Jack Wolfson Interview – Do No Harm

Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist who questions the safety of vaccines, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. See video above. Sadly, for speaking the truth on this issue, other doctors complained and a formal investigation is being done, as a handful of doctors would like to see his license taken away. One even went so far as to say he broke the Hippocratic Oath (“Do no harm”). But I wonder if the physician Hippocrates (for whom the oath is named) would agree that vaccinating children starting the day they are born is “doing no harm”.

In fact, during the 60’s they changed part of the oath to the following: “the utmost respect for human life from its beginning”. I’m not sure vaccinating a baby the day they are born is a good idea. Even hard core pro vaxers question first day vaccinations. Hepatitis B vaccine is on the current schedule for all newborns, and is a vaccine to prevent a disease which is transmitted by unprotected sex and needles for drug use. Many pro vaxers forego this vaccine for their newborn, and question if we haven’t gone too far with this schedule that contains about 60 vaccinations, and has increased significantly since Dr. Wolfson and I were kids (we’re both 44 years of age). 

Aside from being a physician, Dr. Wolfson is a husband to a wonderful wife Heather (also a doctor), and two young healthy sons who they have chosen not to vaccinate. Lately the media seems to have had a fixation on the measles epidemic (which is strange because we had far more measles cases in subsequent years), and the media likes to say every day lately that  before now it measles was  “eradicated” (even PBS has said as much, when it really was never completely eradicated). In one generation we’ve gone from “I had the measles and it was no big deal” (with 3 to 4 MILLION cases in the US a year, and 400 or so deaths) to “get your germ bag unvaccinated kids away from me before they give me the measles which is very deadly (seriously!?!)

Actually you’re more likely (statistically) to die in a car accident tomorrow than die of measles (even before the MMR vaccine or measles vax existed)  Yet we risk letting our kids drive every day, even though they could harm themselves or others (but not because we want to avoid injecting them with known toxins, but because taking the school bus might not be convenient or fun). Our priorities are very interesting to me. No one has a problem with teens behind the wheel of a fast automobile but if you’re not vaccinated for a disease even the CDC describes as a rash for most that they will recover from in about 8 days? People go crazy (granted the media hoopla isn’t helping) 

Look, whether you’re into the full vaccine schedule, or do your own schedule with your doctor or don’t vaccinate at all — I hope you’ll always continue to ask questions and respect other people’s choices. I know many are saying it should be mandated and not a choice because their child could catch measles from some child without the vaccine and die. But the sad reality is that the last 12 years no children have died who caught measles in the US (they all recovered just fine), yet 100 or more have died of the measles vaccine Just remember to question everything and read the inserts (you do know monkey kidneys, bovine extract and heavy metals are still in the vaccines right?), know your rights and educate yourself.  This coming from a girl (yours truly)  who was hospitalized at 4 months in a straight jacket, getting a spinal tap after her DPT (now DTAP) shot, with seizures vomiting, and 104 fever. Some say I barely  made it through that, but I’m glad I’m here, as a vaccine injury survivor to write you this story. I’m not here to change any minds, just open a few.      


Me before/after (and I'm still same as the after pic!)Erin  is an animal lover, rescuer, writer  and long time green eco health nut. She’s survived  Lyme, being aborted (legally)  a severe vaccine injury, 22 hurricanes, a tornado that took their house and pets and a six hour surgery that might have saved her life. She’s worked in the natural health world and done volunteer work in the same arena for nearly 25 years. You can follow her here on Facebook.

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