Finally, the Truth is exposed about fermented cod liver oil by Weston A Price’s very own Vice President; Dr. Daniel.  She took great risk to bring you this 111 page detailed report she wrote. I gain nothing by telling you, except sharing the truth. People keep asking what’s the problem with FCLO. It has to do with the fermentation process amongst other factors, but is difficult to explain in detail in a few pages, so read the 111 page report as it just cost you your email and you can always unsubscribe. (links in article)

I’ve had many friends who worked for Weston A Price but most have left them by now. I even sang at one of their events (an anti GMO song and another little parody called “Bacterial world”) with my sweet friend Caroline Barringer who owns a fermented veggie company.  I’m guessing that after Dr. Daniel’s  (the vice president of WAPF) 111 page report goes viral, that she might not be either.

Some asked why I only link the PDF and don’t just post 111 pages or the PDF. But Dr. Daniel spent a hell of a lot of time writing it, and if all she wants is your email (you can always unsubscribe) I think that’s more than fair. Again, I gain nothing except i want to get the truth out there.

For the record: Dr. Weston A. Price (the man) never even recommended fermented cod liver oil in his life according to Weston Price Foundation’s very own Vice President Dr. Kaayla Daniel (PhD)

The truth about Fermented Cod Liver Oil

>>> Here is the link to her  damning report <<<<<(basically a book!) about fermented cod liver oil which I’ve always refused to take and told others- if I were them? I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Weston Price Foundation will probably be steaming mad in the next few hours. They say it’s the fermentation process that is the problem (think rancid)

This is breaking news even though we’ve known about for some time, but needed to wait until the well respected Kaayla Daniel (PhD) who is a writer (not to mention the WAPF VP) could finish her in depth report.

We are proud of Dr. Daniel and honored to share this information with the public.

Yes it is true that as of now, WAPF strongly recommend FCLO to their thousands of followers. 

What is interesting is that former WAPF workers are saying that Sally Fallon (the actual president of WAPF)  is in quite a pickle right about now.  I also had never seen Sally Fallon’s reply to Dr. Mercola’s article on about cod liver oil (even the regular kind) back in 2009.  I was a little surprised how harsh her reply to “Mercola”  sounded  sounded and others (even former WAPF workers) agreed with me whole heartedly. But again that is 2009 and we’re talking about present time with the new report from Sally Fallon’s own VP! 

I wonder  if Weston Price would be rolling over in his grave at this news at all of this and probably wouldn’t like the fact an organization boasting his name is recommending practices he never supported!  Some doctors (and I don’t mean PhD’s – I mean doctors) are telling me the fermentation process is no good.

Definitely read Dr. Daniel’s report and see for yourself!

I’ve told people my feelings about fermented cod liver oil in the past when folks write me asking if they should consume it. I always explain what *I* would do and that if *I* were them I wouldn’t ingest the stuff.. and I don’t care what brand.

Even though my better half (a well known doctor) get the stuff for free in the past- I’d never take it and it usually went bad (if it wasn’t already) in the fridge.

We feel for Dr. Daniel for the risk she has taken writing what is basically a book on the controversial subject.

I might do an interview with Dr. Daniel. I’ll ask her if she’ll do one for those want the condensed version. She’s a smart PhD and knows her stuff.


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