Breaking: Fukushima Reactor #2 Pressure Vessel Breached, Rising to “Unimaginable” Levels of R-adiation.

March 14, 2011 explosion at Fukushima #2 power plant from Channel4 news

THIS IS BREAKING NEWS- On February 4, 2017, Japan Times reported (as did Yahoo News, CNET, FORBES magazine and all other sources below. This is not old news) that radiation levels at Fukushima are now at their highest since the 2011 meltdown. This is why I went solar, on a shoestring budget, in 2005 with the glorified golf cart that I bought. And, not only that but now our 2 bedroom house and car are 100% solar operated. You can go 100% solar, affordably; remember TESLA has announced solar roofs coming out this year will cost less than regular roofs! (After 123,000 FB views and 17k FB likes, I am adding a link of what kind of iodine I take as recommended by my MD, so many people have asked since Fukushima.)

Back to the story.

From the mainstream media (all links below):

“Radiation levels inside a damaged reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station are at their highest since the plant suffered a triple meltdown almost six years ago.

The facility’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), said atmospheric readings as high as 530 sieverts an hour had been recorded inside the containment vessel of reactor No 2,…

The recent reading, described by some experts as “unimaginable”, is far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour in that part of the reactor.

A single dose of one sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness and nausea; 5 sieverts would kill half those exposed to it within a month, and a single dose of 10 sieverts would prove fatal within weeks.

Tepco also said image analysis had revealed a hole in metal grating beneath the same reactor’s pressure vessel. The one-metre-wide hole was probably created by nuclear fuel that melted and then penetrated the vessel after the tsunami knocked out Fukushima Daiichi’s back-up cooling system.”

Official reports don’t say the core has escaped the containment vessel and are claiming that no radiation has escaped the reactor, but later in the article admit that they don’t really know where the core is. If it is true that radiation levels are rising, that is probably not a good thing.


The Daily Kos is stating that because of the new administration this will be back page news. We agree it’s not headline news at all, but not sure if it matters who is in command. The US government (and even world wide governments) seem to want to stick our heads in the sand until this is too late for us to do anything about it (and perhaps, it already is).

We will keep you updated.

Source: Daily Kos, FOX, Japan Times, YAHOO NEWS (NO LESS)FORBES MAGAZINE, and now CNET too.  (This IS Real.)

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  • Maggy B

    Remember the then-Secretary of State in 2011 saying levels were no cause for concern, business as usual? I’m encouraging friends to use liquid nascent ionic iodine drops to offset thyroid damage from radiation.

  • Erwin Alber

    “The US government (and even world wide governments) seem to want to
    stick our heads in the sand until this is too late for us to do anything
    about it (and perhaps, it already is).”

    I suspect it is more a case of the Fukushima disaster fitting in very nicely with the psychopathic elites’ depopulation agenda.

  • coco

    After the Fukushima disaster I bought a GEIGER COUNTER and took it on my flights from HongKong to Germany. Usually there was a radiation on 12.000 meter altitude for about 8 hours of maximum 3,6 Millisievert. At home in HongKong we had 0,336 . Since a few month the radiation level rise up to 5,6 while flying from Hk to Germany and return. The GEIGER made terrible alarm and I was not able to switch off the alarm and had to cover it up with cushions.
    I talked to several Purser and explained to them that they might be in danger while flying weekly such distance and altitude. They explained that they have an ” radiation account” and they get informed when there is a dangerous amount piling up.
    I was asking how do they measure ? Answer was they take average amounts from “experience”.
    There is NO Geiger counter on flights to measure the ACTUAL radiation. There are NO MEASURES to protect the crews and the passengers in case of sudden high radiation.
    There is no program to detox radiation for crews.

    I am very concerned about the rising radiation levels up in the air.
    For both, the crews and the passengers.

    Beside the ” Fume Events” which is already very very concerning we have the Radiation.
    Its time to talk about the dangers of flying and travelling.
    Its time to pressure the airlines to install measures and filters, its time to voice out !!!!!!

  • Jonathan Sabo

    As well as the incredible rise in CANCER RATES!

  • LastinLine4

    Tell those “Some’ who are stating The US new administration will make this back page news ????

    The US didn’t tell, force, or even suggest that Japan build a Reactor center on a Tsunami prone coastline.
    Shut the f**k up with that fake ass bring Trump in as the villain political sh*t !
    This could be the death of us all and “Author Activist Erin Elizabeth” at HNN is stuck on stupid.

  • LastinLine4

    Tell those “Some’ who are stating The US new administration will make this back page news ????

    The US didn’t tell, force, or even suggest that Japan build a Reactor center on a Tsunami prone coastline.
    Shut up with that fake news bring Trump in as the villain political rhetoric !
    This could be the death of us all if it were true and “Author Activist Erin Elizabeth” at HNN is stuck on stupid.

    There are many articles on this subject. please read them and stop playing “Click Bait” with our existence. pffft,

  • LastinLine4

    Re connect this link by sliding it together and then google it. There are source after source after source in it.

    https:// nuclear-news . net/ category/ fukushima- 2017/

  • Erwin Alber

    Yes, it’s a double boon because the cancers are a goldmine for the cancer industry and the depopulation promoters are happy about the increasing body count!

  • katndog

    Though you criticism is harsh. I have to agree that Trump does not hold sway over the current media, if he did he wouldn’t look so bad.

  • Erwin Alber

    Thanks for that! The fact that the air intake in planes may also contain toxic substances taken in from chemtrails while ascending, or descending prior to landing is an additional concern.

  • katndog

    You lost me in the last paragraph. “Some are stating…” WHO? I learned, “Who, What, When, and Where” in grade school. Please don’t resort to sensationalist fake news. This is a serious story that affects each of us, be thorough, be honest, don’t stoop in your reporting, it’s pretty lame.

  • AMY

    So I am wondering what a person with Hashimoto’s can do since they can’t take Iodine? THANKS

  • Elke Knupp

    Because of the new administration this will be back page news??? It was backpage news six years ago! Nobody seems to be aware of this!

  • The government doesn’t know what to do. And btw Obama made geoengineering and HAARP microwaving that caused the tsunami and this problem.

  • mvpel

    Why illustrate this article with a picture from six years ago? Why claim that radiation levels are rising when they’re not? They have simply measured a part of the ruined reactor where they had not been able to measure before.

  • The photo was taken from a mainstream link stock photo as we don’t have stock photo access to a current shot. Furthermore, the numbers ARE rising. Did you read ANY of the mainstream links to Yahoo or CNET .Please please read before having the urge to comment.

  • I agree. Doesn’t matter who is in office. I was just quoting mainstream.

  • Charliemalias

    Thank you for bringing up the subject of chemtrails or what I like to call government sponsored climate change. Yes there is climate change and our very own government is responsible.

  • coco

    below the picture is the clear date when it was taken, why are you complaining? Why are you stating that the radiation levels are not raising without any link to this evidence?
    ERIN’s research is very precise and evidence based,and she is a diamond in the ocean full of stones, obviously.

  • DeeDub

    Erin, how much iodine do you take? Is there a blood test for iodine levels in our body? I have used Lugol’s since a few months before the original Fukushima explosion (Thank you very much!). I did the “iodine loading” protocol as taught by Stephanie Buist ND, who has/had a couple of yahoo discussion groups and the iodine4health website. That is, I started with 1 drop a day the first week, 2 drops a day the second week, 3 drops a day the 3rd week. A year and a half later, I was up to about a teaspoon and a half a day, and I finally felt like I had enough — that is, my brain was clear, my energy was high, and other health issues had cleared up. So, I’ve been sporadic since then. And it was from Jerry Tennant MD that I first learned about the urgent need for iodine and the practicality of using Lugol’s to full that need.

  • aw you are quite welcome! This article is 100% accurate and glad you saw the light and realized that with all the sources .I appreciate your humbleness and realizing that.

  • Cedarblues

    This is just absolutely CRAZY! Where is the outrage from the people from the West coast and the environmentalists? Are their heads that far in the sand?? I knew in 2011 our oceans were doomed. I have stopped eating ALL seafood because of this. It totally infuriates me! Most people I mention it to, have NO clue what I am talking about. I share all I can about it.

  • stilu

    find another doc

  • jmnpjn

    That was Bush that built and funds HAARP.

  • Oh ok Bush established HAARP? It’s not older than Bush’s time as president? Or do you mean the older Bush?

    I meant Obama’s administration used HAARP to control the people by manipulating the weather. But now I think it may not be the Prezixent pulling the strings because today for instance, they made this snow storm because Netanyahu is coming to the U$ to meet with President Trump tomorrow Friday.

  • TanyaRN

    I read somewhere the reactor is still leaking and that one of the radioactive materials takes 40 years to reach half potency. I forget which one. So, does this mean that it’s now accumulating to the point where the fishing industry is at risk too? At what point should we quit buying tuna or seafood? Why is no one paying attention to this??!