The idea of 5G is amazing. The thought of lightening fast download and upload speeds in this global, internet community makes sense- but right outside my home? No.


California had pending legislation, SB649, that would have “streamlined placement of 5G small cell Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) on electric and light poles in front of businesses and residences.” Had the bill passed it would have eliminated local control and jurisdiction with regard to DAS placement throughout the state of California. It would have stripped local governments of their property rights and forced them to ignore safety, aesthetic, and health issues.

But thankfully, it didn’t pass. At least not yet. And that’s a good thing (thanks to Activist Post for the following list):

Again, thankfully SB 649 was voted out of committee by a unanimous vote. It will now go to a full Senate vote and then on to the Assembly for its committees. It’s not too late to contact your CA State Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 649.


Fiber optics is our best solution. They are energy efficient, less vulnerable to shut down due to EMP or hacking, and do not create hazardous RF emissions that cause damage to health and the environment. (Even Russia knows and has denied 5G rollout in their country; they have chosen to utilize fiber optic cables to deliver the internet to every private resident.)