I was SO honored when Gary Johnson’s huge page shared my article the other day about medical marijuana. I genuinely thanked him and thought he’s not a bad guy, but now this just happened.

Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is newly in favor of mandatory vaccination, or so he says,  after learning more about the “science” of vaccinations.

It won’t let me embed, but now, WATCH HERE now he tries to backpedal on what he said just said a day before live on air (in video above)!

In 2011, Johnson tweeted “No to mandatory vaccines,”  but asked in an interview with Vermont Public Radio Wednesday about his position, Johnson said he now believes that vaccinations should be mandatory!

His opponent who lost out to him Dr Marc Feldman (MD), was AGAINST mandatory vaccines. But he was conveniently found dead in a motel room a few months back (along with 60+ other doctors this year- most of whom were holistic) 
You can see in the video above that he states:

“You know, since I’ve said that … I’ve come to find out that without mandatory vaccines, the vaccines that would in fact be issued would not be effective,” he said. “So … it’s dependent that you have mandatory vaccines so that every child is immune. Otherwise, not all children will be immune even though they receive a vaccine.”

Johnson also stated:

“In my opinion, this is a local issue. If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science and I would probably require that vaccine,” he said.

“It’s an evolution actually just in the last few months, just in the last month or so,” he said. “I was under the belief that … ‘Why require a vaccine? If I don’t want my child to have a vaccine and you want yours to, let yours have the vaccine and they’ll be immune.’ Well, it turns out that that’s not the case, and it may sound terribly uninformed on my part, but I didn’t realize that.”

Johnson was referring to the idea known  “herd immunity,” (discussed in the second video above)

Hillary Clinton  has spoken in support of mandating vaccination.

Not all presidential candidates support mandatory vaccination. Green Party nominee Jill Stein has reportedly said there are “questions that need to be addressed” about the health effects of vaccines. Republican nominee Donald Trump has made the  claim on Twitter (that some scientists and doctors support)that vaccines have in many cases caused autism.

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. Make sure to see that Johnson now is trying to say, despite what he said ON TAPE on air on public radio, he’s still against them. Say what?

Xo Erin