A woman in Coventry, England who claimed she cured her terminal cancer with cannabis oil is now vowing to continue her fight to get the drug legalized in the UK after having received “thousands of messages from fellow sufferers asking for help.”1

Back in March, CoventryLive shared her amazing story with the world and now 52-year-old Joy Smith says she’s recognized everywhere she goes.


Diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2016, she was told by doctors that she had only six weeks to live. That is unless she started chemo which would only buy her more time. However, she decided to go a different route and began taking regular doses of cannabis oil with THC (currently illegal in the UK) and watched as her inoperable tumors started to shrink. To date that they have almost completely disappeared.

She has now set up a petition online asking for the drug to be legalized for medical purposes. She hopes to get enough signatures to take her plea to parliament. We wish her all the luck in the world. It’s long past time for the governments of the world to make this legal but given how strong a pull Big Pharma has, the fight is far from over.

Joy says,

“It is upsetting because people think I can cure them but I can’t. I’m trying to help everybody that asks but it’s difficult because there’s so many. I’ve got thousands of messages in my inbox which I haven’t even opened yet – people are desperate, it’s so awful. Everywhere I go I get people coming up to me and say you’re that lady who was on telly. It’s heartbreaking to see how many people want help.

It’s cruel that the government won’t legalize the treatment so they can get it. I want to get as many signatures as possible on my petition so the government [must] listen. It should be everyone’s given right to choose whether they take it or not.”2

The oil isn’t available to purchase legally in the UK but can be purchased online. There are also helpful instructional videos, like the one below, for how to make your own medicinal cannabis oil.


Joy is currently writing a book, “I hope it will help others going through the same thing and offer them some inspiration because when you hear the word cancer it is terrifying – but it’s so important to have a positive attitude. I laughed through it all and I’ve made the most out of every single day. My life has totally changed since my diagnosis.”3

Joy also loves spreading the word about the high-alkaline diet that she followed because she believes it helped her tackle the disease, “Cancer can’t live in a high-alkaline body – that information should be given to every single cancer patient, but hardly anyone knows about it. It should be out there, just like the oil should be.”4

Joy is still taking cannabis oil and is optimistic that it will clear up the last bit of cancer remaining in her stomach.

Amazing. Thank you Joy for helping spread the word about this miracle plant.


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