CBS Attempts to Debunk Health Nut News On TV, But Watch What Happens…


When we wrote the story, “Houston Set to Become Next Battleground for GMO Mosquitoes to “Fight Zika Virus,” we had no idea that Houston CBS affiliate KHOU would pick it up and attempt to “fact check” our story. Check out the video below and remember: just because something hasn’t happened yet, but is in the process of happening, doesn’t make it “false.” (There’s a reason people are irritated with the mainstream media. The bias and irresponsible/lazy reporting is shocking.)

We should also note, the piece references the fact that they attempted to call us. We didn’t get the email in time but they aired the piece, AND blasted it across social media, within hours of sending an interview request. This kind of tactic is obviously meant to catch others off guard- it’s “gotcha” journalism and it’s pathetic.

Here’s the email (we took out Brandi’s email and her phone number as a courtesy):

Point 1- Are GMO mosquitoes coming to Houston? KHOU claims this is false, “at least for now.” And yet later they clearly state, “The county is talking to a couple of companies about bringing in genetically and bacterially modified mosquitoes.” The county is currently working with Oxitec to release the GM mosquitoes although the release won’t be until next year, at the earliest. So then, again, how is this FALSE? Well, it’s NOT.

Point 2- They state is TRUE. (We already knew that.)

Point 3- Our article, linked above, claims “no actual cases of Zika have even been reported there.” KHOU labeled that claim, “FALSE- kinda.” You see no one in Houston has caught Zika from a local mosquito IN Houston. However, dozens of travel-related cases were reported. So then, again, their claim of FALSE is misleading and untrue. No one has caught Zika locally.

Not. One. Person.

Check out the FB live video we did with our rebuttal. Most sites who do stories on us we ignore, but when we have relatives watching us on TV? CBS Evening News in Houston? It’s time to respond! We usually don’t do rebuttals over nonsense news but my own relatives called seeing this on TV. And it’s prime time.

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • John Cahill

    I hope the viewing public can see what happened there… it actually supports Health Nut News, but sure as hell tried not to. It might even be meant that way by someone of better intent than the station. I mean, I think the report is compromised for both parties which could mean the reporter was more or less forced to publish against HNN but might actually know better … and thus might have deliberately sabotaged her own report in sympathy. Fact is… the guy said we want to put those mozies out there and the other guy said “Right, there were no locally initiated cases of Sikka”… they were all imported – so far! That was a very strange hotchpotch of a report! I think no damage was done to HNN if one has anywhere near half a load of common sense. Congratulations Erin and HNN.

  • Don Baker

    Fact checking is not one of the news station’s skills! haha

  • Good job Erin! Thanks for getting the headlines out ahead of the mainstream.

  • Joyce

    Hilarious. The guy at the end seemed to sound concerned and grateful that the article was debunked…yet it wasn’t. Awkward.

  • Desmond Meintjes

    OMG, how braindead are these reporters… they should not be allowed to play with lego unsupervised, never mind run a news channel! The truth is that the scientists creating these GMO mosquitos have no idea what the effects on viral mutation/ horizontal gene transfer and ultimately human health, will be long term. Mosquitoes have evolved over 100’s of millions of years, with a complex relationship between their DNA, their own viral load, as well as the two way transfer between these and that of their hosts. The viruses themselves then have phages that create another level of complexity.

    My basic concern is the same- these are animals that not only inject humans with their saliva and hence their viral load, but they are now genetically very different to the ‘wild’ type that has evolved with these viruses and hosts, for millions of years. A quote from the CEO of Oxitec, maker of GMO mosquitos… .“You always get some people who say I don’t like genetic engineering because it’s a bad thing and we’re messing with nature,” Parry said, referencing concerns that a modified mosquito could spread and take over from other species. “With ours, it’s the complete opposite — it’s a self-limiting gene, they can’t reproduce.”

    In reality here is an ‘internal document’ from Oxitec in 2012……. “In fact, as a confidential internal Oxitec document divulged in 2012, that survival rate could be as high as 15% — even with low levels of tetracycline present. “Even small amounts of tetracycline can repress” the engineered lethality. Indeed, that 15% survival rate was described by Oxitec:………..”

    If you watch the TED talk given by Haydn Parry (OXITEC) he clearly states that “all the mosquitos will die anyway”!! Tetracycline is used in massive amounts in Brazil in Feedlot beef, chicken, pig farms etc….. runs into water table, where mosquitos live, and these acquire enough tetracycline to switch off the suicide gene…. Somebody did not think this whole thing through, unless they did…. and what is happening now -ie. a pandemic linked to a NEWLY DANGEROUS mosquito virus (ZIKA) is hype to push a vaccine they have been developing for some time…..

    Genetically modifying an insect with genes that effect fertility, an insect whose main goal is to INJECT it’s saliva into people…… Seriously, this is one of the most insanely stupid ideas I have ever heard of.