(Note from Erin: Our source for this is CBC, or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a notoriously “fake news” site whose reputation has gone down the drain. Once a trustworthy publication, it’s made a turn for the worse. In fact, the CBC did the piece on me and a few other top health news sites where they lied and called us inaccurate and “fake news” (that’s rich) while failing to even get the names of our sites correct. And even after being called out publically they still haven’t fixed the article. I love how ignorant they are stating that Dr. Churchill continually refers to herself as “Dr. Churchill” when doing her intro videos, etc. That’s because she is! Then they state that vaccines don’t cause cancer and yet here are 60 lab studies that show the clear link between cancer and vaccines. Now on to our story below.)

Dr. Dena Churchill, the Halifax, Canada based chiropractor who owns and operates Oxford Chiropractic Inc., is a blogger, author and public speaker, and also runs a Facebook page identifying her as an “Innovator in Women’s Health and Wellness,” is being investigated by her regulatory authority for her personal views on vaccines. 

Can you say Nazi Germany?

What is going on?

Well, according to John Sutherland, executive director of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors, the college’s registrar filed a complaint last week against Churchill.

She now has 10 business days to respond “before a committee reviews the case to determine next steps, which range from the ability to levy a fine to suspending a license.” 1 Or, the matter could be referred to a hearing committee where the statutory rules are the same as a Nova Scotia court. But essentially they could take away her license because her views on vaccines differ.

On their website, the college states “vaccination and immunization are established public health practices in the prevention of infectious diseases.” Yikes, chiropractors beware. They also say that the “appropriate sources” and education for patients regarding vaccination and immunization “are public health authorities and health professionals with the scope of practice that includes vaccination.” And according to John Sutherland, “We take that guidance seriously, and if need be, we’re prepared to use our discipline process to seek compliance with the college policy.”

Check out the statement above. As one chiropractor said today, it’s amazing that a holistic school has bent over backward for “Big Pharma”. As another pointed out “it’s a regulatory body, not an actual school”. Many in the US hadn’t heard of this college, but just to set the record straight. Too bad this regulatory BODY doesn’t let doctors have the freedom to talk about their body or our bodies and keeping them healthy as we see fit. If this doctor is talking about practices outside her scope what’s the problem? If she were saying “go get your vacccines” I bet they’d be thrilled. But since she speaks of the proven dangers she may lose her license to practice?

In one of Dr. Churchill’s video’s she emotionally explains that people are given vaccines that haven’t been adequately tested. She’s rightfully alarmed and concerned. And she has every right to be. She also says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. has a financial bias related to vaccines. Right on Sister!

Check out the video below to learn about how long vaccines are really tested before they are given to our children:

And it’s not just vaccines that Churchill has strong opinions on. She’s also extensively reviewed The Truth About Cancer (a series I stared in with Dr. Mercola, my better half of 9 years), as well as essential oils use, the fact that wearing an underwire bra makes a person more susceptible to cancer than smoking, and that coffee enemas have healing powers for cancer patients- all things that are making her a target. (After all this we’d suggest that folks go to LIFE University where they can speak their mind! Because this is so Orwellian in nature!)

While many doctors claim there are “immensely high and rigid standards” that vaccines must meet before regulators will ultimately approve them for use as a standard of care, we all know that’s not actually true.

We love peer-reviewed studies and always encourage people to do their due diligence but where some doctors might ignore what doesn’t fit their narrative, we won’t. And we don’t think you should either. And it seems Dr. Churchill doesn’t either.

Good for her!

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