It saddens me to report this news of a doctor we knew. I gently broke the news on the other holistic doctors who died, including his own colleagues, some within days and weeks of his death. There are 11 in total in under 90 days. Here is a recap on up to 8. You can search the site for more.

11th Holistic Doctor’s Death as Suicide

A writer from the NY Times wrote me asking if I had more information on Mitch Gaynor (who we knew) and it went to spam (go figure). I saw it anyway and responded to the writer with what little I know.

He wrote back with a thank you.

Then, hours later, I see a story by this writer in the New York Times about the late great 59 year old (so NY Times says) Dr. Mitchell Gaynor. I’m confused how he’s only 59 as he’s been practicing (according to his site) for over 30 years.

But I’m baffled about a few other things as well. For instance, I’m confused that they called it suicide so quickly. From the NY Times article:

Mitchell L. Gaynor, a Manhattan oncologist and popular author who encouraged cancer patients to supplement conventional medicine with soothing music, diet and meditation — and practiced what he prescribed — was found dead on Tuesday at his country home in Hillsdale, N.Y. He was 59.

The cause was suicide, said Kevin Skype, senior investigator for the Columbia County sheriff. Further details were not available.

I’m confused because his close friend and patient (also a doctor) told me that they were told he had walked away from a car accident, but then days later he was found in the woods at his country home in Upstate New York.

I’m also confused because posts on his personal Facebook page (which you might only be able to see if you are friends with him or have mutual friends) had colleagues saying that they were so sorry he missed the conference he was supposed to attend last weekend because allegedly he said he had the intestinal flu.

So, let’s say the information we were given was true. Let’s say he survived a car accident (we don’t know the details yet) and walked away from it, then he gets the intestinal flu (apparently survives that too) and then kills himself (allegedly in the woods at his country home, according to a patient and friend)?

I have stated in every single story that I broke about the doctors who have died (most of whom we knew) that I have no idea whether they are connected. I’ve stated in the case of 2 doctors (who were found in the woods- one in a river) that I don’t know if they committed suicide or not. I did interview the Bradstreet family exclusively (it’s 3 months ago today that he died) and they have serious doubts that he committed suicide, as do many of his friends and family. There was no suicide note (in the case of Dr. Bradstreet); he’d just gone to the store and bought hummus and wine and then stopped along the side of a road (where his car was found). It was just below the bluff where they found him shot dead in a river. Ok, anything is possible. I’m just stating the facts.

So now, 11 doctors later, we’re told this death is suicide (I just want to know how these local police rule on these deaths so quickly?). Heck, at least Dr. Bradstreet’s is still an open investigation. I certainly hope they intend to do more investigating with Dr. Mitch Gaynor, too. He deserves that much, doesn’t he?

I’m curious if there was a suicide note (not speculating, I genuinely want to know).

I admit I told a few friends I suspected this would be the official story given (whether true or not, I do not know!) because of the tone of his office staff when we spoke yesterday, but I didn’t expect them to make the call so quickly.

Rest in peace Dr. Gaynor. If you and the two other doctors who were all found dead in similar circumstances, in a matter of weeks, (ALL doctors who fought cancer, all similar ages, all well known and loved) just all took your own lives, then I am terribly sorry.

But I think these 3 doctors (and the other 8 or technically 9,  I’m losing count) all deserve some additional investigating. We still do not have a cause of death for several, nor do we know who killed at least the few who were ruled as murders.

We have Dr. Gaynor’s colleague, Dr. Gonzalez (who they thought died of a heart attack) whose site now says autopsy reports don’t support that initial belief. They also say he was totally healthy (well, up until he suddenly died!) and he said no less than FIVE times in his final interview that he had heard big pharma wanted him hit by a bus (he said it in past interviews as well).

My heart goes out to friends, family and the patients who have no where to turn (when I spoke to the clinic they said they had no other doctor to recommend).

This is Erin Elizabeth, reporting from the East Coast of Florida, Sept 19, 2015 (3 months to the day that our first holistic, beloved Dr. Bradstreet, was found dead in the river).


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