Bella Chinonis cannabis

by Justin Gammill
Bella Chinonis was born with a very rare medical condition know as “1p36 Depletion Syndrome“. This condition is a result of a small amount of genetic material missing from chromosome 1. It’s a genetic disorder that can lead to moderate to severe intellectual disability, delayed growth, hypotonia, seizures, limited speech ability, malformations, hearing and vision impairment, and distinct facial features. Bella also had several holes in her heart, kidney failure, and was unable to walk.

Then came Bella’s miracle: Cannabis Oil.

After hearing about the benefits that other children had seen with cannabis oil, Bella’s parents tried to get her a prescription. Her original neurologist refused to prescribe medical marijuana to a minor. To meet the minimum requirements in Michigan, where she lives, her parents had to get two recommendations from doctors to get the prescription. After a doctor in Michigan and a doctor in Texas both agreed that CBD oil could be beneficial for Bella, she began treatments.

Bella will always require constant care for her unique condition, but the important thing here is that her quality of life is dramatically improved. The number of seizures she was having has been reduced, and she is beginning to develop more rapidly than expected.

What amazes me is that in Michigan there are only 150 children that have been approved to use medical marijuana. That being said, there are thousands of cases of children who’s lives have been significantly improved by the use of cannabis oil. It makes you really wonder why you can’t but it at your local pharmacy…

Editor’s note: I’ve also used cannabis oil (the legal kind derived from the hemp stalk) which has helped me with my own myoclonic seizures which I was diagnosed with several years ago. I was prescribed seizure medication but knew there was a better way, and there was: Cannabis oil!


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