CBS: Millions Of Skittles Not Fit For Human Consumption Secretly Given as Cattle Feed

If you needed MORE proof that factory farms are raising “food” you shouldn’t feed your family: 

Last week there was an odd spill on a rural highway in Wisconsin: red Skittles. However, even odder than the spill was the fact that some Mars Inc. factories sell their discarded candy as cattle feed.

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The sheriff posted the picture of the spill to his Facebook account explaining that thousands of Skittles had been found spilled on a rural highway. He later updated his post (see above) when he found out where the candy was headed and how it had spilled,  “Due to it raining at the time, the box got wet and gave way allowing the Skittles to spill out on the roadway. It is reported that the Skittles were intended to be feed for cattle as they did not make the cut for packaging at the company. In the end these Skittles are actually for the Birds!”

Mars Inc. apparently has procedures for discarding “food” that isn’t fit for human consumption and claims that while some factories do sell unused product for animal feed, the factory in question normally doesn’t. In the case of these candies, the article reports:

“Company spokeswoman Denise Young said the Skittles were supposed to be destroyed because a power outage prevented the signature “S’’ from being placed on the candies. She said Mars planned to contact the sheriff’s office and the farmer to find out more.”

But don’t worry, a cattle nutritionist explained that food byproducts get used for cattle feed depending on what’s available in a given region and at a particular time during the year. In this case, the cattle wouldn’t have eaten JUST the Skittles, they would have been mixed with other ingredients to assure a certain nutritional profile. However, let’s be clear if Skittles is part of a “nutritional profile,” it’s not food I want to eat. Why? Because it’s not healthy- not for me and certainly not for a cow. Unless you ask an animal nutrition expert.
According to John Waller, a professor of animal nutrition at the University of Tennessee, a candy-based diet for cattle is fine. In fact, it takes care of two issues at one time; it keeps fat material from going into the landfills and it’s a nutrient source for cattle.
This “science” boggles the mind. Really.

Everyone should be aware of this. Please forward this. Cows shouldn’t EVER be eating Skittles. EVER.
Source: CBS and Eater

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  • Henry D Crum

    This is really gross. What else do they secretly feed cattle?

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Sprinkles for ice cream cones and gummy bears, worms etc.

  • Just Plain Phil

    Old phone books, like they put in hot dogs.

  • BCG

    Skittles are a nutrient!? Hilarious. Cows arent meant to eat anything but grass and some grains. I find it sad they are trying to claim its harmless.

  • Jared Huffman

    Skittles are empty calories which is fine for a feedlot and certainly better than throwing them in the trash … cows get to eat all kind of stuff originally intended for humans that for some reason went unsold … for example left over donuts.

  • I cannot imagine that cows who are fed junk food like GMO skittles and junk food is “fine” I suggest reading the link about women being three TIMES more likely to get breast cancer from eating infected cows. This is fact and the study is shocking

  • I know right?

  • all 100% true proven fact. scary

  • Charles

    Dude. There are WAY too many cops in this country for the phenomenon of “left over donuts” to ever be “a thing”!

  • Charles

    Other cattle. Yeah. That’s right. And while we’re on the subject…you should really look into what you’re feeding to your beloved family dog or cat too. It’s blasphemously un-natural.

    And what they’re feeding US is not one iota better! That’s why I’m going back to gardening and animal husbandry/butchering.

    Remember the credo…Garbage in, Garbage out. At least if you’re growing your own you know EXACTLY what’s in your food. AND, you’ll never be at the mercy of the globalist “just in time” delivery system again.

    No more GMO poison for this old farm boy.

  • Charles

    Soylent Green…already on the shelves of a supermarket near you. Buyer beware!

  • Alleged Comment

    This is why you should eat GRASS FED humanely-raised beef. This might be OK for PIGS but not COWS!!

  • .Chuck .Whome

    I see pigs eating them all the time.

  • Dick Tracy

    No wonder the cows are having climate destroying belches and eruptions from their “dairy air.”

  • Dick Tracy

    Dead cows.

  • always

    My horses love them! I love them! I couldn’t care less that the cows love them. What a treat.

  • Bear Checkel

    What a bullshit story

  • guest

    If you are serious please share your info.

  • annekarima53

    As a child I remember topping off our dairy cows’ food with a scoop of molasses so this story actually makes sense and someone is just confused.

  • Jeanne Anne Hensley

    Poultry litter (manure/bedding). Yes, that’s a fact. Have a family member that trucks the stuff to the feedlots.

  • Henry D Crum

    I went to the grocery store the other day and my stomach turned.

  • Jared Huffman

    I guess you need to stick to grass fed beef … careful though it is probably eating a hybridized Bermuda or Alfalfa created in the labs of aTm.

  • Jeanne, I left you a question on GreenMedInfo, but they deleted it. Can you contact me please?