Breaking: Holistic Doctor Kills Family, Then Turns Gun on Himself (No Witnesses)

Dr. Justin Bohn Death

Holistic Doctor Kills Family, Then Turns Gun on Himself (Wife, also a holistic doctor is only survivor)

A 36-year-old holistic chiropractor, Dr. Justin Bohn, was found dead from a gunshot wound alongside his young son and daughter, who had also been shot. (We previously posted ages from local news source, but they say those ages might not be accurate- they were young.) His wife, Dr. Amanda Bohn, also reported to be a chiropractor, was not at their Wisconsin Rapids home at the time, and currently we aren’t sure where she was during the shooting.

 During happier times.
Bohn (pictured with his children) sent his brother an email saying goodbye to his family shortly before he and his children were found dead

Bohn allegedly sent his brother a “goodbye” email to his family shortly before he and his children were found dead, but there are no witnesses to him sending the email. While his motive is currently unknown, the Facebook post right before his death seemed to insinuate something. But, again at the time of publishing, no one can conform if he made the post.

The father's motive is not known, but Bohn had recently posted an article on Facebook called 'Emotional Abandonment: Shut out by your spouse'

Cops are treating the three deaths as a murder-suicide. Autopsies are due to take place in the coming days. Pictured, Bohn and his family

Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Zach Vruwink, who knew Dr. Bohn said: “They were such a beautiful family and children. That’s what touches me the most – that it’s taken the lives of children.”

Jennie Schott, a former co worker, stated:  “Justin Bohn was not only a coworker but family to each and every one of us.” She also said that he was a great man and one who was always willing to help. What a tragedy, he will be missed by many in his community it seems.

Our heart goes out to Dr. Bohn as she mourns the death of her husband and children.

We’ve lost 30 some doctors, mostly holistic, in mysterious deaths in less than a year. You can read their timeline here. Our heart goes out to all their surviving families and loved ones.

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You can donate to the GoFundMe Account here where they go into more detail.

Source: Daily Mail

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  • Joy Garner

    Everyone had better watch out. They will stop at nothing to keep their extermination plans covert for as long as possible.

  • Chris Sky

    that’s like holisitic doctor number 15 shot and killed.

    im sure they all “killed them self” though.

  • Cara Jean

    Hi, Erin…

    I love your page and posts, and read them all. I have learned a lot from your posts. I have also been following the Holistic Doctor crisis since the beginning. It breaks my heart and angers me more with each new victim.

    I just have a curiosity question. In your article it says that both he and his wife were/are Holistic Doctors. When you go to the gofund me page, it says he worked at Best Buy on the Geek Squad. Did he do both? A friend and I were talking about it, and we are a little confused.

    Thanks much, Erin. Keep doing what you are doing. You are helping more people than you know.

  • Shari Peterson

    Well it’s a good thing he probably had auto fill to log into his account and post…of course we don’t really know if it was him or the murderer.

  • Michael O Malloy

    brother chks e-mail at 3AM?? fish smell

  • good point. I’m getting hate mail by people who are demanding i take this story AND the go fund me link down. This is a first in ALL the deaths of 30 something doctors.

  • Lynn

    My heart ached. Sending love and faith. There is always a reason and a purpose on everything that’s happening. We cannot let the dark forces win by lowering our frequency thru this heartaches. Don’t power up their batteries.Send love

  • Lynn

    Be careful of your thoughts. Your thoughts can create reality. Ask for Angelic protection if you feel helpless. They will not interfere if not being called upon. Why? Because of the Free Will Law on this planet. So, we have the Free Will power also. All energies obeys this law, whether if they are dark forces energy or Light Forces energy. And our system, and the govt. is run and controlled by the dark forces. They are in human bodies but they are lineage of the dark. Not all of them though.Some are shapeshifter reptilians. Like the queen, The Bushs,Rothchilds for example.

  • MaryRC

    I am in a rage! Why isn’t the FBI investigating these deaths? We need someone to do something about this!

  • MaryRC

    I’m so sorry! Be safe!

  • MaryRC

    I went to the FBI Facebook page and asked them if they were going to investigate all of these murders.

  • we have had doctors write them certified letters. ZERO replies 🙁

  • Jock Doubleday

    The Rothschilds continue to hire minions to murder naturopaths and researchers who have found cancer agents in vaccines. How long will the world put up with these psychopathic bankers who live in mansions and rule the politicians from afar with blackmail, death-threats, and money printed out of thin air?

  • Jock Doubleday

    I hope everyone blogs their success or failure with getting law enforcement to stop eating donuts and do something.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Please note: Facebook does not believe that “naturopath” is a word.

  • Jock Doubleday

    (Please note: Facebook does not believe that “naturopath” is a word.)

  • dawn

    And the Facebook post was at 2:30 a.m and wife was not at home but they don’t know where she was? At that hour?

  • Capt Ron

    – Thoughts create reality?
    – Angelic protection?
    – Energies?
    – Dark forces?

    How is that posts of pure fantasy, paranoia and delusion are allowed to be posted here while my posts of with reason & logic strongly supported by solid scientific & medical evidence and valid statistical analysis are routinely moderated out?

  • Balishag

    He and his wife were said to be in counseling for a struggling relationship and was known to be distraught during this. This particular article and it’s speculation to be associated with a separate issue is bad “reporting”.

  • woodnymph!

    Hey i check my stuff in the middle of the night all the time! Whenone awakes at that time & cant get back to sleep what else is there to do? Not odd.

  • We only state the fact.. Not sure what you mean about speculating. Read the headline