It is with heavy heart that in one day I must announce the deaths of two well loved holistic doctors. The first was a “well known MD” according to local news,  in the Austin, TX area, (mysterious doesn’t even begin to describe his disappearance and subsequent death).

The second was a well loved doctor who lived and practiced in Southern California.  His name was Dr. Jyrki Suutari. Dr. Suutari obviously had many friends who were quite shocked and saddened by his sudden very unexpected death. He was outspoken on the treatment of holistic doctors (namely chiropractors) in his writings, some of which can bee seen here on his personal Facebook page.

He allegedly killed himself in a garage on Mother’s day. In light of many dozens of holistic doctors being found dead in a few short months (sometimes more than one in a day in locations close to one another), we felt obligated to report on any deaths that are mysterious.

A friend has set up a fundraiser here to help with the costs of his death – as he had a loving partner and young child.

His posts seemed mostly upbeat and again, some outspoken. His love for motorcycles and  his family were very evident from his profile and photos.

Rest in peace Dr Suutari.

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Again, my heart truly goes out to his family, young child and loved ones.