Two Missouri men, Curtis Wayne Right and Jimmy Rodgers, are being charged in the death of Teresa Sievers, MD. Both are from the town where Mark Sievers (husband) is from. Jimmy Rodgers allegedly bragged to his pregnant girlfriend that he killed Dr. Sievers with a hammer (video coming from family interview). Curtis Wayne Right has many pictures of his family smiling on his Facebook page (listed below) and we’re not sure what his alleged involvement is, but he has been arrested for second degree murder.

Death of holistic MD

It’s brought me no joy to break each of these stories especially since I’m here in Florida and my other half (a well known osteopath) and I have so many friends in common with Dr. Sievers (we also knew several of the other holistic doctors found dead, many of them here in Florida).

Today news is breaking that Jimmy Rodgers aka “Hammer” and Curtis Wayne Right will be charged in the death of holistic Florida MD Teresa Sievers. Networks are posting photos of Wayne Right (above) as Curtis Wayne Right who is listed as Mark Sievers’ “brother” on their Facebook accounts. Both are from Missouri near where Mark Sievers (Dr. Sievers’ husband) is from.

Even though numerous affiliates are listing Wayne Right’s picture as Curtis Wayne Right we cannot verify 100% that it is him, besides through the networks. We would still like to do our own verification as well.

If you look at Jimmy (“Hammer”) Rodgers’ Facebook page , you’ll see jokes about women asking, “What the “F”” that is, he apparently has a hammer meme as a photo (and some other strange things on his page). He also refers to himself as “Hammer” and Dr. Sievers (according to CBS national news) was killed with a hammer.

We were told by a local source that Mark Sievers has been staying with Dr. Sievers’ former partner Lenka Spiska for some time, not at the home where his wife was brutally murdered, but again we cannot confirm that.

Lenka Spiska had started a Go Fund Me page, the day after Teresa Sievers died, to raise money for Mark Sievers and the kids—to the tune of one million dollars. But there was confusion as to whether the money would go to charity or to the family. News outlets reported that after people had given to the Go Fund Me thinking it was going to charity, it was decided that the money would go directly to Mark Sievers and the kids. Eventually, refunds were offered for those who wanted it.

More coming soon but we don’t want to speculate too much.  I’ve talked to various sources around Lee County and no one seems to be able to find Mark Sievers. That much is certain.

Sheriff Scott (of Lee County) calls the case “fascinating” and said today it was one of the most involved cases with the most intricacies they’d seen in their entire careers. He’s stated numerous times that movies and books will be written about this case.

ABC WINK explains how Sheriff Scott called the case a “big deal” at one of the press reports today.

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Erin Elizabeth in Florida, August 27th, 2015


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