Vaccines Cause CancerIf you haven’t read about the vaccine debate then you’ve probably been living under a rock the last month.

I wanted to write about this story this weekend but am just getting the chance. You might have heard of Maggie Jacks the young girl with Leukemia. Her father (a doctor himself) wrote a letter to the parents of the unvaccinated saying that they are risking his child who has Leukemia. and she could contract the measles (I’d be more worried about flu and other illnesses personally)  as she cannot be vaccinated (immune compromised kids should not get vaccinated most doctors say because vaccines can cause side effects in them or worse.)

But a famous Cardiologist (MD) has a different outloook than the girl’s father.

“Keep Her Home & Vaccines Cause Cancer”

As he says in the CNN article about protecting kids from measles. He feels they cannot expect unvaccinated to stay inside and that if their child is so sick – stop taking her out and keep her at home!  Read what he says below:

Dr. Jack Wolfson said it’s the Jacks family who should keep themselves at home, not him.

Wolfson, an Arizona cardiologist, refuses to vaccinate his two young sons. He said the family that didn’t vaccinate and endangered the Jacks children did nothing wrong.

“It’s not my responsibility to inject my child with chemicals in order for [a child like Maggie] to be supposedly healthy,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s very likely that her leukemia is from vaccinations in the first place.”

“I’m not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure,” he added. “It’s not my responsibility to be protecting their child.”

CNN asked Wolfson if he could live with himself if his unvaccinated child got another child gravely ill.

“I could live with myself easily,” he said. “It’s an unfortunate thing that people die, but people die. I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another child.”

He blamed the Jacks family for taking Maggie to the clinic for care.

“If a child is so vulnerable like that, they shouldn’t be going out into society,” he said.”

There are other doctors who agree with Wilson. The tide seems to be turning that more and more doctors AND parents actually believe that vaccines can cause cancer.  In fact there are 60 studies that say vaccines can and do cause cancer. 

I see parents who are “pro vaxers” write they’d rather have an autistic child than one who dies of measles (the chance is 1 in 1000 of dying of measles according to the CDC) but I wonder if they’d rather their child have Leukemia than have Measles and risk the .1% chance?

Food for thought and feel free to comment with YOUR thoughts or opinion if you please!

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