Once again, U.S. health officials are worried about a “devastating flu season” this winter because of the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine.


In Australia, record numbers of patients were diagnosed with influenza A, also known as H3N2 (in the Southern Hemisphere, winter just ended). A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) found that Australia’s vaccination against the flu was only effective 10 percent of the time this year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci explained why:

“What happened is, in the development of the vaccine, as we grow it in eggs, the virus itself mutated a bit, so that there was almost an accidental mismatch purely on the basis of the virus trying to adapt itself to growing in eggs. That’s what happened in Australia and it is likely that that’s what we’re going to see here.” 1

And it’s this 10 percent success rate that we will likely see here as well. However, don’t expect conventional medicine and the CDC to suggest you get plenty of Vitamin D, water, and cut back on sugar. No, they will STILL try to scare you into getting a shot that’s only 10% effective at flu prevention (although in 2016, the NEJM reports that flu shots were only 34 percent effective against H3N2- not impressive).




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