Top NYC ‘Raw Chef Dan & ‘Quintessence’ founder arrested yet again for pleasuring himself on subway

Raw Chef Dan Exposes Himself on Subway

Top NYC ‘Raw Chef Dan’ Arrested

dan-hoyt-arrestedPhoto taken of Raw Chef Dan (founder of NYC Quintessence restaurant) allegedly exposing himself to women on a subway

Full disclosure: I’ve been in the raw food world for some time, and am actually friends with “Raw Chef Dan” on Facebook though I don’t know him personally. I wasn’t going to do the article until I saw the sick things he said against the victims. He appears to feel that under different circumstances they might “like it”. See below.


Hard to believe but this is real. The restaurant didn’t even seem concerned when I called today, asking me to call back Monday and ask for “Mun”. Then he yawned and hung up…

According to the Daily Mail, Mun is his ex-wife.

Her Facebook post doesn’t seem very sympathetic toward his victims, but sounds like she wants to downplay what many are calling his serial sickness. These actions have been going on since 1994 or earlier.

Alleged ex-wife and co-founder of Quintessence Restaurant in NYC, posting publicly on his page:



On January 13th, three NYPD officers arrested a man who (allegedly) approached a woman at a Manhattan subway platform “pulled his pants off, and began to touch himself while he made inappropriate sexual comments to her”, reports Gothamist. Sadly, Dan Hoy, chef at vegetarian restaurant Quintessence, has a long history of public masturbation. 

Hoyt was arrested back in 1994, for lewd display on the 8th Street N/R platform but hadn’t been in trouble since. That all ended during a multiple day spree of public masturbation in August of 2005. During one of those days a passenger on an R train witnessed a man pleasuring himself (and looking right at her while doing so) so she took a photo and reported the incident to both a token booth clerk and police officer. The officer wasn’t interested in writing a report so Thao Nguyen posted the photo to Flickr. From the article by Gothamist:

“I got off at 34th street and reported it to a token booth operator. She was very helpful and directed me to a policewoman. The policewoman wrote down my description of the man and I asked her if she wanted the picture but she didn’t take it. She told me that she would radio other officers and they would be on the lookout for that man. I couldn’t believe she didn’t take the picture, it had a pretty clear view of this person.”

This post would end up on the cover of the Daily News and caused Dan Hoyt, the suspect, to turn himself into the police.

Speaking to NY Magazine in 2006, Hoyt had this to say:

““There have been situations in a bar or nightclub where you’re fooling around with somebody and yeah, you’re exposed. It’s nothing really accessible. Just sort of hidden, but risky. If someone looked closely, they could see what’s going on. Some people are offended. Everybody has their limitations. For some people, it’s very, very wrong. Everybody has things to hide—things they don’t tell their best friend. I’ve seen Websites with scat and stuff and I think, What? Who would possibly be excited about that? But there are people who probably look at me and say, ‘How could that possibly be exciting in any way?’” 

Mr. Hoyt went on to tell the magazine that if perhaps they had met under different circumstances, she might really like him…maybe even want to go out with him. He is clearly disturbed and needs help. He was given two years probation for the misdemeanor and his lawyer stated, “He realizes that he has some psychiatric issues that he has to deal with, and he’s very remorseful. He is dealing very seriously with this, and knows it is something that can’t happen again.” Sure, but turns out he didn’t. He was arrested again in 2008 for exposing his penis at another subway station.


Photo of Hoyt from Quintessence’s website

The incident on the 13th was again at the 8th Street N/R station, where he exposed himself to a 25-year-old woman while she was standing on the platform. He approached her, pulled his pants off and started to touch himself while he made sexual comments to her.

After he was found and a positive ID was made, Hoyt was charged with resisting arrest, harassment and three counts of public lewdness.

What a great guy.

Source: Gothamist and NY Mag

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  • ettk45

    I thought that salad dressing tasted a little strange.

  • Well I hope that he didn’t do this kind of stuff while he was preparing anyone’s food. That would be nasty!

  • AnnBlakeTracy

    Erin someone needs to check his meds. That is a common reaction to many psych meds. Cannot tell you how many reports I have gotten over the years of people sitting in group sessions masturbating in the middle of the sessions in front of everyone – especially if he has gone manic on his meds. Note what his attorney said in 2006: .“He realizes that he has some psychiatric issues that he has to deal with, and he’s very remorseful. He is dealing very seriously with this, and knows it is something that can’t happen again.” Exhibitionism has long been known to be associated with elevated serotonin – the direct result of using antidepressants. They use medication-induced behavior to continue to drug people with more and more meds all the time. That is what keeps them in business while this guy is made to look like a monster for reacting in a way they should know from research that can be expected from meds. This whole country has gone mad and this is the main reason behind it all! Wonder what excuse they used to get him hooked – a grandparent he was close to who passed away, divorce, just having a bad day – they use any excuse to “medicate” someone with these drugs that produce all this insane behavior.

  • @anna – wow not sure if you’ve seen the video but I lived in Indy (went to college there 4 years) where I was put on Prozac after finding birth parents and a tornado blew our house and pets away (and neighbors) check out the video. I quit COLD turkey off highest dose. not good to do w an SSRI but best thing i ever did.. pardon the dust. new site about to go LIVE