California nurse gives Gardasil Vaccine to own daughter who develops leukemia and...

California nurse gives Gardasil Vaccine to own daughter who develops leukemia and dies


Before the Gardasil vaccine and after the Gardasil vaccine.

Thank you so much to our friends at Health Impact News for the story below.

The VAXXED team interviewed a mother in Long Beach, California, who is a nurse and was pro-vaccine. She explains that all her children were up-to-date on their vaccines before she gave her daughter the Gardasil vaccine at age 16.

As a nurse, she routinely gave vaccines to patients at work, and never questioned these vaccines. She states that she was never taught about their side effects.


So when she heard that Gardasil was a vaccine to prevent cancer and that her daughter needed to have it before she became sexually active, she did not hesitate to have her daughter come into the office where she worked, where she herself administered the first vaccine.

After that first vaccine, her daughter was always tired, and they thought maybe she had “mono.” Her body ached all the time, and she had difficulty walking long distances. Prior to the vaccine, her daughter was healthy and active.

Her mother did not associate these symptoms with the vaccine, however. She attributed it to a poor diet and a busy lifestyle.

Because of her daughter’s fear of vaccines, she decided to bring the second Gardasil vaccine home and give it to her daughter in their home.


Soon after the second vaccine, her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. 10 months later, she was dead.

“I want to share my story because it is very important.

This vaccine is horrible. I don’t know if I wouldn’t have given it to her if she would still be here.

And I feel really responsible because I gave it to her physically…

I just thought I was doing what was right to protect my daughter from cancer, and she got cancer!

I tried to protect her…”

Watch the entire interview.


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*Article originally appeared at Health Impact News and then at Vaccine Impact.


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  • GunzRloaded

    One size doesn’t fit all.What works for one can kill another.That’s how I am when going to the dentist with ‘lidocaine’.Anyway I am against ALL vaccines that are administered.The best immune system is an acquired immune system period…!!
    So sad to hear these kind of stories,really pisses me off and gets my blood boiling.End of Rant.

  • GunzRloaded

    See,in that video above,U have a brainwashed nurse at the time that was just “doing her job”.Told what to do and never questioning the so-called authority,the gods that know whats best for you and your family.
    I say there are a lot of people that have careers like this and just go with the flow and never do any investigating or examining for themselves to see if what they are doing is a good thing or not a good thing.I say wake up people and smell the scam the elites have been doing to the masses for decades.okay end of rant again!

  • GunzRloaded

    I believe if U read the Gardasil insert it mentions cervical cancer risks….doesn’t it.I believe “Infowars” had that insert exposed on their website several years ago..!!!
    Where was her husband in this.He should of been concerned about his children and what the heck was being administered to them.People need to get their lips perhaps off the beer and booze bottles,and their eyes off of the brainwash tv box,and start searching for the truth.People need to take a stand,live your life and stand for something truthful and strong.Don’t just be,start rattling some cages,start questioning,stand firm..!!

  • Delila

    What do you think immunization is for hello to give your body the the illness so you can build an immunity to it which is acquired. Yes I do agree with the fact that it isn’t a one size fits all but of course you are given a disease so not everyone is able to with stand the it but the benefits for keeping worldly epidemic of diseases killing off millions of populations to the few that can’t fight the disease off. It’s just the way life goes. And death isn’t the end it’s a new beginning. I’m trying to sound cold in anyway because the tragedy of loosing a child would paralyze me but you have to live on and honor the memory and blame a vaccine that protect more than it harms.

  • GunzRloaded

    U need to research more……..I don’t recall cavemen or strong figures in the bible getting vaccinated…!!They were tough and survived…!!

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