Sweet little Katelyn, now 4, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Dravet Syndrome. During her worst bouts, she would seize over a thousand times a day- starting when she was just 6 months old. Despite taking a number of antiepileptic medication, her seizures continued, doing damage to her brain and mental function. And that’s when her grandparents decided to civilly disobey the laws of Australia and purchase her some CBD oil. (CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 compounds in the cannabis plant called Cannabinoids and has proven to be very effective in treating childhood epilepsy.)

How Cannabis Saved Our Granddaughter’s Life

From the article:

“After a particularly harrowing two-and-a-half-hour seizure that saw Katelyn helicoptered to a specialist hospital, the family decided to look for alternative treatments. And before long Katelyn’s father Michael came across the CNN documentary about fellow Dravet sufferer Charlotte Fiji who, after taking high CBD/ low THC cannabis oil, had experienced an almost unthinkable improvement in her condition.”

In that moment, Katelyn’s grandmother, Joy knew that no price was too high to pay. Joy said, “Katelyn has not had a seizure in a year and that is miraculous for Dravet Syndrome. It is untreatable by normal medicines. I’ve seen such a difference since she’s been on the CBD. She’s happier, she’s more alert, she goes to preschool. We don’t fear when she’s there that she’ll have six seizures through that day, so we’re very happy with that. It’s a little step, but we’ve got to be grateful for that. She’s alive.”

(Watch this brief video with Barry and a representative from the Danish company Endoca.)
The Lamberts (who are millionaires) were so amazed by Katelyn’s improvement using CBD that they decided to donate $33.7 million to medical cannabis research: The Lambert Initiative at Sydney University “will explore the potential of compounds derived from the cannabis plant (cannabinoids) in treating a range of diseases.” Well done. 
The Lamberts hope their donation will not only garner new information in the field of medical cannabis research but prove the plants worth and value as a medicinal for many conditions, not just epilepsy.