perdue-applegteI’m always encouraging my relatives and friends who eat meat to please go organic and cut down on meat consumption as even my partner Dr. Mercola has said eating excessive meat can cause cancer (which isn’t much if you watch the video – yep I know hard to digest at first)  BUT now I find out the Applegate “naturals” (Humanely raised it says right there on the box) is Perdue? Why would they even associate with Perdue who has know cases of abuse.

Oh and not just that- it’s recalled! 15,000 whole pounds of it! 

Plastic Chicken Nuggets

from the article:

A major U.S. chicken processing company has issued a product recall. Perdue Farms is recalling more than 15,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets due to potential contaminates.

The company says boxes of its “Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets” may contain pieces of plastic.

The product carries a “sell by date” of February 5, 2015, and bears the establishment number “P2617” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

Shame on you Applegate Farms.  When some of my family stopped buying the factory farmed meat at their local grocery they went to the health food store and made the switch (many to Applegate!)   You give a horrid name for “humane meat” and how could you use Perdue?  Shameful.

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