(Note from Erin: After the crazy week we’ve had around here, I thought you all might love this story. I know I did.)

Seven-year-old Madden from Oklahoma was born with a cleft lip and complete heterochromia iridium which is a rare condition (his eyes are different colors) that affects less than 1% of the population. And as you might imagine, sweet Madden has already had to deal with serious bullying. Enough to “break his spirit.”1

Thankfully, friendships often exist because we have “shared experiences and journeys, common interests in books, movies or TV shows “1 or something in common with another person. Or pet.

That’s right, I said pet!

“One day, a friend posted an image of a rescue cat in a cleft moms’ support group. With just one look at the cat’s picture, Madden’s mom knew the cat was meant to be a part of their family. It was hard to believe, but the cat had the same conditions as Madden. The cat, named Moon, didn’t only have a cleft lip, he also had complete heterochromia iridium. It was like a match made in heaven.

It was the kindness of both friends and strangers that helped Madden and his family travel from Oklahoma to Minnesota. Because of those small acts of kindness from different people, Moon was brought to his new home.
Even though Moon was a rescue cat from the streets of Minnesota, he was the one who rescued Madden from his loneliness. Having a pet with his same rare conditions helped Madden feel understood and less alone. Moon helped Madden realize that being different doesn’t make him a freak, it just makes him unique. Madden’s mom is confident that Moon will help her son’s confidence soar, allowing him to extend love and kindness to those who hurl unkind words towards him.”1

Check out the video below!

To see more of Madden and Moon’s sweet friendship, visit their Instagram.


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