Can we all agree that nothing at Coachella will beat Prince covering Radiohead’s ‘Creep’?

Prince cartoon

Prince Covers Radiohead’s ‘Creep’

There are fringe sites claiming that Prince died of the flu shot but it’s unlikely that it would be given in April. And now Aretha Franklin has announced she thinks he might have died of the Zika virus. I also have people writing me to say it was the Illuminati. However, the most plausible explanation might be that he was forced to take Percocet for the excruciating hip pain he’d suffered from for years; the question remains whether he had hip replacements or knew about things like PRP (platelet replacement therapy) cannabis, CBD OIL,  or stem cell therapy– which I’m doing for my broken bones and injuries from my fall.

But, no matter how this musical master died, one thing remains– he put on the most spectacular live show– and my favorite was seeing him perform in 2004 in Vegas and dancing with him. He even gave everyone in attendance a free CD to boot.

Start at 4:44 on this one:

I never had the privilege of seeing Jimi Hendrix live (he died before I was born), but having been a music major and a musician- I’d say Prince shows every bit as much talent and finesse as he plays that guitar, like he’d known it his whole life. He practically had.

RIP Prince. I wish I’d gone to that last show in Atlanta but am just thankful for the live shows I got to see, including an impromptu one you did a block from my house in Los Angeles on Sunset, in the 9000 block, a dozen and a half years ago.

You’ll be missed by millions.

Hope you’re up there playing with Bowie, Jackson, Chris Whitley, Jimi, James Brown, Big Mama Thorton and all the greats…

XO Erin

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