No one wants to hear the dreaded “C” word: cancer. However, most of us would be willing to try anything if we ever did. And Erin Andrews is as well. After being diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, and now cancer-free, she is looking to meditation to help her manage stress and recommending everyone else do so as well.1

Researchers say that high-stress levels can contribute to cancer so figuring out a way to manage every day and unforeseeable stress is a good idea.

In an interview with, Erin said, “There ‘s a little part of me that does agree that stress does a lot to your body. I’m not saying it wasn’t in my body before, but that does kind of weigh on me. There’s no research saying stress brings this on, but come on, you’ve heard enough about how much your body reacts. I’m really trying to be better about taking deep breaths. I’m trying meditation.”

Stress is one of the worst things for our body. We think it’s awesome that she’s willing to step outside of the Western Medicine box and practice meditation. But, there are many other things you can do to help prevent cancer:

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