The Truth of Holistic Celebrity Dr Sebi’s Death : Interview with his best friend of 51 years who was there

Dr Sebi

Erin’s Elizabeth’s note:

While the previous video we had was taken down, we found another. Take a listen.

The truth of Dr. Sebi’s death and setup

This is NEW video of Dr. Sebi’s best friend who went and saw him in the dirty, overcrowded, corrupt Honduran prison where Dr. Sebi stayed for months (for having money on his person—which he had declared and should not have been arrested for), which ultimately killed him. Mr. Watkins saw him just days before he died, and still thought he would make it and not sure if foul play was involved he said, but they will find out more as time goes on. The conditions alone were deplorable.

Mel Watkins, Dr. Sebi’s best friend of FIFTY ONE years, opens up on the video and explains that he had just a few days left of the TWO MONTHS the corrupt court forced him to stay in prison where his friend saw him (in decent health) just days before he died.

We are told the jail was giving him pharmaceuticals, the concrete floors upon which he lived were constantly wet, his best friend of 51 years says they fed Dr. Sebi garbage for these months, that he wouldn’t feed to his own dog.

Mel Watkins also explains that when Dr. Sebi won the case in New York Supreme Court back in the 80s, that it should have been headline news, but a smokescreen case about a famous rape (which we’d learn later wasn’t true) was used to cover up his huge unprecedented victory. Dr. Sebi had proven, in a court of law, that he had indeed put people into remission from diseases including AIDS, and over 70 of them came to testify on his behalf. But just watch the video, it explains everything.  XO Erin

See old articles below on the death:

We are saddened to announce the death of Dr. Sebi, his death makes nearly 60 doctors in our holistic doctor death series, in just over a year.

On May 28, 2016, Dr. Sebi was apprehended on charges of money laundering after arriving at an airport in Honduras from California. He was reportedly carrying $20,000 in cash on his person at the time, which was reason enough to arrest the 83-year-old healer.

While Dr. Sebi was attempting to board another plane to his final location in Honduras (I’ve found you have to take a few flights to get there), he was detained. Authorities did release him, pending a court appearance that would take place on June 3, 2016. He appeared to have been fine after his release, but that’s where things get tricky.

From the article:

After Dr. Sebi’s court hearing on June 3, 2016, he was detained under the charges of “money laundering” (for having $20,000 on his person) by the Public Ministerio (which is like the FBI here in the US). On an unconfirmed date and time between June 3rd and August 6th, Dr. Sebi reported severe health conditions in the filthy Honduran jail related to pneumonia.

In critical health condition, he was rushed to the Vicente D’antoni Hospital, but died in transit. Before this event, his brother Garden Bowman reported that the 83 year old Dr. Sebi had experienced health complications in prison from pneumonia, and was prescribed medication by the hospital. His exact conditions of death and any evidence of foul play is still unknown and under investigation.

Experts from holistic MDs and herbalists I speak to explain that this was just a set up for disaster. First, he was living in deplorable conditions (you can read about it on CNN and other mainstream sources). Second, he didn’t have his proper diet and some say not much food at all. He was living in squalor without his herbs to help him get well. Can you imagine being kept in a chamber for over a MONTH at 83 years of age?

The Honduran prison system can make ours here in the US look like the Ritz.

We have written articles on the amazing Dr. Sebi before. He rose to even more fame after his young healthy patient Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez died when leaving his facility in an accident caught on video. Dr Sebi also treated the late Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Steven Segal, and many other celebrities and high profile patients.

More from the article:

“He had risen to fame in the 80s and according to the root, The myth of Dr. Sebi grew stronger in 1988 after the self-taught herbalist ran ads in the Amsterdam News, the Village Voice and the New York Post noting that “AIDS has been cured.”

The story goes that the New York State attorney general and New York City Department of Consumer Affairs told Dr. Sebi to remove the ads; he refused, and was arrested. The charges leveled against him included practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and fraudulently claiming that he could cure AIDS and other diseases.

The judge asked Dr. Sebi to bring in one patient who could testify that he had cured him or her of these potentially fatal diseases. He reportedly provided 70 patients and won the case. And the legend of Dr. Sebi was born.”

UPDATE: We have a video from Honduras with more information (also see interview w/ Dr Sebi below, too)!

There are already doubters, including those close to him, that question his arrest and the manner in which he died, all the while living in squalor in a Honduran prison- FOR OVER A MONTH, with authorities refusing to help. His death is shrouded in mystery while an investigation is underway.

From the article:

According to Dr. Sebi’s homepage, he was born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras in 1933 and learned the craft of herbal healing from his grandmother. Sebi also studied with a Mexican herbalist and began a homeopathic line of products dubbed “Cell Food.”

One of Sebi’s claims to fame is his belief that rendering the body into an “alkaline state” makes it impossible for disease and ailments to exist. Sebi also created vegetable cell compounds in order to fortify the body. He also claimed to have a cure for AIDS and cancer along with a long list of other related cures.

Feel free to Tweet a condolence to the late legend with the #DrSebi hashtag.

My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to all those mourning this magnificent man right now.
This is the first doctor who I’ve done an article on to die. I’ve done articles and interviews with some great holistic doctors, who are all still alive, so I’m so saddened by this news today.
I’m shocked his family could not get their 83-year-old relative out of prison for having money on his person in an airport (if he truly did), for over a month!
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Also here’s the recap on 50+ deaths in a year in my holistic doctor series with pictures and timeline.

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  • saywhatsaywhat

    they killed him. he had too many cures

  • Another targeted holistic Dr. taken out by the Medical Mafia agenda 21 depopulation death machine. Thank You Dr. Sebi for your contributions to mankind.

  • Sherlock

    Fucking articak lies in everyone’s face… Over 10 false statements in this article… Fucking think

  • Dear Potty Mouth,
    What’s an articak? Do tell.. What are the lies? Feel free to check what few mainstream sources will cover Dr Sebi’s death to see it is accurate, he was arrested in still in custody (though transferred to hospital as he became ill in jail.. Please the F bomb twice in a few words? You can do better than that.

  • liveloveandlive

    do you know how many alternative healers have mysteriously died or disappeared over recent years? Look into it, it’s genuinely scary. Especially when you consider the cancer recovery rates these guys were achieving, it’s looking more and more like big pharma want us all ill or dead!

  • Puna

    He was a threat to those so call medical experts who want to keep feeding of your $$$$

  • Puna

    Just like Dr. Mona Harrison a few years back, Dr. Hulda Clark and those whose names I can’t recall just yet. who all died mysteriously or disappeared never to be heard from again, or recently as a few months ago where that young healthy doctor died before he could deliver a speech in Florida exposing what is really going on in today’s health world as to could help cure cancer and the dirty water we consume, now you tell me, wonder who will be next..

  • Christina B.

    They murdered this man period he was healing people of incurable diseases! I just hope he shared his knowlege with someone he trusted.

  • nobody

    I never heard of the guy, but there is nothing unusual about that. We the people do not get very much exposure to people that do the most good, because the presstitutes whore themselves off to the highest bidder(s).

    R.I.P. Dr. Sebi.

    There will be no peace until all of the liars are dead. Without truth, justice cannot exist.

  • nobody

    What the hell is ‘articak’? Speak english, or mind your own business…

  • blitz

    No one killed these “doctors” there is no such thing as a big Pharma conspiracy. Sebi was 82 year old man that died of pneumonia, Hulda Clark was 81 and she died of myeloma. It is nothing suspicious about elderly people dying of a illness.

  • Uwa Uhumuavbi

    He was not afraid of God, the devil or no person. He lived his life to serve and save others. His greatest legacy is the knowledge he shared. His spirit lives in every mind he touched. We must not forget his message. He is the greatest Good News to the World and to Black People in particular. He has accomplished his Divine Mission. Fare well jDr Sebi. Fare well great Friend.

  • Thor 9

    They killed this man. I learned through another person’s link, that 5 “alternative health” person’s have “disappeared?”

  • Thor 9

    I think you were asking too much from him.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Here in the US, we have “asset forfeiture”. If a cop stops you while driving and has a reasonable suspicion that you may be engaged in illegal activity, they can search your car. If they find large amounts of cash, it is usually confiscated, never to be seen by the owner again, EVEN IF the owners are cleared of any wrongdoing. The owner may appeal and try to get their money back. They usually don’t get it back, EVEN IF they have a lawyer. This is all courtesy of the Patriot Act. This is the simplified version of this situation. Your money can also be seized if you regularly move large amounts of actual cash in and out of your bank accounts. Federal and local police agencies and local prosecutor’s offices like asset forfeiture because they split the proceeds. Many local police agencies and local prosecutor’s actually balance their budgets from these seizures. Other property can also be seized – such as homes, cars, businesses – and sold on the US Marshall’s web site. The proceeds are also divided among participating police and prosecutor’s offices. I don’t know about Honduras but it does sound like they may have similar laws there, inasmuch as Dr Sebi’s money was seized and he was thrown in jail. You can read more about asset forfeiture at the Wall Street Journal in their archives. They ran a series on it about five years ago. Also, the Institute for Justice writes about this issue a lot and they are on Facebook and have a website, too.

  • Nickole Bonner

    We are made to live well into 100 if we take care of ourselves like these doctors represented. Read the Bible. It is very suspicious!

  • Richard Supa Josey

    But there is suspicion when people die in police custody…Period

  • Godson

    Sebi’s immune system was too strong to contract pneumonia so quickly and die. Pneumonia doesn’t happen that fast. It’s slow. This was a US hit on the man b/c he beat the supreme court and could destroy the pharm industry with real cures. You’re clearly white and ignorant to believe he just mysteriously died in POLICE CUSTODY! Naive fools.

  • Matt Flannery

    The guy who tried to convince the world that mucus was the cause of all disease died due to a failure of his mucociliary escalator? Ironic to say the least. He was no hero, nor a martyr. Is it awesome that he died? No. Was he somehow in on some secret truth and targeted for that? Totally no. Not even remotely

  • Matt Flannery

    What does the bible have to do with any of this?

  • Darren Paul Archambault

    No one is thinking about the obvious answers…. he died because hollistic, “medicine” doesn’t work.

    Or you know he was born in 1933.

  • It has been confirmed to SWAGGGirlicious Media by family, that Dr. Sebi was in Honduras

  • blitz

    Pneumonia often kills the elderly and it does so very quickly. It is nothing odd about an older man dying from pneumonia in a matter of weeks. In fact peopl have been known to die within days. If he would have taken pneumonia vaccine he very well may be a live now. Modern medicine based on scientific research is much more reliable than any herbalist natural remedies. Open your eyes think logically don’t believe superstition and conspiracy.

  • Dee Norman

    Now these white Edomites claim to have the cure for Aids. Thieving bastards

  • walker

    Asian don’t use modern medicine what does the word modern mean?last I checked it means new recent Asian use herbal did you know most medicine is made from some plant,or herb aspirin is made from white willow tree bark valium is made from valerian extract

  • Godson

    “Modern medicine based on scientific research is much more reliable than any herbalist natural remedies.” ~white people

    They got you so drawn away from nature you don’t even know what it is anymore. He just happens to die in police custody too? Damn people are so gullible that’s why it’s easy to kill people.
    You do realize science researches nature right? & pharmaceuticals are either nature plants or synthetics most of the time combined into pill form. All the pills are generally derived from plants or remanufactured in a lab to mimic the same effects of the plants.

  • SLBushway

    Some elderly can have pneumonia for quite some time and just think they have a cold. Unfortunately, by the time they realize it’s much more serious – it’s too late. Look at James Brown as an example – or did the govt. off him too? And this isn’t a race issue you schmuck – you want to believe it’s a conspiracy because that’s what makes you tick – he was up there in age and the money was likely to pay for medical attention. He was likely ill when he was taken into custody and after the illness progressed he was taken to the hospital and that’s where he died.

  • Godson

    I guess that “~white people” part rattled some feathers. Good. Who said anything about this being a race issue? You took it there not my “white people” part. Sensitive ass. This guy clearly was a target for the pharmaceutical and food industries. His very research threatened their billion dollar companies. Believe what you want. Just shows how gullible you are. You don’t know shit about Sebi you just came here to talk out your ass.

  • WendyB

    We here talking about Race, someone die, have some respect. I understand white officers killing blacks and that’s all there are saying, there will be investigation cause of a death n the jail. We need to learn to love one another and STOP trying to make this world races

  • Blitz, DO not insult me and show your arrogance or ignorance when you say no one is killing these doctors. If you bothered to read my articles by opening your mouth under a fake name with no picture, you’d see MANY were established murders. We have 3 holistic doctors alone (real doctors) who were stabbed to death and ZERO arrests made in any of those cases. I won’t even get started on the men. This isn’t about Hulda – she isn’t in the series anyway. This is about Dr Sebi and other doctors – many found murdered. So please, crack an article and read it before you spout falsities on my page. We are a page who believes in facts, evidence and science. So try learning some before lying on my page again . It appears you are anti science now doesn’t it? Read and learn something:

  • Blitz who hides his name says they weren’t killed. plenty were murdered. Sorry for the trolls. Sometimes they need a bitch slapping via a comment

  • A black man was taken into custody for having money on his person and was perfectly well? Then you say no one is killing the doctors when plenty were murdered but you are too arrogant to read the articles. IF You want the privilege to comment on my page- read the articles before spouting your anti science falsities. Otherwise stay off and go troll the other pages you frequently harass.

  • No name calling. All these guys and women were white sans one of them and many found murdered. Explain that away (though I do appreciate you posting under an actual real photo and name- thank you)

  • I stated that me might be in Honduras OR Mexico as – at the time the news broke they were not sure. I’ll update to Honduras. I broke that news HOURS after they announced he died.

  • a black man is taken into custody for having money on his person. He was totally well in his videos I see DAYS before his death. They say at his clinic he might have been mistreated, suddenly gets ill and then boom, dies. BUT how do you explain the doctors on this list who were established murders with no arrests on almost all? I guess they were old too. Oh no wait, they were all young or middle aged.

  • I’m SO glad you don’t think it’s “awesome” that he died. wow. thanks. We actually believe in science here, so we’ll wait for the official answers before taking your call on it unless you’re a coroner in Honduras. Doctor Matt. Also how do you explain these murders on the list with no suspects at all? They were young and healthy. The established murders are pretty clear. Try reading them. thanks

  • Tony Ferguson

    It’s funny that some people on this thread are saying that this is not suspicious. This man was arrested for supposedly having too much cash on him and while in custody died. This man created plenty of natural cures but y’all are too damn dumb to realize that with him doing this it made him a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. You might continue to be blind but we refuse to listen to this. I guess 50 doctors dead within a year, all capable of finding cures is just people dying huh? Get out of here.

  • Chris Sky

    Except it says he died in police custody after being arrested… doesn’t say anythign about him being “sick.”

    and this conveniently after he was tried in the SUPREME COURT for “Claiming” to cure cancer, aids and everything else… and he won that court case, by bringing in patients with medical history to prove his case.

    you think they are going to “allow” somebody to run around curing people of cancer when it makes them trillions of dollars.

    you’re a special kind of naive huh?

  • Chris Sky

    ok we get it… paid big pharma shill in damage control mode. 😀

    like peddle your shit somewhere else… nobody is buying.

  • Chris Sky

    ya… he didn’t have ANY cures… that’s why they tried him in the SUPREME COURT and LOST when he brought in over 70 people with medical history proving they had aids, or cancer or herpes or other stuff… and then they were CURED.

    how the hell can you even pull that garbage out of your ass, when there is ESTABLISHED COURT CASES (in the SUPREME COURT of all places.) proving it.

    like come on…. if you’re gonna be a pathetic, ignorant, troll… at least mix in a LITTLE truth with your bullshit.

  • Danaija of the Orishas

    Funny how Spain claims to have found the cure for hiv…. Shortly after this man dies in police custody…

    Evil ass white people. Then take credit for a cure this man already discovered.

  • I’m so sorry … this needs to stop.

  • Skinny Legsandall

    While i offer my deep condolences to the family of Dr Sebi, i must say his followers, products and business practices in my home country (the Bahamas), were quite dodgy. As a holistic healer myself, i often met clients whom after seeing Dr Sebi or his “nutritionists”, were sold hundred of dollars of “miracle” products.

    Most of these were without labeling, stunk like mud (not pungent like botanical medicines can be), and would make people worse. Much of what i witnessed seemed to be the staff of his shop shit taking other practitioners, while robbing poor patients of the little money they had, and filling them with false hope. While some of the dried herbs looked legitimate, the more expensive “liquid “mixtures” he sold in his local shop, under the guise of a “secret patent” were dodgy and unlabeled. I went on a radio show with one of the nutritionists trained by Dr Sebi and unfortunately he did not even know the true definition of GE, calling hybridized vegetables, genetically engineered organisms.

    I’m sure he has helped many people and Dr Sebi’s original message was a good one, but his business practices and trained nutritionists…. well thats another $tory.

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    But that’s not what I *want* to believe! These people knew magic! Real for really magic!

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Yeah he hated money! That’s why he only had $30,000.00 on him as pocket change!

  • RoRo

    Tony Ferguson I agree 100%! These people took care of their health!

  • I sadly broke the first through the last. my story on my first 5 seems to still be the main one out there, but we’re well over 50 now. 50 was on Father’s day anniversary. now closer to sixty. all holistic since father’s day. several murders. and then this

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Are you so delicate?

    And if we were to post links to sources in which numerous scientific experts repudiated his claims of successful treatments, would you believe them?
    Or will you claim that big pharmaceutical groups or Monsanto or some other conspiracy was behind every study that contradicts what you desperately want to believe?

    I’ll do it, but I won’t waste my time if you are deadset against any source that’s not on your pre-approved list or something…

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    ” I don’t know about Honduras but…”

    Then why didn’t you take a second to Google it before rambling on about irrelevant American police?

  • Layni Shepherd

    Really depressing reading all the conspiracy theories here. Whilst there is a place for Holistic medicine, the fact you all think that Big Pharma had this guy killed puts you in to the same group of fools that thought Obama was coming to put you into FEMA camps or take away your guns. What do you not understand, the Health food industry is a 200 billion dollar a year industry in just health food supplements from protein powder to ginseng… it is for the most part unregulated, but billions of dollars of profit can be made from it. I am not here to discredit the idea that Herbs or ‘ nutraceuticals are rubbish, it has been pretty much established that an alkaline environment in the body retards cancer cells, or reducing the carbohydrate and protein intake, our diet alone has been responsible for the explosion in sickness.. these are not really in dispute, but this idea that the big pharma companies kill people is complete hokum. Big pharma would look to make money from these ideas, they would run clinical trials, they would work the product into patents and monpolise the product and bring it out under their umbrella, they don’t stifle medical innovation. Shareholders, CEO’s directors or big pharma die all the time from heart disease, cancer, old age, dementia, same as executives from from all major corporations. Disease does not spare rich people and rich people do not survive at any higher rates than poor people do when struck by cancer. People watch family members die all the time from terrible diseases and that is what prompts innovation at the highest levels… not shareholder profits… it really is only mad people that think other wise. The fools who think he had too many cures are out of their heads. When i can put onto the market a product that has whey protein and sugar and market the shit as Muscle milk and charge a 3000 percent mark up at GNC, or even better still make a useless tablet and do an infomercial and say this will make your breasts grow 3 cup sizes, or your penis grow 4 inches… and millions of people buy that shit…. do you not think the big pharma companies have not bought those products evaluated them tested them to see if they work… they spend millions of dollars every year researching quack claims, just in case some one does have a simple cure for breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia or whatever drug they can make from it… not to stifle it… but to own it and make money from it…. please do not take this as an insult… but it appears that there are not many people here that are competent to understand money, how it works how corporations are financed and what real wealth means… you are stuck in remedial thought patterns… and conspiracies. Those among you who are willing to open your mind accept this… why would i stifle a cure for breast cancer ? what ! so I could sell chemo drugs at 20,000 dollars a patient ? Whilst you think that is why i would not bring out a cure for breast cancer… what none of you understand or fail to accept is that, breast cancer is not contagious and people will always get it… so even if I give patient A chemo and earn 20 thousand dollars, and cure her , she is very unlikely to get breast cancer again, and if she does my drugs are not going to work and I get no repeat income… so i earn 20 k a patient… but if I have a cure… and I give this woman a cure and i charge her 40,000 dollars for the cure… a guaranteed cure… well i have just doubled my income… per patient… but what you fail to appreciate is.. that is not where the money is… if I truly had a cure for breast cancer… the value of my stock in my company would be at at least 300 times its earnings… and in real money, that means i could expect a stock appreciation of at least 2000 percent making me the largest and richest company in the world… why would i stifle a cure for cancer… i would junk chemo therapy… in a heart beat, and short every stock in every other pharma company down to zero… because what would their companies be worth if I had a cure and they had chemo…? You people are not idiots.. you just don’t understand how large corporate finance works.. think about this… Theranos… at its peak had a stock value of 10 billion dollars for a product of being able to check various disorders with a drop of blood… it did not even work… so imagine what my stock would be if i truly had a cure for cancer…. a trillion dollars… maybe…. but truly… keep up with the conspiracy theories… its’ fun to read… and to be fair… I am an executive at a bank that finances big pharma big oil and big food… but don’t let me big breasts fool you ….

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Alright guys! Let us try to make some sense out of all we know so far.
    When and for what was his first documented run in with the FDA?

  • Have you read the posts or my responses? Nobody here is arguing whether his treatments work or they didn’t. The argument is that people say they are certain he just passed naturally when we have no idea at this point. Secondly – the biggest pet peeve is that people say nobody was murdered. The doctors died because they were holistic. Didn’t take care of themselves etc. They have failed to read my article which has over 50 doctors – Any of whom were murdered and remain unsolved. We just had a woman before him found stabbed to death in California in Palo Alto and a very upscale neighborhood with fewer than one deaths per year in her town. People are shocked and they say it was targeted, but last I checked I have yet to name any suspects. They don’t know. I have to add her and seven more holistic doctors who have been found dead since Father’s Day. I can’t stand when people say nobody was killed. None of them were killed. The authorities have said they were Killed. You haven’t seen me argue what his practices were. That’s not what this is about. It’s about fax. It’s about people stating totally arrogant ignorant statements that nobody was killed. None of the doctors were murdered. That’s already a proven fact. I believe in science and wish people would actually use him on this thread. Most of my regulars do. You haven’t seen me argue what his practices were. That’s not what this is about. It’s about fax. It’s about people stating totally arrogant ignorant statements that nobody was killed. None of the doctors were murdered. That’s already a proven fact. I believe in science and wish people would actually use him on this thread. Most of my regulars do. Try reading this. It only states the facts and says I have zero clue if they are all connected or not.

  • Ginger

    What is the going rate for selling your soul?

  • Ginger

    Can you please go back to English 101 and learn to construct a proper sentence? Why are you degrading yourself by mentioning your “large breasts” at the end of your comments?

  • Stephamphetamine

    You were his doctor (not that he’d have one – at least not a real one) I presume, since you intimately know the state of his health?

    Probably not, because you don’t understand how pneumonia works.

    Also, what does being white have to do with anything other than you being racist?

  • Kristin C.

    Hey now I’m white and don’t think like that :p

  • blitz

    Ma’am with all due respect- I have not insulted you or your readers however you and and your readers insulted me by saying that I am ignorant. Notice the rude and racist comments I have received from your readers however I have remained respectful. I read your article and I saw the postings implying that there is a
    conspiracy to kill Sebi. I gave a rational explanation based on your
    article and other articles that indicate he was an elderly man that died
    of pneumonia . How is this trolling or insulting? All I am doing is
    challenging you and your readers to not believe conspiracy theory. The reason I do not use my name and photo is because I want to remain
    anonymous due to my job.

  • blitz

    He wasn’t “tried” in the US Supreme Court. It was the New York Supreme Court – a big difference. Also he was accused of practicing medicine without a license. He won the case because the jury didn’t feel that the state proved that he was practicing medicine. They concluded he was providing non-medical advice about diet and non-prescription supplements. The court did not conclude that he cured Cancer AIDS or any other illness. Courts do not rule on science only on law. Are you are calling me naive while you happily believe that a man who has no formal medical or science education has the sure for AIDS and Cancer? Really?

  • blitz

    While I didn’t read every article on your blog I did read this article prior to posting. I am very familiar with the Big Pharma conspiracy and the alternative medicine
    movement because I have done a lot of research on these matters. I have a
    personal interest because my life long best friend died consulting with
    “natural herbalist”. He had an issue that would have easily been
    resolved but he was lead astray by the alternative medicine movement.

  • Chris Freethinker

    So it is just generally ACCEPTABLE (?) that someone is committing some kind of CRIME if they are discovered to be carrying more money than is, somehow, allowable ??? WT actual F!!?

  • Truth

    Lord knows big corporations wouldn’t hide the truth for profit. No wait, lead was considered safe for decades while oil companies profited….same with cigarettes…..
    Stop arguing with these paid shills.

  • ReddVendetta

    Damn they got him. The court of Doctors couldn’t explain how his patients that had history of AIDS all of a sudden cured from the disease. He died in Mexico, the Honduras people wouldn’t take his life. Everyone knew him there but he knew they were coming for him.I hope you were able to pass your knowledge to a successor. R.I.P.

  • Chris Freethinker

    He was 82, and had a healthier immune system than you!

  • Andrea

    You sound crazy. Sorry for your loss, but your friend didn’t die cause he went to herbalist. It was just his time. And what about the people who die every day from cancer who receive the so-called superior modern medicine? Man sit down with that craziness.

  • blitz

    No need to make racist comments or insults. Do you know what “natural” means? Natural is actually a marketing term it does not indicate that the product is more safe or unadulterated. All of the food we eat is man-made. All of the crops, fruits, vegetables have been cultivated/domesticated/genetically engineered through artificial selection for thousands of years since the dawn of the agriculture. What you think is “nature” and “natural” is actually man-made. The problem with the alternative medicine movement is the pseudoscience. I could go on and on about the inaccuracies of alternative medicine – from the fact that you cant change your alkaline /acidic levels through diet to the fact that organic food has pesticides too, to the dangers of dietary supplements. By law (the 1994 Dietary Supplement Act) dietary supplements are not required to have the ingredients that are printed on the label and most don’t – especially the ones from china. Chemical analysis have shown that a lot of dietary supplements have sawdust, corn starch and even Viagra but none of the herbs printed on the label. There is a lot of misinformation, misunderstanding, pseudoscience and conspiracy in alternative medicine but the fact remains that this is a multi-billion dollar industry that is not based on science and is not properly regulated.

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Ok first off, healthnutnews- I see i responded to the wrong comment and understand why I made no sense. I apologize.

    I still mean it, but I can’t figure out the context I was referring to now obviously. Im just beginning day 3of no sleep and am having trouble getting my point out quickly and clearly but here’s the old college try.

    To Mr. Truth-
    “Things that used to be thought safe were found out to be unsafe so we stopped using them.”

    Riveting, but what shills am I arguing with?

  • VeganChi

    This is definitely a troll speaking on behalf of big pharma!!! Pneumonia vaccine, that’s the very thing that causes all that shit! Gtfo!

  • Bill Sech

    This has been going on for centuries. They used to call them “Witch Doctors”, or for short “Witches” and rally the public opinion against them using various social means including religious sentiment. I see similar traits these days all the time.

  • Sorry about your friend. The people in the series of over 50 are doctors and not herbalist. They might be herbalist in addition to being doctors but they are all doctors. Not sure about dr Sebi as he was one of the few outside North America. Even though your friend died -i’m sure they would want you to be respectful to people. Sadly half my relatives are dead going to medical doctors. Go figure. Yet I don’t go to pages of medical doctors and berate people. Imagine that

  • Thank you Andrea xo

  • I think you’re confusing hybridization with genetically engineering . The first genetically engineered crops was the tomato just 20 something years ago. Please – we do not allow misinformation on this page and like to stick with science and facts. Thank you.

  • I’ve seen at least 20 people berate and harass people and throw them in all of them seem to have a friend they say died minutes after going to an herbalist. Then he post false information about genetically modified foods which is the same old troll rigmarole. I think it’s kind of a requirement for them before they start on these pages.

  • Chris Sky

    nothing like giving half of the truth. (and leaving out the important half.)

    He was charged with two things:

    “practicing without a medical license.” and more importantly.

    “making fraudulent medical claims” (referring to his cures.)

    and surprise.. when he brought in over 70 witnesses with their medical history PROVING he CURED those “incurable diseases” they had to drop the “fraudulent medical claims” charge…

    But you “conveniently” left out the most important part of the story. 😉

    Bottom line. This man cured incurable diseases. was universally despised by the medical industry, gets arrested and dies in police custody… when his research threatens TRILLIONS in profits, and untold amounts of CONTROL over the population.. but it’s “Crazy” to believe he was murdered.

    lol they kill people for a lot less.

  • Big Mo

    Blitz most likely is a fool but I doubt he’s naive. He’s most likely trying to stop the naive from see the truth. That’s what devils do.

  • Isabella Brayden

    They don’t want the world to believe in Herbal Herbs, But in Med’s that will get you killing yourself and they make millions of dollars. I almost gave up my hope for a while and became so frustrated but the moment I met Dr Odia things change from bad to good.
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  • truth

    My friend is a world renowned scientist who has holistic treatments for morgellons and she had breakins to her home with poisons put on her powder puff things she uses to wash her face. Luckily she saw they were discolored a little when she put her cleanser on the pad. She had it lab tested and it was a poison to give her a heart attack. Another time she figured out she there were more poisons put in her home and she setup surveillance, and they caught the guy and when he was questioned, he said he was hired by one of the large biotech companies like lockhead martin or Duppont. The guy got a year in jail for putting poisons in this womans home, but somehow he was let out within a couple of weeks. These poisonings and killings of holistic practitioners are happening all over the country.

  • RelocationQuotes

    Only the brainwashed and the people who believe the media /their leaders 100%, think there are no strange coincidences..this is normal. Happens all the time. Bizarre thinking of the brainwashed.

  • Jivefly

    I agree. The only people I see insulting anyone is the mob of people associated with this website. Cursing and throwing insult after insult, while all blitz has done is state his opinions and reference facts. I feel like I’m watching some cult shit go down here.

  • Jivefly

    Sounds more like paranoid schizophrenia than “morgellons” to me.

  • RelocationQuotes

    do you not think the big pharma companies have not bought those products evaluated them tested them to see if they work.. DUMBEST QUOTE EVER. OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T TEST them to see if they work, otherwise people wouldn’t be dying from the so called “TESTS” you claim they do…Money is in keeping people sick, like a car that is broken…If they found a cure people would be out of pharma jobs, foundations collecting your donations, nurses, doctors, reps, …THE ECONOMY WOULD COLLAPSE! Are you from this planet??.

  • KA

    Anyone think it’s possible that he died of an illness like pneumonia because his healing relies on his body being in a constant “state” enforced by his strict diet? So when he was taken into custody he wouldn’t have had the right diet available to remain in that state and would have been forced to eat the food he was given – which likely would have made him ill and his body wouldn’t have been used to using “normal” biological means to fight off whatever killed him?
    Just a thought.
    Ketosis works the same way – you have to stick strictly to a ketogenic diet in order to see and feel the benefits of ketosis, and eating the wrong foods for several meals will take your body out of ketosis and you lose the benefits. If his herbal/mineral diet was just as strict as a ketogenic diet and relied upon remaining in that herbal “state” in order to remain healthy, then it would make sense that his body could start to fail or be shocked by simply being forced into an unfamiliar/unhealthy diet whilst locked up in custody. That would also explain how he could die so quickly after contracting something as simple as a common cold at his age.
    So there may not be intentional “foul play” to it – he could have just been a victim of his own success in his health relying on an extremely limited and carefully balanced diet. Unless someone planned to get him locked up thinking about what was likely to happen, or planted diseased cells in his food knowing he didn’t have the means of his diet to protect him from it… But even that depends on which reports are true – was he locked up, or was he elsewhere? We can’t rule out foul play, but can’t jump to it either.
    His work definitely opens up some interesting scientific questions though. I’ve never been a fan of herbal remedies due to so much scientific debunking of them, but I never thought before that their effectiveness could possibly rely entirely on the usage of a very strict diet until I recently read many scientific studies and “converted” doctors’ and athletes’ reports on the real effects of ketogenic diets. If ketogenic diets are the answer for alternative methods of the body producing and using energy, then why couldn’t it be possible that there are alternative methods for the body’s immune system to be engaged in different ways if an extremely strict diet enables it? Anyone who simply refuses to believe that is not a scientist and does not believe in science – because science does not assume, nor does it prove by simple means, it tests, hypothesizes, re-tests, re-hypothesizes and then tests some more until it can suggest that current scientific methods cannot currently disprove a hypothesis. Those who reach polar opinions without doing that endless testing first (and no reading a couple of Google’d articles doesn’t count) are not true believers of science – whether in favour of an idea or against it.

  • Sensual A

    So, one of the greatest medical minds in the country is in prison for 2 months in his 80s and no one knows publicly until he is dead? Can you imagine the outcry of public support if people knew? the money that would have been raised to free him?

  • Redbeard77

    Nice thunderbolt blitz , I know what it means do you? and yes you can cure anything with medicines from the earth, but you have to put them in your body everyday, and he’s all pharmaceuticals copy chemicals from plants , also if you want to live long you must have preventative medicine meaning eat healthy, keep your body alkaline and stay away from bad habits

  • Captain Not Obvious

    Yall gtta understand the people that leave those comments vehemethly bashing good things/people or agreeing with demonic agendas in the comment section of public websites are people or relatives of people who work for those companies/promote these agendas trying to use psychology to make you depressed to do nothing about it. When they die we will have a beautiful wold.

  • Redbeard77

    The money isn’t in the cure its in covering over the sickness with pills , lots of them

  • Redbeard77

    Asses forfeiture is nothing but thievery, John Oliver has a good show on it look it up on YouTube

  • Redbeard77

    Asset forfeiture , basically legalized thievery done by police and governments

  • Redbeard77

    You do know that most of the shit that’s mass produced as food is not good for you right?

  • coptic777

    Sorry but his arrest under the guise that he needs to prove where he got the money when everyone knows where the money came from plus no bail is very suspicious. He was healthy and NOW that he is in custody under questionable circumstances he dies? Where is the money he had on him? How much you want to bet that money is being held? After reading the people of Honduras comment on his death and talk about they are not surprised this happened to him given the corruption there I will go with their suspicious attitudes plus the questionable arrest over your opinion sorry…

  • coptic777

    “The money was likely to pay for his medical attention ‘. I stopped reading right there. You have no clue what you are talking about…

  • coptic777

    Lol a whooping few hundred thousand people die a yr in the US alone just from pharmaceutical medicines alone. The fact that you do not know that means we can not take you seriously. If you are in a accident or shot THANK GOD FOR MODERN MEDICINE however you are delusional if you think synthetic drugs can not be it not likely harmful especially when on their own commercials they will tell you a treatment for acne can lead to death. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Tal

    I can tell you don’t know corruption. Let me ask you: Why was he arrested? Why were the law following him? Why would he carry $30k on him? For the record, they planted that money on him just like they planted all that money on Saddam Hussien back in the 90s. The rabbit hole goes deep my friend.

  • Amy Zirkle

    And the list doesn’t include the Homeopathic doctors.

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Link to confirm please?

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    How do you know that for a fact?

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Could you really not understand his post?
    Aaand the statement of large breasts being a distraction distracted you?

    Before ridiculing someone’s post you might want to double check that maaaaybe you are the one with trouble. Bless your heart.

  • Dat nigga


  • Dat nigga

    PREACH!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Dat nigga


  • Dat nigga


  • escapefromobamastan

    If he died in police custody, well, where’s his $$? As always, follow the money.

  • Nipun kindly reply to this post. I would like to know your views on this.

  • Chris Freethinker

    The world is a large mental hospital.

  • Joe

    Why is it always the US? Ignorant people should not open their mouth so wide.

  • Godson

    B/c the US is built off white supremacy. It is the most racist. Are these not facts? Has the US govt killed people before or no?

  • Godson

    You do know white people created racism to divide and conquer right? So if i’m so called being racist then where’d I learn it from? smh So I’m suppose to believe white people aren’t racist anymore? In America!?! LOL! What I quoted from you… is it true? Are you white? B/c if so, then I was right. Don’t take offense. Just realize it is something white people say.

    Natural is only a marketing term when talking about food. Everyone knows that all the food is GMO. At least they should. NATURE is not suppose to be man made. If it is it is no longer nature. The multi-billion dollar industry is in fact based off science. They extract from plants and put into pill form. In a lab. If that’s not science I don’t know what they would be in a lab conducting experiments for. A chemical analysis is scientific research.

  • Godson

    Prove it.

  • Godson

    No but I followed the man, his organization and his cures for quite some time. Actually treated many things for family members. It’s obviously something off about this story. Don’t get your panties in a bunch b/c I pointed out something you can’t see. I presume you believe the US govt nv killed anyone right? Don’t tell me, you believe everything they say?

    So let me get this right, if i’m being so called racist. Where’d I learn it from? Last time I checked whites created racism to divide and conquer. Whites actually have no culture and steal from everyone else’s. If there was a “culture” it would consist of murder, rape, stealing, hate, lies etc. So now i’m just making things up? Do I really have to talk about all the white on white wars. How whites set up military bases and banks in almost every continent. Killed populations w/ disease, rape and murder just to take the land and natural resources. Do I really have to talk about WW2 and how it is estimated 50-80 million people died? That was a white war even though there were blacks in it. Much like it still is now. I can go on and on about how caucasians have destroyed everything they touched and the caucasians who actually do positive things are destroyed by their own. ie Nikola Tesla.

    Go to youtube and type in “jane elliot”. Maybe you can then learn who is really racist here.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Why do people believe this nonsense?
    Why are these so many gullible people in the world?
    You realize that she’s a scam artist, right?

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    In some countries it’s illegal to help the good guys thwart the drug trade. They probably thought he was a courier.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So why is this domain registered to an anonymous UPS box in Ormond Beach? How much money are you making from Google with 60k hits a day?

    You’re a fraud.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Craptatstic fiction. Hundreds of years of validated historical facts prove that you’re wholly incorrect.

    “The incubation period of pneumococcal is short, about 1 to 3 days. Symptoms generally include an abrupt onset of fever and chills or rigors. Typically there is a single rigor, and repeated shaking chills are uncommon.”

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Please – we do not allow misinformation on this page and like to stick with science and facts. Thank you.”


    Time to delete the ENTIRE web site then.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You are a con artist. I bet you’re posting as all these accounts, aren’t you?

    Making fake Disqus profiles and discussing with yourself, waiting for the gullible or desperate to wander by and by your moon rock and coffee enema nonsense.

    That’s be easier to do than trying to maintain 100+ phony Facebook profiles.

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Most shit you come in contact with everyday in general isn’t good for you, right?
    What’s your point?

  • Tai Coleman

    But you won’t speak to how he was unlawfully arrested. Also are you saying that him actually being tried and coming out clean did not put a target on his back. You should stop eating meat because it’s clearly clouding what should be an easy assessment of something gone wrong.

  • Tai Coleman

    It’s funny what people will go through to disprove this man’s credibility. You sir are a schmuck. First and foremost you have no credible knowledge of who we are as a people to even be here making assumptions out of your rectum. My Grandmother is a self taught Holistic teacher and let me tell you this woman and my Grandfather have not had as much as a cold. My Grandfather has never had a stroke, heart attack, or any other illnesses. It’s disrespectful for you to try to come here and down talk close followers of this man.

    See you foolish people make it about race coming here with your lofty opinions and calling people schmucks. It surely did not help me view you someone who represents white culture as ignorant and privileged any better.

  • Silk Clayton

    i’m so sad to hear this news i thought it was a sick joke at first ….i don’t know how i’m going to go on without Dr Sebi i really looked up to him as the greatest doctor in the world, you have made a huge impact and a difference in this world your so loved my heart has sank i’m deeply depressed after hearing this news RIP doctor Sebi i will ever forget you and i will still continue everything you have taught me gone but never forgotten RIP and thank you for sharing what you have discovered with the world love you always xxx from cherona in England London xxx

  • nick quinlan

    You are more than welcome to leave this site and never return. You wont even be missed

  • nick quinlan

    Pure nonsense. Your credibility is nonexistent

  • diggybryant

    You just talking out of your ass. You know darn well James was under doctors care before he passed. You must work for the government commenting here to place doubt because money is more important than the preservation of human life. People should be outraged how these cures aren’t being taken serious when they have so many people and celebrates that CLAIM the CURES work.

  • diggybryant

    Thank you because I read that message blitz put up, and I lost hope in humanity.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    So you must be the dumbest person on Earth?

  • Fake name and no name- I don’t sell anything. So your tired cliche’s don’t work here. Try again. Better yet. Stop trolling the page.

  • I don’t sell anything. My ads make me no to very low minimum wage if that. Sorry try again. No store on my site unlike google says of “Right wired with your same avatar. Probably time to stop trolling now. Come back with your real face and human name and we’ll let you post but know you won’t.

  • Yes !! 1000% correct !! Who ever has his money, has the answers to what has happened !

  • Hint, who owns the heroin fields in Afghanistan. The poppy owners control the heroin, self medicating lyme disease community at cut rate prices, very sad and evil.

  • Wendy Allen

    He may have needed his supplements to be ok and could not get them in jail/hospital. If he ate gluten/GMO it may have hurt him/lowering his immune system. Too bad, Antibiotics may hurt the gut lining/hurt mitochondria/lower the immune system/wipe out the good bacteria in the large intestines.

  • I personally think he had a toxic reaction to the glyphosate in the gmo/gluten foods …many do not know that the 2 toxins causing the most dis-ease and death are GMO’s and Glyphosate (roundup) this poison is sprayed on everything…there will be a time coming soon…when Glyphosate will be coming out of the closet. We may soon see one of the biggest arrest stings in world history. Thousands of Satanic Genocidal Psychopaths are soon to be headed towards the gas chambers…made especially for them…..stay tuned.

  • Godson

    So you think you know some shit b/c you copy & pasted some shit from google. LOL! Anyone can do that.

    The facts are Sebi was a very healthy man. He just so happens to die after being in police custody. You do know his research threatened the pharm and food industries. Clearly you believe we live in a peaceful world. LOL! sad.

    I don’t even know why i’m trying to explain to you.

    You’re clearly some white guy b/c only white people speak on things they know nothing about. Especially things involving blacks. Whites love to get in on anything relating to blacks. Whether it be our culture or w/e. I bet you didn’t even know who Dr. Sebi was until recently. So let me get this str8. You believe the gov’t has never killed anyone? LOL! Keep being naive.

    Some people are just so gullible.

  • Susan Showalter Brown

    Right Wired: couldn’t make sense of your comment at first..”wander by and by your moon rock and coffee enema nonsense.” It’s “bUy” like when you buy something, *not “by.” Spelling is V.E.R.R.R.Y important! Yes, people might be desperate to save their life. Coffee enemas have saved many cancer patients when “modern medicine” failed them. I guess alot of Hollywood stars are ‘gullible’ too…many seek alternative medicine and rave about the health benefits they’ve reaped. Be careful what you say; it could come back later and bite you in the butt! Then you might have to get desperate and do that coffee enema – Ouch!

  • I’m not sure where my comment went. – But you show your ignorance when you say they were not murdered. If you read the nearly 60 stories of the doctors – you will see many were established murders by authorities. Please – instead of insulting people to try to make yourself feel better – read the article 1st before commenting and only making yourself look bad

  • Those were my personal friends who were murdered. It’s in national news that many of them are unsolved established murders. The one before this one was a doctor I knew in California stabbed to death in her upscale neighborhood. No suspects the last time I heard. Same with several last year For him to say nobody killed any doctors is ignorant. Why are you on my page in the first place? If you don’t agree what are you doing here? With all due respect

  • That is a great question. Several in the series of 60 and a year that I wrote about had recent run-ins with the feds and then ended up dead right afterwards – Psalm and strange situations like this – some with bullets in their chest. Good question.

  • Wow. Go look at the profiles. All these people have hundreds of posts. I have over 1 million monthly readers, this article has over 60,000 likes from Facebook – and you think nobody is commenting but me? If you click on most of them you can see their history for years commenting on many other threads. I guess I have a lot of time to moderate 600,000+ people on Facebook, 1,000,000+ monthly readers on my website, television and radio shows I do almost every day, write stories, and make up fake profiles where I must post on hundreds of other articles that these establish readers common onto. You are the troll here. You are actually worse than blitz. I must be wonder woman if I could do all that. And PS – I don’t even sell anything

  • Well, I don’t have an office because that would be a lot to afford when my whole site relies on Google ads – so it’s either post my home address and have freaks like you show up or use a PO Box. Which do you think I’m going to do?

  • Again, after they have read about 60 doctors being found dead in the last year that are holistic and many famous like this one – even if he was the only one that want an actual traditional Doctor of some sort – they are a bit skeptical. And have every right to be. You refuse to seem to address that and I think that is done purposely. With all the research I’ve done and I obviously know about this guy – you know about the holistic doctor death

  • I have no sleep either so we are in the same boat. Let me look tomorrow and reread your question. As you can see I’ve tried to get through the thread tonight but there is one other comment I just can’t read at this hour and it’s nearly morning. Did you wonder who the shells were you ask?i’m using voice to text so I think that just said Shell instead of i’m using voice to text so I think that just said Shell instead of Shill

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    I’m going to write out a time line to help me keep focused. (I have MS and my brain needs a visual to keep track)

    Do you have a link to the dates and maybe the stated reason (by either him or FDA) for visit/report/inspection?

  • S. Irby

    Yeah, right, and you believe that civil asset forfeiture works? It has become a threat to law-abiding citizens, who sometimes cannot get their property back. If proceeds didn’t go to the agency seizing the goods, perhaps you would not have a conflict of interest…but it does.

  • conk

    The Medical Mafia strikes again!

  • conk

    Another sheep snoring while the globalist elites murder anyone contrary to their sick agendas. Yes, you blitz. Sound asleep.

  • conk

    what are you even trying to say? All over the map much?

  • Godson

    It was a reply to someone else. Read their comment first.

  • Dude

    You’re clearly white and ignorant to believe he just mysteriously died in POLICE CUSTODY! Naive fools. So how was this not an attempt on your part to bring race into it?

  • Aurorikin

    But how did he cure those diseases?

  • Sallee Bagno

    With all his knowledge..I’m sure he knew how to prevent an illness.Also I’m getting that they KEPT(stold) his money!!!!WAKE UP PEOPLE & get ur heads outta the sand.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Nice manners.

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Nice comeback.
    Do you really think commenting without researching the bare minimum of the topic would never be called out?

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    I think someone called me a shill or something. This thread is all over the place.

  • Wendy Allen

    They are using Agent orange when Roundup doesn’t work. I got sick from peas. They may have used Roundup at harvest time. Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO may hurt people and cause brain/body issues. He may have been hurt by Prison food or not eating or lack of supplements/herbs or harsh treatment etc. Fear may cause heart attacks etc.

  • ElGatoNegron

    Who is the mysterious editor making comment here? I thought the role of an editor was to moderate, make sure people follow the rules – not debate, nor challenge the views of people who post???

  • ElGatoNegron

    And I think you are confusing genetic engineering with genetic modification (GMO). Hybridization is indeed genetic engineering. Anytime anyone is fusing plant cells at the atomic level to produce a different plant variation or species it is indeed genetic engineering, albeit low tech and in the field.

  • James Peters

    “Dr.” Sebi was a herbalist and claimed he was able to cure all diseases. He stated all disease are caused by mucus. He then promoted alkaline diets and his special blend of herbs/supplements as the cure.

  • James Peters

    Research funding and researchers themselves would shift their focus where it was needed. Some might shift their skills to other diseases entirely, and perhaps fewer doctors and researchers would go into that field of research if a cure were already found. Or maybe none at all. As with any other significant medical advance, the medical infrastructure would adapt. Look at the history of smallpox and you will see this.

  • James Peters

    The company behind harvoni (ledipasvir & sofosbuvir) which cures 95% of most Hep C patients charges $94,500 for it. Their revenues last year were over $16 billion from this and other treatments they sell for the illness. They are also working on other drugs like GS-9857. This based on data so far proved to be 99% effective in treating genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 among patients who had failed a slate of currently available direct-acting antivirals.

  • RelocationQuotes

    Thats the most ridiculous response ever. Cancer is a MULTI Billion dollar business employs MILLIONS of people. People employed are ONLY skilled in Cancer,, spending their entire life collecting money from the public, schooled in ways to radiate and chemo people to death. You think once the cure is found they will just LEARN another field? L O L!

  • Jim

    I miss Dr Sebi already, sorry I did not travel to Honduras.
    Dr. Sebi, “I love you more”

  • Susan Ford Keller

    I didn’t know you were the internet police. Am I going to get arrested now?

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Here you go. Honduras has cooperated with asset forfeiture activities with the U.S. See the U.S. Dept. of State website:
    2012 INCSR: Treaties and Agreements


    2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR)


    March 7, 2012

  • Ky l’Ophelia

    Such drama.
    Just do your homework before commenting.

  • Folks. watch this! Thanks. Health Nut News Team.

  • Hi Ky. Good question. Dr. Sebi wasn’t even in the US so still confused on how the FDA even got involved. I read some of his work, but admittedly didn’t follow his court case (the main one being discussed) where he was found not guilty. I know he was in the airport when arrested and do know that the large amount of cash might have not been allowed at customs and even illegal – but am still curious why he was not released on bail immediately- especially at his age. I’ll let you know as I find out more – as obviously there are many unanswered questions here.

  • The real question is why authorities refused to let his family (who had funds and sources according to the press) let an 83 year old man out on bail and keep Dr Sebi locked up for over a month for allegedly having roughly $30,000 on his person in the airport in Honduras. That’s what is astounding to most of us. Regardless of how pneumonia works; I know a bit about the court system, and pretty outrageous they’d not give the man bail for such a minor offense..

  • and he was locked up for over a MONTH while the corrupt govt (or someone pulling the strings) refused bail even though his large family had the money. Follow the money folks…. RIP Dr Sebi.

  • Yet you still refuse to accept science so coming from you that is rich. You say none of the doctors were killed by anyone above, when many are established murders. YOU:

  • lol Ginger : ) . sorry for the astro turfers. Wish we had an app for that.

  • From what i understand 1988 when he posted ads in the paper (i’ve added to top of article) they took him to court and asked him to bring in AIDS patients he’d “cured” (his ads had read the cure to aids had been found) He brought in over 70. Either way he won the case (or some say charges dropped) either way- question remains for me why he was illegally held over a month by Honduran authorities.

  • ElGatoNegron

    Your page! Then why don’t you get it’s my perogative to use whatever name or avatar I wish. If I wanted to hide you would not have found me. Unless, as your posts seem to suggest, you actually believe no one else is smarter than you. Or worse, liberty and domain are YOUR freedoms only. The more I read your words and inability to engage in reasonable dialogue the more I see you have indeed chosen a very very apropos screen name/label. I wish you wellness. And stability.

  • Please. There are over 50 doctors dead in under a year. close to 60 now two months later- mostly holistic. Many (like Dr Gonzalez) used diets to put his patients into remission from STAGE IV PANCREATIC CANCER. His patients include Suzanne Somers who survived cancer- no CHEMO. Do you think that pharma can make money off diets or natural remedies or HERBS that Dr Sebi used or things like cannabis or GcMAF which aren’t really patented and anyone can produce? Let’s be realistic here. Cut and burn is a MULTI BILLION dollar a year business and a doctor who patients are cured (i prefer the term remission) of late state cancers for life for a fraction of the cost is NOT going to fly and threatens the pharmaceutical companies. Watch this video and learn please.

  • I did above. It’s preposterous. Like the doctors using herbs, cannabis, GcMAF or simple diet changes are going to fly with big pharmaceuticals. No they want their multi billions with chemo costing 20k/30k a month (and often people then need it again when they relapse – so sad) read what i said above in regard to Dr Sebi and the other doctors we KNEW putting patients into remission which makes the whole statement of theirs pretty much null and void IMHO.

  • list of the holistic doctors who died in the series i wrote is at the bottom of the article. sorry i am on phone and can’t copy paste it here. but it’s above.

  • THAT is what gets me the most 🙁

  • Roscoe

    You’re too kind, that’s a special kind of idiocy.

  • Roscoe

    This tea is starting to taste real good!! Lol

  • Dat nigga

    nigga juice

  • Susan Ford Keller

    How about you learn to get along with others and accept correction when someone corrects you?

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Honduras participates with US agencies in asset forfeiture operations.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Just an FYI, you can now block undesirable commenters on Disqus, just like on Facebook.

  • For those who think he died ‘naturally’ after being imprisoned in a Honduran prison for months – let’s have a little respect for this man who helped so many. Hopefully a full investigation will be done.

  • John Staples

    Sheep to the ”CORE” ….!

  • John Staples

    Well stated Tony.

  • John Staples

    You know, stupid is a choice too! He was murdered 100%
    Wake up and see it for what the HELL IT REALLY IS!

  • RelocationQuotes

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  • JR Hannafin

    I remember the Dr Sebi case in New York… He claimed he could cure aids. He was charged in the New York City Municipal court (Which calls itself the Supreme Court of New York) with practicing medicine without a license. His defense was, he wasn’t practicing medicine, only offering diet advice. The court found he was not practicing medicine, and he was acquitted. He could no longer advertise he could cure aids, so he left New York in disgrace, and ever since he’s been claiming that the Supreme Court ruled he could cure aids.

  • JR Hannafin

    heh… He got a lot of mileage out of those two words “supreme Court” In New York, the Supreme Court is the traffic ticket court. What would be the Supreme Court in any other State is called the Court of Appeals… so basically, his trial was a big hearing on his ticket for Practicing Without a License… after that, he said “The Supreme Court has ruled that I can cure AIDS!” to anyone who would listen…

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    I am so sorry to hear this!! I learned about his product “Cell Food” over a decade ago when I worked in a Health Food Store. Great, great products he has.

  • Debra O’Bryant Haworth

    Exactly Tony, AMEN!

  • Real Talk

    its a cover up

  • SMH

    No autopsy?????? Smell something funny

  • Dr Sebi :/

    Why did he not advise his fans he was incarcerated for 2 months?

  • Live and direct

    I think he faked his death hahahahahaha

  • just alady

    I believe he would still be alive and kicking if he was allowed to eat his regular clean diet. you can not all of a sudden feed your body unclean garbage food and pharmaceuticals, And expect it to be healthy. They killed him. And that was their intention. They tried to kill the knowledge that he was spreading. But they have Just made the follower spread the information that much stronger. Same with Martin Luther King… and any other trail blazer that spreads information that cost the rich to loose their profits because people stop buying the poison they are selling. That person has just put a bulls eye on their back.. It is sad. But that is what the world has become. The same reason they try to prevent seed sharing. because they know after 6-10 generation of that seed is correct itself of the genetic alterations that has been do. It is like God said I am going to let you think you have accomplished changing my work… SIKE!!! lol… Buy organic people. And grow as much of your own food as possible. you can have a small back yard garden… or a indoor garden with grow lights.. be in charge of your own health. I will miss watching Dr Sebi videos. But every man will rep what they so. And I would hate to be in the top 1% when they stand before God… Talk about a hot seat…

  • just alady

    say it one more time !!!!

  • Mara Blackwolf

    This is an emotional subject, I respect that. However, you’re all intelligent people and you must know that you can’t change anyone’s mind by getting angry and name-calling or insulting. I’m really, really trying to improve my own interactions, and I’d love to see how much we can learn by really talking to and listening to each other.

    A healthy dose of skepticism can be a great thing. I respect it because it keeps me, at the very least, honest. It makes me think because if I have to think out a well-reasoned response I have to consider valid arguments.

    I detoxed from the everyday American diet and it was awful, I was so sick. Now if I eat the wrong things my body punishes me. I’m 38, and I imagine a man who was that focused on his health would have been even more strict. Having to eat low-quality food at that age for a full month would be very likely to make him sick, and could logically contribute to his death.

    Explaining your thought process may take more words, but you can’t teach or learn if you don’t really talk, and insulting will immediately make the person you’re posting to go on defense, it will only make them less likely to listen. Both sides have valid points, critical thought is a good thing. You’re good people, don’t let a keyboard make you something you’re not.

  • dkisdjnsdjn

    play first video bitch
    they killed him

  • frferfrfrfwsrf

    r.i.p sebi

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  • Louis Byron

    Too strong? Please! This guy was a self-appointed guru, a modern day snake oil salesman. So typical…”the White folks be doctors….why can’t WE beez doctors too…we will just make up the title and add it to our name” lol.

  • Louis Byron

    Which Devils are you referring to? The 6.5% of our population (Black males) that commits over 54% of all murders in this country? Or the 6.5% of the population (Black females) that has 73% of their children born out-of-wedlock? Or the myriad ruined cities across this nation like Detroit and Camden and Baltimore and Birmingham etc. The way I see it, Black folks have far surpassed through their own efforts any damage caused to the Black community by White racism.

  • BlackisyourOrigin

    I believe he was murdered. I also believe a person who actually grows the natural plants to the Earth are more of a doctor than “practicing doctors”. They only know how to prescribe you pills. Not what’s in them or the plant it comes from. You sound whitewashed to think all these white people are actually real healers. lol You are trying to live up to white society. Yes Sebi’s immune system was strong if he was still having kids into his 80’s. Clearly. Sounds like my post hit a nerve for you to reply 5 months later.

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