Two people who received so called “vampire facials” at an Albuquerque, New Mexico VIP Spa, have been infected with HIV. At the end of April, New Mexico Department of Health announced that the two clients of VIP Spa in Albuquerque were diagnosed with the same HIV strain.

Normally, clients have their own blood removed and then injected into their face to replenish the skin. It is unclear whose blood was being used for the facials.


Officials say the two people went to the spa between May and September of 2018.

The department of health says more than 100 people have already been tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C and that testing is free and confidential.

Still interested in the service though? There are safe ways to do it. Check out the video below:

We originally told you about this story back in September of last year, after state agencies found issues with how the spa was handling and disposing of needles and closed it.


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