Back in 2010, Hayley Willar was one of the first young girls to receive the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. However, within a couple of weeks of receiving the vaccine, the physically active, competitive figure skater started to feel, unlike her normal self.

Over the next couple of years, she suffered severe migraines, ovarian cysts, an incapacitated immune system, anxiety, and other symptoms (all of which are commonly reported by the victims of Gardasil). Then, in 2013, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Unwilling to simply let her daughter become another Gardasil victim, she started researching. What she found was countless other girls with cases of ovarian cysts, autoimmune disorders, and cancers resulting from Gardasil. Initially going the chemo route, Dayna says her daughter had “every side effect imaginable” from the chemo: her hair fell out, sores appeared in her mouth which made eating and drinking difficult, she had fevers for up to 10 days straight, and she became hypersensitive to everything- so they pumped her full of steroids as a response. But, after 6 weeks of chemo, a bone marrow test declared her in remission.

However, 2 months later, she was back in the hospital because of an ear infection that spread.

From the article:

“Her mother knew something else had to be done, so she began researching. She discovered a story of a man healing his leukemia with cannabis oil, and decided to take that route, with no regard to the opinion of the doctor, or anyone else who may not approve.

Dayna made the oil for her daughter herself: within 1 week of treatment, about 7 months into chemo, her routine blood work came back normal for once. Before that, the blood tests had been erratic.”

Two months into cannabis oil treatment, Hayley decided to completely abandon chemo. While doctors wanted her to be on chemo for almost 3 years, because that was the protocol that would ensure the cancer never came back, she said no.

Her mother posted her chemotherapy treatment regimen on Facebook:


Thanks to cannabis oil, the cancer never did come back.

Good job Dayna for following your gut and doing what was necessary to help and protect your daughter. Mom of the year!

Source: Era of Wisdom