CARIBBEAN: Move over Zika, new mosquito-borne Mayaro virus detected in the Caribbean


It was BOUND to happen.

There is apparently a new mosquito-borne illness in Haiti.

Now, there could be AND it could have happened anyway and eventually OR the GM, “Franken” mosquitos that they released in Brazil could have helped to create this new threat. I know, I know, those mosquitos weren’t supposed to be able to breed but, say it with me…”Nature always finds a way.”

From the article:

“Infectious disease specialists at the University of Florida say they have confirmed the existence of the Mayaro virus in a patient in Haiti. The virus is closely related to the chikungunya virus but researchers say they do not yet know if it’s caused by the same Aedes aegypti mosquito that’s been linked to chikungunya and THE ZIKA VIRUS.”

The Mayaro virus was first found in Trinidad and Tobago in 1954 and has been causing outbreaks in South America, mainly in the Amazon. The symptoms are similar to chikungunya: fever, joint and muscle pain, rashes and abdominal pain.

There is still little information available about how bad it is or which mosquitos are carrying it BUT mark my words if it will bring a pretty profit and the CDC can scare us, we will have someone working on a vaccine soon enough.

Source: St. Lucia News Online

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  • Joel W

    So another “virus” we need not worry about? Like most of these things, safe bet is that it is a result of agri-chemicals, unclean water and/or poor diet.