British Parents Arrested

It doesn’t just happen in the United States.  Even if you live in Europe you can be arrested for seeking your own child’s treatment  as these parents were whose 5 year boy has brain cancer.  These parents wanted the Proton Beam therapy but the doctors refused and said they wouldn’t do it in Spain.  The father says   the oncologists instead  wanted to do chemo, more radiation and then MORE chemo and said if the father questioned the doctor in ANY way they’d get emergency protection order and not let them see their son in any way shape or form.

From the article:

Authorities did not confirm what charges the couple will face, but say that “cruelty” could be one of them as suggested by British law.

British police have arrived in Spain to question the parents, Malaga police told CNN. The British Crown Prosecution Service will be working on extradition efforts.

The court appearance is part of a European arrest order that was issued by Britain against the couple.

Their arrests came hours after Brett King publicly asserted that he and his wife are not kidnappers and are not neglecting their son.

“We were most disturbed today to find that his face is all over the Internet and newspapers, and we’ve been labeled as kidnappers, putting his life at risk, neglect,” King said in a YouTube video posted Saturday.

“We’re very happy with his progress,” the father said in the video. “We’re not neglecting him.”

The parents go on to say their son is very happy now that he’s out of the hospital but interestingly that’s exactly why they were arrested For taking him out of a hospital that they thought wasn’t helping or was harming him.  The government owns our kids (even in Europe) not us. And that’s a scary thought.

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