl.

From the article on this Tampa Florida girl 

The disease, which is similar to multiple sclerosis, may appear following vaccination or bacterial infection.

“It can just appear out of the blue or after maybe a surgical procedure, said Dr. Juan Dumois, director of infectious diseases at All Children’s Hospital. “It’s otherwise unexplainable.”

He says developing the illness, for which there is no way to predict or prevent, from a flu shot happens.

He also said that recovery is possible, but many times not likely if improvements are not see within six months after the onset of the initial symptoms.

While most common in children, adults are also susceptible to contracting the disease.

Dumois insists that the number of cases per year is rare with the incidence rate is about 8 per 1,000,000 people per year.

Ok so why would Dr Genius say 8 in 1,000,000 people?  I supposed that’s how they do the math but actually that’s 1 in 125,000 people. Problem is other experts say it’s 10x more common (kind of like the CDC admitted about Lyme which they now have said they were wrong and it’s 10x more prevalent than previously thought) So if that were the case than it would be 1 out of 1,250 people.  So if it were practically one out of 1000 people that’s rather alarming to think that many people are affected by the flu vaccine which many doctors say is unnecessary and would never receive it themselves.  Even with the conservative rate of 1 out of 125,000 people – I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind who is a sane adult would get a flu vaccine. Sadly Marysue wasn’t given a choice but now her parents know better and are adamant this vaccine has paralyzed their daughter, possibly for life.

Think twice or even three times before getting the flu vaccine for you and your family. Research first. Better to be safe than very very sorry.



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