The Goldilocks of CBD Oils (Organic Too!)

Erin’s note: Some people are missing the link: This is where you can click to buy the CBD OIL shipped to all 50 states. Youtube just censored us and pulled the video!

In the 4 years I’ve never sold a product until after Thanksgiving 2017, as we perfected this CBD oil.

While traveling in December to Nashville, I tripped over a clear phone cord that was left out by hotel staff who replaced a broken phone, and I came down hard. I don’t think my friends even knew how bad off I was. It wasn’t just the pain I was experiencing, but I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus, and the torn shoulder, separated AC joint, hand/wrist injury and broken collar bone didn’t help either.


I had read the Huffington Post article about a University study that found CBD could help heal broken bones, (linked below!), but I wasn’t expecting that, and by the time I found out about this amazing CBD OIL (click here to see)  I think my broken bones were already on the mend anyway. But what I didn’t expect was all the other changes I had.. It was beyond extraordinary. Better than all the other brands I’d tried.

The Goldilocks of CBD Oils

This was better than any of the oils and tinctures I’d tried in Colorado when I was out there on GAIAM TV. I’d traveled around the state to different towns interviewing the largest cannabis growers in the state, the chefs in the kitchen and countless medical dispensaries.

I’d tried dozens of different tinctures from every company under the sun…some of them were ok, a few were too thick, too expensive, too watery, but then I found one that was juuust right.

It’s really changed my life so I just had to share with my readers..

XO Erin Elizabeth, proud founder of