UPDATE: VIDEO IS BACK UP as Maria Selva texted to tell me. Read the story and watch full video below.

Riveting and sad.

Husband and wife Joe and Maria Selva were having a quiet night at home in the Bay area (California) this past Saturday, October 28th (the day after Maria’s birthday) when they heard a bang at their door.

Multiple police were outside and persuaded the Selvas to open their door “just to talk,” when they immediately grabbed the polite, calm husband and cuffed him and another officer grabbed Maria’s arm and refused to let go. (The other cops were alright but he seemed a bit, off.)


I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR NEITHER BROKE THE LAW NOR WERE ARRESTED however Dad was detained which is “procedural” (I guess) but they were not guilty of any crime and police made that clear. (I spoke to the mom, Maria tonight.)

I had a video to embed, but it’s suddenly gone just as I finished watching the whole half hour plus, so I’ll recall it as best I can.


The cops were polite overall (though one was a bit rude), and said a social worker with CPS named Loretta (we are told her last name is reportedly Lopez but must confirm) was going to take their seven-year-old daughter Iliana away, and that Iliana could NOT be placed with relatives.

The father Joe, explained their daughter has epilepsy, so he was worried about her seizures recurring if she were taken outside the home.

The parents were separated, and on video, they appeared calm cool and collected, as did the well-behaved adorable quiet children. All parties were much calmer than I would have been.

The mom explains that they went to Kaiser Permanente and saw a neurologist there in California (maybe named Gerbani? I cannot remember now that the video is taken down) and that he wanted Iliana on drugs with side effects for her epilepsy. Oftentimes these drugs can be damaging and dangerous, especially for a child. (I should know as I have been on seizure drugs for seizures I have from vaccine injury, and can gladly show my charts for anyone doubting me.)

The parents explained to the doctor that they were worried about the dangerous drugs and instead wanted to try CBD oil. Next thing you know, even though CBD oil and THC are legal in the state of California for medical AND recreational use (medical for children), they are ripping their little girl in her onesie PJ’s from her house in the middle of the night. Again, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states.

I caught the mom’s phone number off the video (not the dad’s) and will reach out to them to see how we can help. They said they are in touch with Charlotte’s Web who may be able to help.

Last we heard their daughter is still in a strange place, allegedly with NO relatives, all because they want to use an oil derived from a plant instead of drugs with dangerous side effects.

UPDATE: I spoke to the mom tonight (Maria) and will get more information as she was going to sleep, however, they still need representation.

It was so tough to watch her saying goodbye to her daughter and even the older cop who was nicer than many said how much this “sucked.” You could tell he just knew it was totally WRONG.

Our heart goes out to the Selvas. Here’s Maria’s public facebook account with Iliana’s photo.

We will keep you informed. The parents (and kids) all appeared fit, healthy, alert and into holistic medicine. Sadly, it’s no surprise to us that Kaiser Permanente would be so incredibly backward. Maria said after they explained to him what they wanted to do he responded by saying he had to do what the government tells him.

George Orwell would be shocked at our real-life scenario in this country, as 1984 ain’t got nothing on 2017.

Erin Elizabeth, east coast of Florida