(Editor’s note: As you know, just the day before this ban was lifted, New York legislators vowed to do away with all exemptions in New York state besides medical, read about that by clicking here. Also, if you want to vote on a two second poll “yes” or “no” for mandatory vaccinations, vote by clicking here. It ends in 1 day!)

On Friday, a judge in Rockland County said “no” to the ban that had been keeping the unvaccinated under 18, out of public places. (The fear surrounding the “outbreak” in the county is over the 166 confirmed measles cases, since October, that have been almost entirely contained to the ultra-Orthodox community.)

Just days ago,the county executive declared an emergency order last week, banning unvaccinated minors from attending school and entering public spaces, like stores and houses of worship, amongst others.

According to the judge, the number of measles cases in the county did not meet the legal requirement for an emergency order. Watch our video below!

Michael Sussman, who represents a dozen families associated with the private Green Meadow Waldorf School, called the emergency order restrictions “a perversion,”

“Those religious exemptions are sacrosanct in New York. You’re preventing people, your honor, under 18 years old who are perfectly healthy from going to church, going to school, going shopping.”1

While it remains to be seen whether or not the bill in New York removing all non- medical will pass, we know exactly how its sponsors feel:

  • State Sen. Carlucci: “It’s very simple: Just remove all non-medical exemptions. Make it clear and simple to school administrators, make it clear and simple to parents. Cut through the nonsense that’s out there and let’s govern by the science. Or else, we’re going to have a real, real problem on our hands, and it’s not just going to be isolated to Rockland County or to Brooklyn – everyone’s going to be facing this.”1
  • State Sen. Brad Hoylman, “Your right to express your sincerely held belief or your religious belief does not extend to the right to endanger our children and our community from measles.”1

We will continue to update you on these matters.


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