Breaking: Outspoken Holistic Doctor Allegedly Commits Suicide on Mother’s Day


It is with heavy heart that in one day I must announce the deaths of two well loved holistic doctors. The first was a “well known MD” according to local news,  in the Austin, TX area, (mysterious doesn’t even begin to describe his disappearance and subsequent death).

The second was a well loved doctor who lived and practiced in Southern California.  His name was Dr. Jyrki Suutari. Dr. Suutari obviously had many friends who were quite shocked and saddened by his sudden very unexpected death. He was outspoken on the treatment of holistic doctors (namely chiropractors) in his writings, some of which can bee seen here on his personal Facebook page.

He allegedly killed himself in a garage on Mother’s day. In light of many dozens of holistic doctors being found dead in a few short months (sometimes more than one in a day in locations close to one another), we felt obligated to report on any deaths that are mysterious.

A friend has set up a fundraiser here to help with the costs of his death – as he had a loving partner and young child.

His posts seemed mostly upbeat and again, some outspoken. His love for motorcycles and  his family were very evident from his profile and photos.

Rest in peace Dr Suutari.

Read about all the holistic doctor deaths here.

Again, my heart truly goes out to his family, young child and loved ones.


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Joel W

    This is really friggin weird. I was telling a co-worker about your “Unintended” series literally 3 hours ago, and now I find this. This is getting ridiculous. And if i may say, there is no way all of thes is just coincidence.

  • jeffryv

    It has been reliably estimated that on average the United States loses as many as 700 physicians to suicide each year – About 2 a day

  • Very sad! And most of these doctors do not show any signs of depression (usually when someone kills himself, there are signs to them). I wish and hope their families will get through their most difficult times.

    You do good to report on the mysterious death of our life-saving holistic doctors, Erin! If anyone knows more than what is being reported, I hope they have the courage to step out to shed some light on them so may be similar events to these could somehow be prevented.

  • infadel13

    pretty obvious, big pharma MUST eliminate all opposition to TRUE medicine, not a bottle of mind altering prescribed pills they make a fortune off of

  • Susan Showalter Brown

    jeffryv–do you have sources you can provide on that??

  • joe

    They’re all getting Breitbart’ed and Scalia’d….

  • jeffryv

    Hi Susan – I keep trying to post links for you, but they keep being deleted

  • daniel

    You can’t kill us all when we all decide to live hollistic lives.. I’ll turn avatar in this bitch..

  • Sandi Hornsby White

    Duped by DuPont and Rockefeller and sold down the river to toxic synthetic chemical medicine with a focus of managing symptoms by suppression of the immune system. Why? Because DuPont wanted the market on synthetic fibers and Rockefeller wanted the corner of the market on pharmaceutical drugs. This became the new medicine. Rockefeller worked to toss out “natural science”, including thousands of years using herbs as medicine, and tossed out Health, Nutrition, and the long term use of organic whole food diets and supplements to build health and reverse disease. This number on study Alkalinity VS Acidity was also tossed, consequently toxicity or toxic overload is not understood or weighs in as the cause of death.

  • suegirl108

    Then don’t post the link, spell out the name of the search where you found them jeffryv

  • SoSueMe

    This is very sad news. From his FB profile, he obviously loved motorcycling. Maybe you’ve heard the saying: You Never See a Motorcycle Parked Outside a Psychiatrist’s Office.
    He was also a father to a young child, had a loving spouse. Given all he had to be grateful for, it’s hard to believe he would commit suicide. Was there a note? Very sad. My condolences to his family & friends.

  • Emo Ralles

    I doubt holistic Dr’s were included in that trend. There’s true evidence of conventional Dr.s committing suicide probably because they know the damage they’ve done to the innocence like so many war vets who are haunted bother time at war and what they did that they can’t seem to escape.

  • Jeff I never delete (well, hardly ever) DISQUS requires me to moderate comments first with links and there are thousands of emails and comments per week. Can you post without the www . or with a space in the url then it should work as i cannot find your comment to approve (too many right now with links to sort through : ) EE

  • ah sue beat me to it! yes it’s DISQUS moderation : ) XO E

  • I just now read your initial post. As far as chiropractors- perhaps their # could be as high as MD’s, but I’d love to see that statistic list for holistic MDs. I probably know 300 in the US. (well I did last year- many were our friends now found dead. 2 just a bicycle ride away from us.

  • Acherugo Rachel Ezeala

    What # is this? I’ve lost count! This is horrific! !!!!

  • dlandrews

    My Nurse Practitioner stated that he feared that I had Lupus and wanted me to see a Rheumatologist. I replied, “And what will they do for me? They will prescribe Methotrexate which will destroy my immune system and I will die from either cancer, infection, or both. No thank you!” The entire time his face became blood red and he could not even look me in the eyes as well as having no verbal response either. I am a Registered Nurse of 35 years and have watched helplessly as patient after patient has died from these chronic diseases. At present I am taking steps to educate myself in holistic treatment modalities and if I meet my demise doing that , then at least I will die for a good cause while trying to make the world a better place.