I made a meme recently that had a baby in it (with a funny look on his face- I’ll post it below) and it said “Doctor there are monkey kidneys in my vaccine? really? Doctor?

Immediately when I posted it Facebook and G+ users alike were outraged. They said I was a liar, monkey kidneys have never been used in vaccines (even a “skeptic” site says this in a recent meme they made which I find funny because A) it’s false they weren’t used and B) skeptics sure seem to have mislabeled themselves as they don’t seem very skeptical about vaccines, genetically modified foods any many other things even a portion of the general public is questioning these days.

Did Monkey Kidneys in Vaccines Cause the AIDS Epidemic?

Check out the film above. It’s 3 minutes too short to turn into a Facebook video but hopefully this link lasts. It’s worth the watch. Plus it has an awesome Phillip Glass soundtrack and they even show both sides (how refreshing with such one sided journalism now dominating the news about vaccines (all pro) when hell, vaccines might have caused the HIV AIDS epidemic  and probably killed someone you knew.  Unfortunately it killed my best friend of 20 + years who was a well known artist and photographer may he RIP.


Me before/after (and I'm still same as the after pic!)Erin  is an animal lover, rescuer, writer  and long time green eco health nut. She’s survived  Lyme, being aborted (legally)  a severe vaccine injury, 22 hurricanes, a tornado that took their house and pets and a six hour surgery that might have saved her life. She’s worked in the natural health world and done volunteer work in the same arena for nearly 25 years. You can follow her here on Facebook.

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