Breaking: Official Autopsy States Naturopath Hanged Herself in Garage


Update: I am crying from a broken heart, even though I’m a journalist, as I update this article. But I have to, because articles are already out with the LA coroner autopsy report indicating that Tami Ann Boroch (she went by her middle name as her family said publicly) was found hanged to death.

Her autopsy report is at the bottom of the page. I cannot bear to type any more right now.

The sudden death of famous author and naturopath Ann Boroch, who was outspoken on MANY controversial topics, like the dangers of VACCINES (linked at the bottom of the article), was a shock to all of us.

The picture below is from her official page. While some called it a hoax, it was not. 

Then they updated and said it was a sudden, natural death.

(We have another dozen or so doctors to add to our “unintended” Holistic Doctor Death Series, and we will update it as soon as we are able.) This timeline and 100+ stories give details on all holistic deaths for the last 2 years.

Ann Boroch’s Facebook page posted just two hours ago that she died suddenly, and her followers are in absolute shock, as are we.


Check out some of her many tv/video appearances, below. She had much wisdom to offer. We will update you as we know more.

From her official Facebook page:

“It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Ann Boroch passed away suddenly on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
Many of you are familiar with Ann’s story… (see link at the bottom for ann’s page and story)

Update: A family member did a second post where they explain this is not a hoax, that she died suddenly, and to please respect their privacy right now. You can see the link at the bottom, as it appears they have been updating.

The family also stated: “Ann was always looking for ways to help others. Should you feel you would like to honor Ann in some way, please consider making a donation to one of her favorite charities.”

Ann’s favorite charities:

Our hearts go out to her family and friends.

XO- Erin Elizabeth

Here’s just one small post from Ann’s site about the DANGERS OF VACCINES. with specific details and adjuvants.

Click here to see her page with the official announcement about her sudden death.   << LA CORONER RERORT

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Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • usaok59

    Can’t something be done? We are losing the best people in our society. I am so dismayed by the evil in our world and how it seems to be winning over good.

  • Wendy Allen

    I have MS. I need no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food without a label…take vitamins/good oils/minerals..probiotic….LDN..detox and more.

    How old was she? Did she eat gluten which can cause early death? Did they say the cause of death? Thanks!

  • Jeanie Hooper

    THIS is the only site that says she is dead, No other info on the net. Another fake news?

  • Jeanie. The reason this is the only site is it was only announced a few hours ago on her official page and we have gently broken over 77 deaths of doctors (mostly holistic.) The site doesn’t win awards for honest reporting… And I am not going on Discovery channel and network news talking about these deaths with other family members of the doctors (many of whom are our friends) for my health. I do it to get the stories out, as I swear, mainstream must have guns held to their heads not to, as the majority still won’t talk about it. Thanks. Oh and here’s that link to her site where the family is asking people to STOP staying it’s fake news and a hoax. They just lost their daughter/cousin/sister and would like a little respect. Millions visit our site a month because we tell the truth. Thank you.

  • Wendy Allen

    Maybe fake news. I know undiagnosed Celiac people may die around age 48. Some people are not gluten free, but may do many other things to help their health, but still that is not enough to overcome the damage of eating gluten.

  • This seems to happen everyday now. Do you know if this one is “suspicious” too?

  • Jeanie Hooper

    I appreciate the explanation, though I don’t feel it was handled professionally. Maybe your frustration that we lost yet another dr. is showing through and your patience is thin. I feel the remarks “We don’t win awards” , ” am not going on Discovery channel and network news talking about these deaths”  and  ‘Thanks”,  were  inappropriate and  unnecessary. They were snarky remarks to something never addressed.My statement simply was I couldn’t find any other sites reporting this.How unfortunate your journalism didn’t teach you a more proper response. Say… Thank you Jeanie for recognizing we were the first to report this. We understand there are many fake news sites and we are happy to not be one of them. Further information could be found on her FB page. Proper punctuation would make it easier to read also.

  • RelocationQuotes

    NO you have lyme. MS does not exist.

  • Wendy Allen

    My MS is due to Celiac. Gluten hurts the thyroid/glut lining so less nutrients absorb/hurts the liver so it doesn’t detox well and lowers the immune system so it is easier to catch infections and harder to get rid of them. I just recently got Lyme 4 years ago, but my MS started 30 years ago when my thyroid went down. Lower oxygen in my brain causes my MS and mitochondria are hurt and low sunlight gets Celiac started. My great grandparents are from the Orkney Islands Scotland…highest rate of MS in the world…is far from the equator/low sunlight/Celiac area. Not all MS people have Lyme, but all MS people may be Celiac. Tests may not work to diangose Celiac. They are missing the basic help for thyroid/Celiac diet/vitamins/good oils/minerals/probiotic. LDN may help 99% of MS people as it helps heal the gut lining and block hidden gluten. Detoxing may help all chemical reactions work better and unblock the thyroid.

  • Wendy Allen

    God is real. Pray…ask God to protect/guide/help Alternative/holistic people. I worry about coconut oil. It is promoted, but hurts me…clogs my blood vessels. Many had heart attacks. Encourage more doctors to help in the natural way.

  • RelocationQuotes

    BULL, every person that has MS is Lyme related. It is carried from person to person and generation to generation. I guarantee 100% if I tested you, through EAV you would show up Lyme. i have tested around 1000 people, many with MS and it turns out to be LYME disease..No such thing as MS. I have heard this statement for over 20 years..

  • Wendy Allen

    No. Whole family trees can be Celiac going backward/forward for many generations. I had MS for 30 years before getting Lyme. A Zyto scan shows my current infections. MS is real and is not just Lyme. People need more than Lyme help. They need to rebuild cells to burn oxygen by no gluten which helps heal the gut lining.

  • RelocationQuotes

    Sorry I have tested enough people around the world to know what Lyme is, you can scream, yell at the top of your lungs believing its MS. I have cured 100’s with your so called “MS”, good luck with your thinking! I have dealt with entire families, generations and MS for years. Its all Lyme Disease..I have also dealt with people like yourself who refused to believe that. Can’t help the world..

  • I’m posting from my phone. You’re right that I’m upset about having to report on a half dozen new holistic doctor deaths in less than a week many of whom we knew (not to mention the other 60 something) You’re right that I don’t like people suggesting this is fake news without looking Ann Boroch up on Facebook and seeing her family posting that she died suddenly.. (though I give you a pass on that as it’s easy to miss) Then they have to update her page asking folks stop saying it’s a hoax or fake. . You’re also right punctuation was never my strong suit, which is why I have an editor, but not in comments. I usually don’t respond to that many comments either (as I can’t get a break from these sad stories) but I think if someone suggested your site, whether big or small, were fake news, you’d take offense as well, and might not be as kind as you suggest I should be in my response. I get a migraine each time we lose one (for whatever reason- a recurring theme around here) but have to get back to 2000+ comments on our social media page. One said she was alive and well and taking appointments. Everyone (including myself) was shocked, but turns out this reader called and heard the VM was still on and concluded this herself. So yes, on a Friday night , end of a long week, I admittedly get tired after 3 1/2 years of being called fake news when we might not have perfect punctuation or be as lady like as some might like but I’ll be damned if we aren’t one of the most TRUTH news sites on the internet. We sell nothing and I bankrolled the site most of the time we’ve been in existence. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I’m always honest and candid on the site. That is no lie Peace. Erin

  • Wendy. I know you’re a regular and no one is saying Ann was murdered. We’re saying that she died and the family is BEGGING people publicly on her official page not to call it a hoax (or fake news) She died. That’s all we’re stating, and young at that. So please I love ya, but this is not fake. She is dead… It’s very tragic. Peace

  • sandman

    The point is not to react but to respond. It is a practice we all need help in. We are all emotional beings and are connected so passing on your frustration is felt by all. Jeanie’s response was appropriate.

  • Wendy Allen

    The root cause is Celiac. Lyme is hard to get rid of until to help the Celiac. Celiac is what lowered my thyroid/made my liver not detox well and much more. My whole family tree is Celiac. They don’t all have Lyme and not all Lyme people have MS. Eventually Celiac people get infections since their immune system is down. I was born Celiac.

    Cancer can be due to Celiac too and cancer may come back until they fix the root cause. Expand your awareness. Research Celiac. No Grain/No Pain book and Dangerous Grain book are awesome.

  • Wendy Allen

    Do they know a cause? How old? Thanks!

  • RelocationQuotes

    20 years of research and dealing with patients, how many have you dealt with? Celiac has NOTHING to do with Lyme or MS. Your immune system has been compromised due to Lyme. Are you a practitioner? Probably NOT.Good luck with your theory! We deal with Frequencies that rid all of Lyme, MS and ALS. Have a nice day and good luck!

  • Donna Kuhn

    no, it wasn’t

  • Donna Kuhn

    another lyme fanatic. cfs and fibro don’t exist either.

  • Sarai Flores

    We appreciate your keeping us abreast of what is happening with the holistic doctors…..No one should ever criticize you….We love you and appreciate you….Thank you!! And I disagree with those who have nothing to do but belittle your reporting and nit pick….disgusting behavior

  • Janet Robinson-Gillmore

    What exactly would you have preferred she said Jeanie? What did you want to hear? If I had asked the same question, I would not have been offended by the answer. Better look in the mirror.

  • RelocationQuotes

    Another armchair internet reader.a dime a dozen..

  • Sarai Flores

    If you have so many issues with Erin’s reporting you can just move on you know….no one is forcing you to read any of this…..and that goes to all the haters

  • Jeanne Price

    The count of those brave doctors who have dared speak out on the dangers of Vaccines who have died mysteriously or have been murdered has now gone well over 60 in the last two years…
    When will the government start investigating these deaths ??????

  • Tracy McDermott

    She was being stalked for years and I remember her videos showing her computer going from page to page without her doing anything to touch it…God Bless her.RIP

  • Wendy Allen

    It is not a theory and yes…friend healed fast doing what I do. It is not luck, but God who helps. I know what I am talking about.

  • RelocationQuotes

    I’m sure you do and you’ve treated 100’s..”Facepalm”..How is that going for you? HOW MANY HAVE YOU TREATED OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS? WELL?
    God Helps, tell him to help the sick, injured, tortured, displaced, homeless, poor and the government..

  • Vanguard

    People are being murdered and you are offended by words that a grieving person chose, after being challenged and accused of being fake news, by an Internet nobody?
    Seriously? This is terrible news about the tragic and highly suspicious deaths of good people, that the mainstream media refuses to cover. It isn’t about you or your feelings.

  • Wendy Allen

    The ripple effect each person does on this earth can’t be measured. God is real.

  • gary1043

    No such thing as ‘gluten intolerance’..It’s really glyphosate posioning

  • gary1043

    If you can cure an actual case of advanced ALS, I will give you $10,000

  • Wendy Allen

    No….gluten has hurt people for many generations before GMO/Roundup started.

  • What? Could you share a link to those videos please? This is scary. I think more needs to be known about this. RIP <3

  • RelocationQuotes

    how many people have you treated over the last 20 yrs?

  • RelocationQuotes pull out your money

  • Sally Elizabeth Rees

    Read Dr Keesha Ewers’ book “Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle – the Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health” There are 4 pieces to the puzzle.

  • joanna

    Thanks Erin – some people are so quick to criticise – they dont have to do the research and put out the news – easy for them. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

  • TEB

    and who the hell are you? if you are an actual holistic practitioner why are commenting with “relocationquotes”, you could be anyone just attacking people you disagree with. For all we know you have never seen or helped a single patient!

  • Dee

    Have you published your findings or do you have a website where we can read more? My friend’s family has 2 suffering from MS. Thank you.

  • I just posted a meme that said don’t ever trade your authenticity for approval. I answered honestly when someone asked if this was fake news for the umpteenth time. I am human and thank God I can still express myself and defend our site – on my own site no less! I am sure that right will be taken away in our lifetimes, but until then 🙂

  • Thank you <3

  • Thanks Sarai and love your avatar ox

  • ah after a long day this is refreshing. Thanks. Appreciate the kind words, and now to get some rest xo

  • Hi Wendy. She was about my age or so (saw 45 in a video but it wasn’t brand new) and they have just stated she died suddenly of ‘natural causes’. 🙁

  • Dee

    I’m curious if you believe her family who states her death was due to natural causes?

  • Brittney

    I believe it is worth it…. I am very grateful to you and your site! In my opinion, you were mostly professional with a dash of sass. Which is understandable when someone insinuates you’re fake news! Please keep working hard!

  • Caprica

    Err.., Lyme disease does not occur in New Zealand and yet you’re suggesting that all cases of gluten intolerence is caused by Lyme? Clearly that’s not the case here, so doesn’t neccesarily apply to everyone in other places as well.

  • God bless you Erin. I don’t know how you keep going with all of this, but those of us who understand the big picture are so very grateful for you and your voice. I followed Ann’s work in her early days and this is indeed another huge loss. Thank you for keeping us informed. Please keep up the good works and don’t let the naysayers pull you down.

    IMO, our American entitlement culture includes people who think if someone like you has a website and/or a news article posted, then they are entitled to demand all kinds of things from you (rather than exerting any effort to google facts for themselves), or they contradict everything you say just to make themselves feel more important. Always wanting something for nothing without taking responsibility for how they offend, effect, or burden others. And, some are just gonna bitch no matter what. Imagine what all of that is doing to their health. Which begs the question, what are they doing here?

  • Wow, how criticizing and up your own tuckas are you, Jeanie Hooper! If you think you can do a better job than Erin Mercola by all F*en means do so but to criticize her “punctuation”! Get a LIFE! This is extremely important news and it is worth hearing about it right away, with or without your stupid and acidic commentary! Erin is doing a fantastic job, so by all means go stick your head firmly up your rear where it clearly belongs! I can’t even believe you would be so RUDE and ignorant as to say the things you did, my God, get a life!!!!!!!

  • miamisid

    Eat right. Exercise. Keep at a reasonable weight. And…[guess]

  • Teresa Sully

    Killed by big pharma..

  • aranyani

    Since when has the government been on the side of natural health? The government is the problem, as evidenced by the CDC vaccine schedule. I don’t see the purpose in keeping a tally except to discourage young people from pursuing a career in holistic medicine. Erin and Dr. Mercola are in a position to use their considerable influence through litigation. Maybe they’re afraid of becoming the latest casualties. In either case, enough with the tally!

  • Don Lovell

    naturopaths seem to get surrounded by electronic harassment teams, if targeted a tooth problem might erupt as its sonic assaults, then dentiset may finish target off with ionizing radiation, mail may get disrupted and poison inserted sometimes, this occurs on an intermittant basis, sonic and squib devices moved to different surrounding houses, mostly out attic vents into targets pathways, roving vehiculars with sonic device follow and set up around targets car and burn when returning, meeting are infected with fake friends with weaponized laptops. breakins in houses with clear gel poisons onto beds, window sills, door handles etc that out gasses poisons when temperature rises. Hope this helps and does not deter great doctors like her to know thine enemies so we can turn this thing around.

  • RelocationQuotes

    This site will not allow links. You can google: MS is LYME DISEASE. There is also a facebook page Bio-Photon Lyme Disease Emitter Babesia Mycoplasma Bartonella Viruses SIBO

    Mother diagnosed with MS and facing life in a wheelchair is cured – after she discovered her symptoms were due to a TICK BITE

  • Justin Carson

    Oh my god what a stupid response to what she wrote you. I can’t stand people like you over the social network, why would you say all this crap to her response? No respect at all and so righteous sounding.

  • Wendy Allen

    Thanks. I worry about Celiac. It is not 1% of the population. Gluten may hurt most people and people with MS are usually Celiac. Tests may not work to diagnose it. A person may crash in health due to not absorbing nutrients. Hair tests help, but not all people have done hair tests to know if their intestines are absorbing minerals or if heavy metals are high. Some do the low inflammation diet, but it still may not be 100% gluten free since gluten is wheat/barley/rye…oats/corn/rice. Certified gluten free may have 20ppm of gluten and even air/nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices/food in a bin/make up/lotion etc may have hidden gluten. LDN helps block hidden gluten, but usually only Alternative doctors help with that. Even air with gluten may hurt people. Thanks for your awesome articles! They bring important news to people. The Alternative community needs to thrive again. Natural help is what saved my life. Conventional medicine may only cover symptoms and not help the root cause. Thanks for relying! Happiness…..

  • RelocationQuotes


  • RelocationQuotes

    Have many patients in New Zealand..around 100 of them..

  • Patricia Masterson

    Maybe you should check this out. Gary. I am 75 and been around longer than Roundup. And so has Glucose intolerance. I remember, I have it.

  • petulantes

    oh please, why are you really here???????

  • petulantes

    Erin , I suspect Hooper is either a troll or mentally unstable.Either case, its best to not feed neither type .

  • S

    Jeanie, nobody cares what you think about anything regarding this woman’s death and the dissemination of the news. Take your cold heart and put it in someone else’s freezer.

  • Diana

    Nope; both problems are a “thing”. The INCREASE in gluten intolerance is in part due to Glyphosate, but Celiac’s Disease has been around a long time….much longer than RoundUp.

  • I hope they do an autopsy…. I DO believe she was murdered because of her views-and won’t be reported because of Big Pharma and corporate news….

  • yikes. i didn’t delete this so not sure what was said! (thanks to mods or whoever did)

  • The reason that your death series is fake news is because unless I misread your list, you don’t even have 77 deaths. You are including 29 to 30 homeopaths who may have been taking a recreational drug. Even if they were poisoned, none were seriously harmed and none were murdered.

    Of the 40-50 who did die, almost all of the deaths have been explained – with reports in local newspapers. There is no conspiracy. A few of the folks aren’t even holistic.

  • Nevenka Sotiropoulos

    The most important supplement to take is Word of God.

  • Savanna

    PLEASE, anyone involved in alternative health care of any kind, take HUGE PRECAUTIONS. Hire reputable bodyguards if you have to…do what you need to do to protect yourself and your family. Regardless of whether Anne’s death was natural or something nefarious, I doubt the suspicious deaths will stop. Perhaps we should have a mass prayer/mind focus to protect healer-practitioners. This must be stopped!

  • nancy

    big pharma should be investigated to see if they are involved !! far too many holistic docs have died suddenly in the past few years !!! very suspicious !!

  • nancy

    true but roundup and Monsanto co. is killing every living thing on earth !!!!

  • nancy

    you are soooo wrong!! those deaths have never been explained. recreational drug use …b.s. in capital letters. please take tour malarkey and go away !!!

  • nancy

    thin skinned and nasty aren’t you !!

  • Catherine Edmends

    speaking about snark…..your statement was accusatory

  • Catherine Edmends

    really? ffs

  • Barbara Hyman

    Erin, you’re doing a great job of reporting this scary story. When I read of Ann Boroch’s death this morning, it was the first thing I thought of. .. that’s because I’ve head of this story, because of you. Keep up the amazing work, and Dr. Mercola too. He is also my hero, and now, you are too.

  • Mike Allan

    Pharma make deals for promising treatments. This preclinical (PMCID: PMC4440852) was the main reason why Novartis made a $750M deal with the company behind it. Now Bristol-Myers Squibb have followed suit and made an even larger deal worth up to $2.3B. Merck Sharp & Dohme are working on their own version and I’m sure it won’t be too long before Pfizer snap up iTeos Therapeutics’ drug that targets the same pathway.

  • ok i know no one on our 2 member team did this so don’t know what is going on

  • Rose

    its genetic and testable. our wheat has higher protein levels, which is why many can handle wheat in Europe. glyphosates by ruining digestive track would weaken people but gluten problem precedes glyphosates.

  • Lou

    To BIG Toxic Medicine INC
    and their Allies in
    BIG Toxic Government INC

    Quit murdering our best and brightest Care Givers to push your toxic drugs and worthless “treatments”.

  • Joel Hodley

    She doesn’t have time to tend to your wants and needs. Go find a husband or doctor to get “Thank you Jeanie”, “Great Job”, Would you like a ice with that”.. Fricken eh… I can only imagine your upbringing.. Thank God we are all different on this earth.

  • Eden Shakti-Bliss Skye

    Thank you for informing about this.

  • Joel Hodley


  • Joel Hodley

    She’s really thin skinned. That’s for sure!

  • jb80538

    Another holistic Dr dies suddenly! This is an epidemic!

  • Eden Shakti-Bliss Skye

    Actually that isn’t true: BOTH EXIST

  • Vassya Illich

    TROLL M(uck

  • Vassya Illich

    he/she is a plant/troll

  • Vassya Illich


  • Vassya Illich


  • Vassya Illich

    because it is a troll

  • barbarakelly

    Here is another case of a holistic Dr. dying. What FDA can’t stand the competition of another dr. not wanting to see people receive your poison pills. More people die from the FDA then natural meds——-just who are they kidding. I’ll bet she got in their face and removed the danger.!! What that makes about 50 by now, trust me they will say it was an accident. Don’t believe the crap they have been spoon feeding you.!

  • captainsgirl

    I’m in shock …again! Trump needs to investigate all of these holistic doctors murders. Enough is enough!

  • Patricia Sutton

    I did not mean you in particular Jeanie Hooper

  • Carl Provorse

    Funny they left out the line from her web page that said. “Ann passed suddenly of natural causes.” it was right between “….not a hoax or a joke.” and the “Thank you all ….”

  • AndyUK

    They are, but gluten intolerance is also a fashion. It’s practically ‘cool’ to be intolerant.

  • AndyUK

    Sure Patricia – Wheatgrass overdose most likely…

  • AndyUK

    Don’t believe that bullshit from the heart association about coconut oil being bad for you.

  • Not a Liberal

    Maybe another “suicide”. Were the Clintons around?

  • Hand Of God

    Get a life and show some respect, you self righteous… This fallen hero is an example of Jesus Christ, lost her life saving others from hell on Earth. Get out of the words, and start acting it out.

  • Hand of God

    You are extremely naïve and have no clue what these people are up against. You believe a local newspaper report!! lol. This is reality, not conspiracy. Wake up.

  • You can do your own research. Google the names. Jenny Shi was murdered by her sister-in-law. Tiejun Huang was murdered by a man who thought the doc was having an affair with his wife. Robert Sowers was murdered by one of his patients. Mary Yoder was poisoned by one of her employees. Vibeke Rasmussen was murdered by a neighbor. Weidong Han was murdered by a business acquaintance. Lisa Riley was murdered by her husband…

  • And the family members? They may not come and read this stuff, but that doesn’t keep them from hearing about it, even if they don’t believe in Erin’s conspiracies.

  • jimmimcsandy

    Erin.. NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE ..nor JUSTIFY YOUR RESPONSES.. especially to some of the ILL-INFORMED..and/or UNEDUCATED TROLLS.. .. and/or.. Big-Pharma-MOLES/Plants.. who get paid to discredit you.. Your Hard Work.. Loyalty.. Dedication – STAY SAFE !! Dear Lord. .we ask your hand of protection be upon Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Mercola.. and the ENTIRE NETWORK of Homeopathic/Naturopathic/Holistic and Chiropractic practitioners…(and their families / loved ones) .. May Main Stream Media abandon their Big-Pharma Advertisers.. and do the right thing.. EXPOSE the culprits and corporate thugs.. MAY the FBI.. and/or Homeland Security and/or DOJ..and/or POTUS.. form a task force..investigate, arrest and prosecute all who have contributed to this cover-up and the deaths of so many .. IN your PRECIOUS AND HOLY NAME we ask – Amen!

  • Judi

    I don’t think so! What the heck? Are you an idiot to say it’s ‘cool’? Do you even have it? You wouldn’t think so if you did.

  • nancy


  • ReadyOrNot

    One more to add to the list. This really needs to be investigated.

  • AndyUK

    Judi, you misunderstand me. In my circles It’s become a bit of a fad. It’s like an attention seeking thing. If you’re still eating wheat you’re ‘old skool’. Not taking anything away from people truly wheat intolerant or allergic..

  • steve

    You’re so right, tired of hearing its just glyphosate and not guten

  • steve

    no such thing as genetic diseases, thats a myth. these idiots doctors blame genetics when they cant figure out what is causing a disease

  • Kirstin Malmquist Mayberry

    Do they know the cause of death? I hope this will be investigated as a homicide. Sadly, whoever did this to her will probably plant fake health info about her in her office, or pay off the right people to make it look like natural causes.

  • KristenM

    How many “Holistic” doctors exist in the USA? What percentage of them die by any cause every year? How many “Allopathic” doctors are there in the USA? How many of them die in a given year?

  • Justice4AllNow

    Get stage 4 cancer soon, TROLLLLLLL

  • Barbara Ann Fuller

    I wish people that don’t believe in HEALTH through GOOD FOOD would get educated that these drugs are killing them I talked to one of my niece’s and she doesn’t believe in this I believe we need to get proof so we can educate others

  • Barbara Ann Fuller

    Silver nitrate is ok

  • Barbara Ann Fuller

    PRAY reversal onto the fda monsanto the drug cartel and the cdc for every shot they give and every roundup ready they sale

  • Barbara Ann Fuller

    HOPEFULLY there will be 10 times the DRs to take there place

  • jb80538

    The point is that these holistic Dr’s, now around 65, have been found dead under very suspicious circumstances in the last couple years.

  • Caroline Rose

    pediatrician ? how much do pharma pay you to discredit this site I wonder … … how much is your bonus for posiening children with vaccines ??

  • daelv

    NPR today how steroid use covered up in Russia and how two of the characters involved suddenly die. The film maker of this mentioned the other person is in US protective custody.

  • Jim

    anti-vax? Damn fool

  • the one

    Merck Sharp & Dohme is a Federal credit union. You meant to say Merck and company pharmaceutical?

  • Mike Allan

    Merck & Co is known as Merck Sharp & Dohme outside the United States and Canada.

  • the one

    I was unaware the two were connected. Here in PA Merck Sharp & Dohme is a Federal credit union and Merck is a pharmaceutical company based in North Wales PA. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Horrid thing to say. You think this helps? It makes everyone here look like an ass.

  • the one

    My comments are deleted all the time. Some stay but many are simply deleted without any explanation. I don’t even bother posting on Mike Adams site anymore because of this. You should look into these deletions Erin.

  • shirleyanne12

    Yes, the SNOWFLAKES and their *Feelings* can just MELT away!

    Good riddance!

  • Wendy Allen

    It has nothing to do with the Heart association. Coconut oil/olive oil…saturated/monounsaturated fat hurts me…clogs my blood vessels. I can’t eat meat/heated oils and more. I think some of the Holistic people maybe getting hurt by colloidal silver/saturated/monounsaturated fat and more. Just because something is promoted doesn’t mean all people can have it. Each person needs to figure out what help/hurts them.

  • Bob

    Big Pharma will not afford to have it’s paradigm changed by Holistic healers of any sort. They are willing to kill these people to protect their paradigm and subsequently their huge profits. The rule in this paradigm is” Thou shalt not heal”.

  • AndyUK

    So you feel pain from your clogged blood vessels?! That sounds pretty crazy

  • Dave

    Also, all grains, beans and nuts are SEEDS and must be properly prepared by soaking, sprouting, or fermenting, as ALL our ancestors knew, otherwise they are pulling nutrients out of our bodies. Gluten and phytic acid aren’t as big a deal when done this way. Google Dr. Weston Price. Another brilliant man whose work was buried.

  • Dave

    Dairy is healthy as long as it’s RAW, from grass-fed cows not shot up with roids.

  • Susan

    what a shame.. some wonderful people loosing their lives needlessly.. the world needs to know more about Big Pharma cover-ups and misdeeds … Thanks Erin.. keep the news coming !!

  • It was estimated about 500 million people died because they took the Word of God. Indeed, this is the approximate number of humans who died in religious wars or of religion-related causes. Take Truth instead, at least three times a day, and that is bound to set you free.

  • I received an email sent by her mom, because I am subscribed to her newsletter. She has passed :(.

  • 2012babies

    There ought to be an investigation on sudden deaths, and if in a private home, is there no automatic autopsy?
    Maybe Big Pharma has hired a serial killer to curb critics and messengers. Big money in medically caused disorders, and vaccines are no cures.

  • jb80538

    Yep,there is no money in cures! That’s why big pharma pushes their poisons!

  • I wonder if she died because her MS has returned?
    It is so sad.
    I followed her book and protocol for anti-candida diet. I’ve learned so much from her.

  • PJ Thompson


  • jkf

    500 million? source please….

  • Um no.. We have 77.. Then we have 29/30 homeopaths in ADDITION to that who took the drugs on which i broke the news.

    Who told you the deaths have been explained!? We are friends with the family and the majority are unsolved. In fact the family stated Ann above died naturally, but now I’ve added the official autopsy link on the site. She was found hanged in the garage and is ruled suicide…. I have communicated w her family and waited until other sites broke this tragic update to update my article with the truth. I guess it was just suicide right?

  • What did you do? Google fake Snopes who is begging for money as they are “about to shut down” they claim? They fail to mention that “accidents” that we questioned are now being reopened and reinvestigation as homicide like Dr Marshall and Dr Bradstreet. Both MDs Oh and you only have 70 left …. SMH

  • the one- are you saying deleted on my page? so sorry. by the autopsy is back. The NP above was found hanged in the garage

  • Tana Gaudi

    are we really sure that is her? I’m positive i read somewhere that she was 44, not 51. and i can’t believe her family took all her facebook pages down. seems fishy

  • They did. It came back quickly ruled a suicide found hanged in garage 🙁 autopsy report from LA county .GOV is above. I only shared after it began to be shared in smaller mainstream news 🙁

  • Tana Gaudi

    I’m really not buying the suicide thing. they day before she died, she was posting on social media, all smiles. twitter post said, “what’s in your blender”? does that sound suicidal? don’t think so. besides, having known her for years as a client, Ann was not a quitter, especially after all she triumphed over. she was tough as hell. gah. it’s maddening.

  • 2012babies

    And, if a suicide, not a murder, why did she have such sorrow? And what of all the others, who were involved in promoting natural alternatives to toxic drugs, what is their cause of sudden and suspicious death?
    And for believing in God, if He is asked for His Help, He will assist, give us His Peace in troubling circumstances. He said, ” I give you a choice of life or death: therefore, chose the better, Life. John 3:16-17.

  • Wanda Walker

    when it comes to healthy advise to change our lives for the better; these holistic people are always murder. I don’t think she did this someone else did. God have mercy on her soul and bring to the light the truth, amen.

  • wdcurry

    Erin, or anyone: is there a dated chronological list of the involved deaths? I ask because so few people post when the deaths occur, and it becomes impossible to know if we are reading old or new deaths.

  • John Pearl

    Anyone who believes this story has lost all sense of reality. I don’t know how they pull these things off, either with high tech or a man on the ground or who THEY are, I’m not sure. One thing I do know is there has been many suicide hanging’s lately THAT DO NOT ADD UP! It seams to me that would be a sure way to discredit the individual.

  • << Here is a list of the doctor deaths from the past two years. It needs to be updated still with some from the past year, and now there is over 70 and will be updated soon.

  • wdcurry

    Thank you Erin.. this ongoing series of crimes must end.

  • Wendy Allen

    Some people can’t have casein or the fat in dairy. Lactose may hurt some people also. Raw is much better, but I would still be afraid to eat dairy from raw dairy since I got seizures from dairy/depression no medicine could help and demyelinated. Some soft serve has wheat in it so that may be a factor also. Ice cream hurt me the most. I stopped dairy 10 years before gluten. If gluten hurts people they may not be able to have dairy also.

  • J Jo

    She was not murdered. Please respect her legacy.

  • J Jo

    It was nothing to do with gluten or her eating habits.

  • J Jo

    The family have been reading these and it is extremely upsetting.

  • J Jo

    She was 51.

  • J Jo

    You should not comment on a story that you know no truth about. This was certainly no conspiracy.

  • J Jo

    They were taken down because there were so many awful comments being posted questioning whether or not the news was fake. How would you feel if your family member passed and people were saying it were a lie? Have some respect please.

  • GunzRloaded

    People are going to have to have hidden surveillance cameras to catch these killers.
    This so-called suicide hanging reminds of the Alex Jones interview with DC madam Palfrey’s.
    She said on the interview that she would never ever commit suicide and she was found hanged also.
    May the Lord Jesus Christ do away with these evil doers,amen…!!!

  • J Jo

    You do not know everything that was going on in her life, Tana.

  • J Jo

    It was not related to her MS.

  • J Jo

    It was not a suspicious death nor homicide. Please respect her legacy by not questioning this.

  • Dan Enright

    I don’t believe your statement…….

  • Dan Enright

    And kills off alternative directions

  • Dan Enright

    Ya, that is a low number !

  • Dan Enright

    Hard to digest gluten…

  • Dan Enright

    Your right, a seasoned professional leaves no tracks !

  • Wendy Allen

    Gluten may hurt intestines so less nutrients absorb. Gluten enzymes may help, but may not help all gluten so that gluten may hurt intestines still. Gluten enzymes are for emergencies when hidden gluten hurt a person.

  • Wendy Allen

    Thanks! Very sad. Gluten alone may hurt people around age 48 so they crash in health, but few people would hang themselves.

  • Wendy Allen

    No one knows. Gluten may cause suicidal thoughts if oxygen is low in the brain. but a women may not do hanging if they were suicidal.

  • Truman Miles

    She was suicided. It’s time to realize that we must rise up and take action against these murderous cowards who are doing this. Time to start organizing.

  • J Jo

    She was in great physical health. She led an extremely healthy lifestyle.

  • J Jo

    Well I assure you that her reasons were not to do with anything chemical/physical. It was purely to do with her emotional wellbeing.

  • J Jo

    Well, speaking on behalf of her family, you do not understand what she was going through and so should not be commenting on it or refuting what happened. There was nothing suspicious about her death – it was NOT murder whatsoever. Please stop spreading these thoughts about the matter.

  • Lou

    Please present your evidence.

  • J Jo. I wrote the family back after they (or someone from Ann’s page) contacted me. They were very kind and I wrote them BEFORE i did the update giving a heads up that there were articles coming up about the obituary which clearly stated suicide by hanging in the garage. I wanted to let them know but do not think they saw emails before the page was taken down. I saw on their page some were angry and posting the autopsy (that’s how I saw it first) and then saw it being posted ALL over my page so I reluctantly did the update after a cry. I cannot imagine what they’re going through but am confused why they announced it was natural causes. Do you know? Thinking of the family with ALL I hear they are going through. Erin

  • Kirstin Malmquist Mayberry

    No cause of death has been given thus far. A young, healthy woman, specializing in holistic health suddenly drops dead out of the blue? She was also outspoken against Big Pharma and the vax industry. Many like her are mysteriously dying under highly suspicious circumstances. I respect her legacy by asking these questions, not turning a blind eye.

  • J Jo

    Ok, I understand your concern, but as part of her family I am politely asking you to respect the fact that she has passed and not to question it. There was nothing suspicious about it, I promise you that. She was a wonderful woman and we should focus on the work that she did, rather than tarnishing her name by suggesting it was something else.

  • J Jo

    They hoped that the details were not broadcast so as to not tarnish her name and legacy, but since they have now been released, people are still questioning whether or not it was a conspiracy/suspicious death. It is upsetting to read people commenting on the fact it was ‘most likely’ a homicide, when it was 100% not the case.

  • J Jo

    I along with the rest of her family know that it was not suspicious. Her followers should respect that. It is extremely upsetting to read people questioning her death and reasons when they do not know what she was going through in her personal life.

  • GeminiMoon

    Let’s please all take J Jo’s lead. We are all just so torn up about this, especially those of us who knew Ann. Having been her client for nearly 9 years, having just been in email contact with her the day before she died, and having benefitted so much from her kindness, her wisdom, her intuition, her knowledge, and her experience…it’s just all too much to understand at this point. Rest in peace, Ann. I’ll miss you, m’ dear.

  • Wendy Allen

    Celiac affects the brain/body. I knew a guy who hung himself who had undiagnosed Celiac. He was a music teacher and girlfriend knew he was sad, but was too late when they went back fast to see him and he had hung himself.

  • Wendy Allen

    Yes…but still people may not know it all and low oxygen in the brain may cause depression/panic/suicidal thoughts. I don’t know what happened.

  • Wendy Allen

    Yes and so can other people. People can learn to understand their symptoms or the brain/body just like they learn when they are hungry or when they need to go to the bathroom. Knowing what helps/hurts is need to help health daily.

  • FALSE AGAIN! There was just a hung jury on Mary Yoder’s death and the “killer” (a young woman!) is in the comfort of her home wake up! and you’ve only got 70+ more to solve now genius! (PS trials aren’t even done on these and countless which are still cold cases. LOL. Don’t even try……

  • look at about pediatrics (user name) he’s a board certified pediatrician trolling our page and many other health pages with super negative fake posts

  • Sadly we had to update that Ann’s autopsy came back that she was found hanged in the garage, but we still respect her and the family (yes the fam said natural causes initially and they are going through a LOT) and her legacy will carry on….

  • I promise everyone on FB, here and elsewhere on my page are doing nothing but praising her. I will make sure no one badmouths her (nor am I) and am sorry for your loss and know her legacy will live on.

  • GeminiMoon

    Ann touched so many lives, helped so many people, changed so many people’s lives, and even saved lives. I’m one of those people and I am forever grateful for Ann and her work. She will doubtless continue to change lives for the better posthumously through the books and videos she left behind. Nothing about her passing — or the circumstances of her passing — can possibly take that away or tarnish her name or her legacy. There is no shame in the way Ann passed. There is only heartbreak, pain, and sorrow. It is a tragic loss.

  • isn’t it frightening? I’m so glad my family doesn’t go to this creep. and he lied about what we said/did on the site.

  • susandanielspi

    She was murdered for speaking out against the vaccines that are hurting our children.

  • They should be on here now 🙂

  • the one

    Thank you so much for your help Erin. We are all facing censorship and we must stand together and stop it in its tracks. Peace,

  • sandman

    I prefer the way Dr Mercola responds to incongruent statements. Your vitriol may keep viewers but is not my cup of tea. Peace.

  • First and foremost my response to you telling me how to post on my own site was quite kind with zero virtriol. Read again what i said and not a word changed. And please don’t insult my readers either. They gave it 10+ up votes because I was honest and passionate. If I were cruel or vitriol dripping from the keys they wouldn’t upvote it. And FYI: Having been with Dr Mercola going on 9 years I know he doesn’t reply to comments and is very open he doesn’t use social media and haven’t seen him reply on vital votes in AGES… (I mean years) Telling a woman how to respond and act AND compare her to her significant other may work for you? But sorry, alas, not my cup of tea… “Peace”… Erin