Yes, this is really on the front of Hawaii News Now – aka KGMB and KHNL (CBS and NBC news, respectfully). Straight out of an Orwellian novel, this is going down in Hawaii.

From the article:

“On a drizzly Friday, an IHS outreach team walked the streets of Waikiki looking for people to vaccinate.

‘Would you be interested in a flu vaccine?’ said Justin Phillips asked a homeless person. (SIC)

The traveling clinic was a first — so it wasn’t clear how many people would accept the vaccination.

Turned out, the majority of people who were offered the shot agreed to get one. In the first hour, outreach nurses went through half of their supply.” 1

But it’s not just happening in the Aloha state. Big cities like Atlanta are vaccinating the homeless, too.2

And why on earth are they approaching homeless people (especially when they don’t have any idea of their physical or mental health) to vaccinate them? To help “stop ER visits” and keep them “healthy” with the flu shot, of course. (We actually saw one video claiming giving them all a flu shot would save the state money.)

You see, this is all incredibly sad because the flu shot is ineffective and the CDC stated Hawaii is the only place not having a “flu epidemic” this season. 3 Even if they now think there is an epidemic there, is this the way to solve it? Oh, and they appear to have announced that well before this “vaccinate the homeless on the street” campaign.

(See all our sources at the bottom of the article. We use footnotes.)

All that is needed is a short consent form, a few questions and a signature by the homeless person.

One must wonder what repercussions could happen from giving people with no medical history available, a potentially dangerous vaccine. They are living on the streets, after all.

We did use several different browsers to try and watch the video of their heavy usage site, but alas their video player would not play, and the site, despite its wild popularity, wasn’t working so well.

Here at HNN, we feel giving random homeless strangers vaccines is unethical at best.

They say they plan to have more clinics in the near future, as this has been such a big hit.  Can you imagine what other vaccinations they’ll have in store?

Again, the flu shot is proven to be ineffective this year (like it is most years) and has side effects listed on the insert such as paralysis and death.

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