CBS: RFK Jr Says Trump Asked Him to Chair Official Committee on Vaccine Safety


Update: The Trump camp just released this statement and mainstream says they seem to be “backing down” a bit from their alleged promise to Robert F Kennedy Jr. They stated: ”

“The President-elect enjoyed his discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr. on a range of issues and appreciates his thoughts and ideas. The President-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on Autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this time. The President-elect looks forward to continuing the discussion about all aspects of Autism with many groups and individuals,” said Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks in statement. (end of quote)

Wow. Robert F Kennedy Jr.  is not a liar. So who is pressuring Trump like this?  Some say he just wants to stay alive. What do you think?

(Note from Erin: We are happy to see CBS using terms like “vaccine skeptic” instead of anti-vaxxer.” We here at Health Nut News are proud to own the domain and encourage you to go there today and download our free ebook on the subject.)

Today, President-elect Donald Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine skeptic. Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer reports that the two discussed “the issues pertaining to vaccines and immunizations.” Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump- this is good news.

Kennedy told reporters after his meeting that the President-elect asked him to “chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity.” Kennedy agreed.

Before Kennedy began devoting his time to the dangers posed by vaccines, the eldest son of liberal icon Sen. Robert Kennedy was best known as an environmental advocate. We are so glad to have him on our side.

From the article:

“Mr. Trump has repeatedly shared his belief that there is a link between vaccines and autism.

“I am totally in favor of vaccines,” Mr. Trump said in a 2015 GOP primary debate. “But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump–I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me. … [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

We will keep you up to date on this story as it unfolds!

Erin Elizabeth

Source: CBS News


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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Neo

    Thimerosal is still in vaccines just taken off the preservative listing.
    It’s not just Thimerosal that’s dangerous, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, MSG, aborted fetal tissue, animal dna and so on.
    The whole vaccine is shit and toxic to the body injected in to the muscle that by passes the bodies own defence mechanism.
    At least it’s a start.
    We need to bombard Mr.Kennedy when he is officially in charge with more information to look at.
    Good for Trump to realize the corruption and collusion the CDC has with big Pharma.
    They are all criminals!!

  • Leslie’s Farm

    Thank you for posting this story. It tells us that, at least, the incoming president is open to hearing the facts and is, hopefully, not just a puppet for powerful corporations that are poisoning for profit!

  • GiGiHHI

    Thank God!!!! I know many may not be a Trump fan, but he has not been bought!

  • Kathleen Kahl

    Praise God.

  • Kathleen Kahl

    Exactly. The fetal tissue secret must be made public to the mainstream.

  • Liberty & Justice For All

    Thank God!

  • Lee Reikert

    This makes me happy. I’ve followed RFK Jr. for years and saw him speak a long time ago. I greatly admire him and feel he could bring a lot to the table. One bright light in an otherwise brutally, frightening incoming administration.

  • Luccim

    This is very hopeful. Let’s all send positive loving thoughts to both President elect Trump and Mr Kennedy. Big Pharma will not like anyone rocking their apple cart. Who knows how far they will go to silence any information that goes against the established narrative that vaccines are safe and effective?

  • Great story! Finally something goes our way.

  • Erwin Alber

    Good news. Only, the very term of “vaccine safety” is quite misleading as vaccines have been declared “unavoidably unsafe” by the US Supreme Court. The term “vaccine safety” is therefore an oxymoron (contradiction in terms).

    The term “immunization” is similarly misleading as vaccines do not promote, but impair immunity. As far as I am concerned, vaccination is 100% a fraud and a particularly vile form of organised crime dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

    Rather than seek to improve vaccine safety, vaccines therefore ought to be abolished, or at least be subjected to a moratotorium while this appalling racket is investigated in depth. .

  • Erwin Alber

    I wonder if RFK Jr. Says he is pro-vaccine to avoid being labelled lunatic fringe if he was to proclaim himself to be outright anti-vaccine?

    To be a vaccine-skeptic in my opinion amounts to being a fence-sitter, someone who has doubts about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Anyone who has done their homework however knows that vaccines are neither safe nor effective and that they are in fact being knowingly and deliberately used to promote ill-health and depopulation.

    There is an urgent need for public perception of vaccines as disease prevention to be replaced by an awareness that vaccination programmes are in fact a form of biochemical warfare against civilians, meaning us and particularly our children.

  • NardaB

    How come no one is questioning this whole story? Who really thinks Trump would be supportive of anything that will jar the deep pockets of his bilk-and-bank cronies?? I don’t for one second think that Trump is being altruistic or supportive — he’s a salesman and will do whatever he has to to get the ‘sale’: in this case, he’s astute enough to know how big of a contingent there is behind the push to reveal vaccine disasters, and this appointment/non-appointment sounds like a case of Trump trying to ‘keep your enemies closer’……

  • Dennis Picknett

    Perhaps Trump’s business sense takes the long view that a nation with every other boy on the spectrum will be unproductive and bad for profits. Short term appeasement of pharma will continue the destroy the nation’s health and deepen the financial grave that the US is sliding into.

  • Erwin Alber

    Trump may well be controlled opposition. Time will tell.

  • Orwellian Dystopia

    Trump’s been publicly and often passionately skeptical about vaccines for over a decade now, long before he decided to run for anything. You should stop buying silly partisan propaganda. (I understand though–with your tired left-wing accusations, you must be afraid that the thousands of manufacturing jobs from several different companies that the populist Trump already saved or helped create and his destruction of Obama’s anti-worker TPP trade deal will permanently win the working class for Republicans). This vaccine issue is something that even his political opponents should support him on though.

  • Langhorne

    Trump isn’t bought??? It’s very easy to document the hundreds of millions of $$$$$$$$$$ donated to his campaign by REALLY BIG BUSINESS for favors he’s now signing into law. The Koch brothers scored rescinded EPA regulations on their coal mining operations which can now freely pollute our precious water supplies. You have angst about a couple of micro-grams of mercury in a once annual vaccine while coal fired power plants spew tons of mercury and other heavy metals into our atmosphere every day? Financial fiduciary regulations have been dumped so investment advisers can further fleece their clients – Or should I say “marks” – with high commission loaded funds and outrageous fees on investment accounts. CEOs of Wall Street giants are in his cabinet and also Mar-a-Lago club members where they can whisper into Trump’s ear every weekend when Trump spends millions of our tax-payer’s money flying Air Force One down to Florida to schmooze with all his big business buddies.

    I also can’t wait to see the rogue’s gallery that JFKJr pulls into his committee… I’ll predict Sears, Tenpenny, Humphries, Mercola, Tomljenovic & Shaw, Blaylock, no-longer-a-doctor Geier and no-longer-a-doctor Wakefield. And not at least one germ theory denier and a faith healer?!

  • Nikka80

    BTW – RFK Jr. was NOT asked to chair an official committee on vaccine safety by President Trump.

    Statement released by Hope Hicks, White House Director of Strategic Communications:

    “The President-elect enjoyed his discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr. on a range of issues and appreciates his thoughts and ideas. The President-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on Autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this time. The President-elect looks forward to continuing the discussion about all aspects of Autism with many groups and individuals,”