Prince Ea made one hell of a video. His Facebook Page can be found here for those who want to follow him, and his video is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

This reminds me of an old friend’s  book called the Digital Diet by Daniel Sieberg. I initially met Daniel in Atlanta when he worked for CNN. He went on CBS tech and now works for google as their spokesperson (I hope I got that right!) His wife is CNN’s lovely Shannon Cook. I’m sure half the nation is insanely jealous of all the cool musicians she interviews. Yes, I need a digital detox or diet myself because, admittedly, I’ve watched her interviews and haven’t read his book. What does that say? Time for a digital diet. I’m down with ADD- you know me. It’s time to change the record and stop the madness.

Auto-Correct Humanity

There are many different ideas of how Albert Einstein’s quote actually went, but most agree it’s something like how they quoted him in that Powder movie (you know, the one by Disney- I could write a whole article about that film and the scary director, but I digress) The quote was like this: “It has become appalling clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity”  I think that is the general message in the Prince’s video and if he and Einstein were to have a modern day rap they’d probably be in total agreement on the subject.

Sometimes I wonder if Einstein would use the internet. Would he approve? Would he limit his time per day? Would he have a smart phone?  I have someone who works for me who refuses to get a cell phone at all. It’s proved to be a real pain in the … you know what… but honestly: She’s much happier and it’s the people around her who can’t deal with it. I give her kudos for that.   Enjoy the video and on this note, I’m signing off for the day. It’s time to unwind and go find a little piece of mind (hey maybe I can rap too – check out that rhyme : )

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